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Hello beautiful Soul,

Can I be really straight up with you?

Despite all the information out there about attracting clients online (or maybe because of it), there’s so much confusion about how to actually do it.

The truth is, there’s no one cookie cutter solution that works for everyone.

After coaching hundreds of coaches over the past 9 years, my friend Cindy Schulson, discovered that the key is this….

Understanding the strategy behind the marketing. So you’re empowered to create marketing that works for you.

Cindy is going to share what she teaches her private clients in a free online workshop series, with live training and coaching.

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She’ll share a simple, strategic and heart-felt approach to marketing.

In addition to in-depth training, you’ll be able to ask questions and get live coaching.

It’s all free and it’s happening June 18-20. You’ll get the recordings of you can’t be there live.

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I’ll see you there!

Much Love, Abundance and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S. Attracting clients doesn’t have to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t have to be hypey or manipulative.

In fact, the best marketing not only works, it feels good — for you and your clients. Because it’s done with integrity and heart.

Join Cindy for the free “Marketing with Heart” Workshop series. You’ll get valuable training, and be able to ask questions and get live coaching support.

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Instantly “Celebrify” Yourself and Quickly Create Reach, Impact and Income

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Special Secret Black Book

I have a special little gift for you today beautiful Soul.

It’s a little black book.

But not that kind of black book.

A Strategic Partner Black Book!

Because it’s time for you to discover just how many potential partners are waiting to share what you’ve got to offer the world.

It’s time to put an end to one of the biggest problems I see entrepreneurs struggling with – how to create strategic partnerships that grow their businesses.

COLLABORATION is the missing piece that makes everything else work better. So …

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See you on the other side!

Much Love, Abundance and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S.  This broadcast is going to be packed with content – so come ready to take notes.  

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You’re Invited to the “LIVE Collab_Code” Show!

Hello beautiful Soul,

I’m concerned for you. Truly, I am!

There’s something going on in the online entrepreneurial space…
Would you love to become an “Instant Celebrity Entrepreneur” … well you can and that moment is here.
And I want to be sure you get in on this!

You see so much around you – hordes of entrepreneurs all in search of more “info… info… info” (brains!) – stuck in “learning” mode, but not turning that learning into earning.

Struggling to follow outdated or cookie cutter info that just makes Zombie-Preneurs all look and sound the same.

There’s a simple solution.
It’s one you already see me putting into action in my own business – in fact, it’s likely how you ended up on my list and seeing this email!

But it’s not something many people are sharing… and I’ve never seen it put into a powerful 5-phase simple to follow system like this one before.

You need to see this.

I just signed up for the “LIVE Collab_Code” show – it’s streaming online totally free.

Michelle Shaeffer and her team have brought together an AMAZING lineup of guests to share what’s working right now to build your business collaboratively.

You don’t need to “kill” the competition!  Because in truth, there is no competition.
There IS a better, faster way to grow everything in your business – content, leads, community, partners and sales.

These are the REAL “shortcuts” – instead of building your community and clients the slow way, one at a time, they’re sharing how to borrow big audiences and create value that attracts clients like crazy!

Featured guests include…

Arne Giske of $100/k a month with FB Communities Fame and the brain behind Group Funnels

Laura Roeder the Founder of MeetEdgar – who’s even spoken at the White House about entrepreneurship

Lilach Bullock – Oracle’s Social Influencer of Europe (yes, the whole continent) and expert in content marketing

Steve Olsher of Reinvention Radio and New Media Summit fame, the world’s foremost reinvention expert

Rhonda Swan of Unstoppable Mama, Two Comma Club Member and creator of the Sexy Brand Building Formula

Molly Mahoney of The Prepared Performer, Camera Confidence Coach, and Facebook Live Ninja

Shameca Tankerson, Founder of the #WeSlaySales Movement and #PowerPlayers

Kristi Dosh – ESPNs first female sports business reporter and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and POPSUGAR magazines

And more! Did I mention I’m excited about this?

If you’ve ever heard Michelle interview, you already know, she’ll ask the questions you really want to know – this is unscripted and nothing is off limits.

So, tune in – don’t miss this – and turn up the excitement, visibility, leads and sales in your business – in a way you’ll feel good about and with strategies you’ll fall in love with because they work.

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Get registered and I’ll see you there!

I’ll be there, in Denver for the Live Broadcast right in the Studio!

Much Love, Abundance and Passion,
Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Rhodo-Calcite Heart Chakra Energy Healing


Rhodo-Calcite has many of the same qualities and characteristics of Rhodocrosite.

When help up to the light, you can see layers of pink ranging from light to med-dark. This mirrors the natural pink and white layers of Rhodocrosite.

This is a Stone of Unconditional Love, resonates and activates the Heart Chakra. It can help you heal, release and forgive deep emotional wounds.

Rhodo-Calcite’s soft, loving energy is soothing, calming and comforting.

PINK CALCITE:  Cleanses energy at the deepest levels possible. You need only be open, allowing the energy to flow deep within you.

Pink Calcite helps you release self-judgement and practice non-judgement of others. You do not have to ‘like’ what people around you are doing. This Crystal can help you accept the others choose for themselves, releasing judgement and even condemnation.

Holding this beautiful piece in my hand, my left hand, I could immediately feel the soft, loving energy flow into and through my heart center. It’s like my heart sighed with love and comfort and compassion all in the same moment.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Resonates and activates Heart Chakra; unconditional love, self-love, forgiveness and emotional healing; forgiveness of self and others.

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[video] 3 Special Gifts and You’re Personal Invitation

Hello beautiful Soul,

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I’m really excited about this and I’ll be in Denver on the 18th for the live broadcast in the Studio! This is going to an over-the-top in an amazing, NON-overwhelming way, experience and I’d LOVE to share these 3 special gifts and the adventure with you!

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See you soon!

Much Love, Abundance and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Feeding your Soul with Heart-Centered Marketing

It’s true coming from the heart and knowing how to be able to tap into your energy and the way you are here to be of service and be financially prosper S so you can guide others feeds your soul instead of drains it
In the 60-minute Live Webinar, Coming from the Heart Marketing Sensitive Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Holistic Healers, you’ll discover simple ways to show up authentically and be alignment with who you are and what you have to offer.
Your voice, energy and your message are needed now more than ever in this ever-changing, shifting world we live and work in.
You, beautiful Soul are here to make a difference, a HUGE impact and to guide others, just like you to do the same. It’s time you were given practical Spiritual and Mainstream tools to help you do that, authentically.  
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Do you guide others?

If you are here to guide others beautiful soul, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to show up in such a way that you and your message and what you have to offer helps connect you to more of the people you are here to help so they can guide others to?

View the live replay here 

Happening tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11th tap link to register

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New Webinar – Coming from the Heart

Coming from the Heart means more than just ‘saying’ and posting images’ there’s so much more to this which is why we’ll be going into depth about how to really become comfortable being uncomfortable with ‘getting out of your own way’.

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From Dream to Reality for Margaret

Margaret had a dream of moving to the Southern part of the UK, making a difference and opening Naturopathic Healing Clinic.
In this Livestream, I shared how this happened for Margaret
(view livestream replay here)
This can happen for you too, when you totally ‘get’ what Coming from the Heart with Your Heart-Centered Marketing Message sign up here beautiful Soul
If you know this is for you,
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Coming from the Heart: Stop Struggling and Discover Your Heart-Centered Marketing Message