Magickal Lemurian Aquataine Calcite

Deep Blues symbolize the Oceans, Rivers, Streams, and Lakes. Blue is the color of emotional healing, tapping into your Throat Chakra, communication, seeing differently, and going with the flow of energy rather than fighting with your inner-self.

The beautiful Browns symbolize your connection to Mother Gaia, nature, grounding, stability, releasing nervous, anxious energies for healing, transmutation, transcendence, and at times, ascension. 

Wispy bands of White, symbolize Light, Clarity, Spiritual Protection, energy detox and purification and the gift of being able to become more aware of who you are, what you came ‘here’ to do and to ‘light’ your path forward.

Lemurian Aquataine Calcite, also known as Blue Onyx and many other names, is one of the Stones of Lemuria and has connections to Atlantis, too. 

One of the ways you can tap into ‘your’ unique self, is to work with Lemurian Aquataine Calcite, hold it, have it near you while you sleep and meditate. Be sure to have a journal to write down whatever thoughts you have, images, symbols you may be given to you.

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