Balance. Harmony. Focused Intention. + Spheres 10% off Sale ends soon

Balance. Harmony. Focused Intention.

There’s something very comforting every time you hold a Sphere. Whether it is for clarity, healing or reconnecting with that sense of Oneness.

Spheres are magickal in ways that other shapes (and *I* love them all!) just don’t quite connect with you.

Stilbite Heulandite

Iridescent  ‘crystal flowers’ just below the surface. Soothing colors and shapes gift you the right energy for your dreams, imagination and visions.

Dreaming is one of the key pieces to ‘seeing’ what is possible for you, your life, business, and relationships.

Chevron Amethyst

Opening your Crown Chakra is another ‘piece of the manifestation’ puzzle, helping you tap into your Higher Consciousness and your Guides.

Crown-Heart-Soul Alignment brings all things into focus, so that you ‘see’ differently, clearly and connect with those somewhat elusive insights.

Orca Agate

Communication. Determination. Persistence. All things needed to move towards what your heart desires most.

Instead of ‘moving away’ from what you don’t want, focus on your inner vibe, do the ‘work’ in ways that make it easier to accept you are worthy of everything you truly desire.

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