Morning Walks Clear Energy, Ground and offer ‘Gifts’

Walking early in the morning is such a gift of beauty, serenity (even with cars moving past) and grounding as energy moves within and around me.

These photos are just a few of the many ‘gifts’ that help quiet ‘Charlie’ (the name I’ve given my conscious mind) who loves to bring *stuff* to my mind, reminding of *stuff* that is no longer a part of my ‘now’ … that’s ‘Charlie’s’ job bringing *stuff* up to remind me how I’ve failed, made not-so-great decisions and, well … you get it, right?

The reminders are also a way to ‘see’ just how far I’ve come, how much clearer my path is, things yet to materialize, things and yes, even people who chose a different path. We all want to be able to choose for ourselves. Choices are simple, not always easy, and we get to choose.

Anyway, I love sharing these kinds of ‘moments’ with you, beautiful Soul. SM is a virtual place where so many things shared are not always what they appear to be. Like so many others, I am a private person, keeping many things to myself … and yet, part of ‘my’ path is sharing some of these ‘unseen’ moments with others, with you.

There are moments I just stop, breathe and maybe step away for a day or two. There are moments that sharing is what helps me keep going, continuing to heal those parts of myself that were wounded by others, even by choices I’ve made along the way.

There’s a photo of a Roadrunner Bird (a ground running bird). Roadrunner Birds like to be ‘unseen’ just like bunnies and Quail. One morning I even saw a wild hog and her baby.  A close friend of mine said “But the “Unseen” seems to like showing itself to you.  ❤  In nature and spirituality!” …. I hadn’t ever thought of it that way … the unseen showing itself to me …

What ‘Gifts’ are being shown to you, beautiful Soul?

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