Your Access to Angel Energy Preparing for 2012

Hello Bright Light!

The energies of 2012 have been with us for quite some time and are growing stronger and stronger.

There are so many people who want to connect with Angels so that they can receive guidance and messages, gain clarity, asking for help, protection, safety and prosperity and even to help them attract better relationships.

If I gave you a magic crystal that could in an instant, you could have the kind of connections with Angels you have always wanted? What would that look life for you? How would that feel? How would your life, your business, your relationships be different if you could receive guidance and messages consistently AND trust what you receive?

Because so many people have been reaching out to me to connect with Angels I have put together an amazing Crystal VIP Day Angel Secrets Unveiled to help you invite Angels into your life!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could start to get results right away AND welcome 2012 with confidence and clarity to better guide you during a time of incredible transformation?

These are the results you can expect when you work with me, one-on-one during your one-day intensive whether it is in-person, by phone or Skype.

 *Breakthrough your unique and specific challenges and connect with Angels.

 *No one else is offering practical solutions to help you get results and achieve your desire to receive guidance and messages from Angels that you
clearly understand and easily recognize.

 *Invoke Angelic White Light Protection

 *Meet Your Guardian Angels

 *4 Ways to discover strengthen and expand your conscious awareness of Angels

 *Stop unconsciously sabotaging yourself and move through the fear, banishing doubt and confusion, gaining clarity and confidence in you and in your connection
with Angels


 *Digital Download – Crystal VIP Day Angel Secrets Unveiled Manual

*MP3 Download – Invoke Angelic White Light Protection Guided Meditation

*MP3 Download – Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

*Step-by-Step Guide How to Write a Letter to Angels

*Archangels Reference Guide

*Angels guide Your Footsteps (article)

*I’ahhel Angel of Meditation – Guidance and Message

*Introduction to 7 Archangels

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, will personally guide you as we work together with Angels step-by-step with practical solutions so that you gain confidence and trust what you receive from Angels.

If you really want to work with me and are thinking that Christmas is just nest month, I have a solution that will enable you to take full advantage of this introductory Special Holiday Savings.

The thing is that this Special Holiday Savings expires Saturday, November 19th AND the Crystal VIP Day Angel Secrets Unveiled will never again be this low!

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OK, so here is the solution to being able to lock in this incredible savings and not blow your entire budget before the Holidays The deposit amount for your Crystal VIP Day will secure your spot AND lock in this special savings. Then after the Holidays I will follow-up with you for the balance and schedule your private Intensive with me.

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This special offer expires Saturday, November 19th!   Angel Secrets Unveiled Crystal VIP Day

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics

I will hold you in light and love even
when you can’t hold yourself in love and light.