How ‘Energy Congestion’ messes with …

Hello beautiful Soul,

Yesterday, we shared a bit with you about how ‘stuff’ gets in the way of not only knowing what your purpose but also how to start living that purpose once you figure it out.

If you aren’t where you want to be … yet … then, you are … somehow STILL getting in your own way and creating more challenges for yourself …

Here’s a new video with a deeper look into what ‘Energy Congestion’ is and how it messes with you your life purpose and achieving your dreams.

It’s like there’s a mist and you can’t see the forest for the trees, or get any clarity about what it is you want to do and how to do it.

Energy congestion also messes with your connection to your inner intuitive self, Source and to your Angels.

Go ahead and take a quick peek at the video it’s short … if you have any questions about it, hit ‘reply’ and email me your question … I’ll happily answer them as soon as possible.

Until next time, have an amazing rest of your day and enjoy the weekend!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Do you or someone you know have …

… energy congestion?

It’s time to clear the clutter, raise your vibration, get crystal clear about your path and get to the blind spot that’s been stopping you from manifesting your dreams and fulfilling your life purpose.

Until you really know what’s causing you to be stuck with energy congestion, you keep repeating the same negative self sabotaging patterns of starting to get somewhere and wham get snapped right back to where you were … It’s harsh but it’s exactly what used to happen to me .. all the %&@!&#! time!

Instantly raise your vibration, de-clutter your thoughts, emotions and energy for clarity about your path and the ‘Blind Spot’ that has been keeping you on the ‘Hamster Wheel’ of negative self-sabotage.

Intention for Guided by Angels: Sacred Circle of Success and Prosperity ..

  • Create and provide a safe, Sacred and supportive environment for massive growth and expansion and mindset shifts
  • Give unconditional support to all members with guidance, mentoring and doable action steps
  • Create an interactive space for engagement between all participants
  • Help members heal real life issues, past or present
  • Clearing the clutter, opening channels of receiving
  • Give practical, usable strategies and techniques to free themselves from past issues blocking health, wealth and abundance
  • Connect to specific Angels, channeling relevant guidance for each person and how to work with the Angels

Scope of topics include but not limited to:

  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Spiritual Growth and Intuitive Gifts
  • Energy Blocks to Manifesting
  • Life Purpose and Clearing Your Path
  • Your Connection to Your Angels

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.