Hello beautiful Soul,

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  1. Hello Brian,
    Please forgive the delay in responding to you until now. I have “asked” thee Angels who guide me, this is what I am being “given” on your behalf…….
    Beloved child life is eternal. Life is not the same in all Realms. Life as you know it in this Realm does not exist the same in your home of origin. You will not experience physical pain onc eyou have transitioned from this place. It is possible to choose not to return to this Realm at anytime once you have transitioned. The cause of the pain you experience is not manifested into a sympton Doctors are able to detect. There can be no diagnosis for that which is seen only from the state of physical cause. The cause of all things are not scientific. therefore the Doctors often have difficulty in determing that which is not solely based on surface symptoms. Go below the pain to find relief even for a moment. If possible, practice going below the pain for a longer moment, stretch the moments to experience relief. Once experienced it can be experienced again and again and again.

    Brian that is all I am receiving. If you choose to receive messages from thee Angels, please enter your name and email address when you visit

    Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
    Terrie Marie
    the Angel Lady

    • Hi Terri thank you for your information on the angels I received a visit last night from Archangel Ezekiel I was googling him and your sight popped up. I am new on this journey but have been receiving wonderful insights and information. So excited in learning more about my path here on earth. Sending you light and love and keep up the good work your angels are proud. Marlena

      • Hello Marlena,
        Hello and thank you. Glad you found this article and it gave you insight into Ezekiel. How amazing to have a visit from this Angel of Transformation!
        It all starts with a tiny seed, feeling or intuitive thought …. that’s how change and transformation begin, one small thing at a time.
        Much Love, Light and Prosperity,
        Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

  2. Hello Terrie Marie,

    Thank you for the lovely article on Angel Anpiel and the Aqua marine quartz on another site…I did not know about this angel or crystal until I had an angel workshop yesterday and saw this crystal being placed by an angel….thanks so much for lending credibility (through your writings) to what I went through yesterday….I do believe now that what happened yesterday was real.

    Much Love & Light

  3. xavier says:

    wow I now live in Honolulu and have been having a hard time if I should move to El Paso. I live hawaii and Texas is where my daughter is. Spiritually Im connected here in Hawaii. but right El Paso is my unknown. By the sounds of it, El Paso might just have more to offer me. Thanks

    • Hello Xavier,
      You know which decision is best for you when one makes your energy feel lighter and the other makes your energy feel heavier.
      Do what’s best for you and your path.
      Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,
      Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

  4. Thank You for this site! I greatly appreciate the knowledge you share. It is a pleasant delight to search about a gemstone meaning ad find a site like this. A true treasure it is! 🙂


  5. Dear Terrie Marie,

    I just discovered your blog while looking for new information on Lemurian Seed crystals after having brought one home from a crystal shop in Paris. It is double-pointed and has an almost chalky feel to the surface. It is “imperfect”, yet perfectly beautiful. A friend and crystal master opened it for me, and I can’t wait to try some of your techniques posted when I begin to truly meditate with it.

    Also, though I went to the shop in search of tourmaline, a gorgeous Celestine crystal jumped out at me. Can you please tell me more about this lovely stone? I hear it was only discovered recently. Much appreciated.

    Sending Love and Light to you,


  6. I am a geologist, but I since I sell minerals and crystals I do appreciate some people buy these things for what they term their ‘meta-physical properties’. So I download a suitable write up to put with a specimen, together with a scientific properties.
    I’ve just got a load of peacock ore in, and arrived at your site to print off something on your side of things.
    I see you have stated that ‘peacock ore’ is a colloquial name (which is quite correct) and that the proper name is chalcopyrite. Sorry, but it isn’t. The correct name is bornite (Cu5FeS4).
    Chalcopyrite does give the same colouring, but to a lesser extent and it is also a copper sulphide ore but the formula here is CuFeS2.
    I’m sure you would wish to be correct.

    John Willmouth,

  7. Nathan says:

    Please email me if you are truly in contact with angels. I have questions for them that can only be answered with the help of someone like yourself.

  8. I consider myself a very spiritual person. I been meditating now for some time off/on & it helps to keep me balanced. I recently can’t even recall how I even looked up info on the Ganesh and was drawn to it so much that I purchased a statue, but I don’t know much about it. I’m Hispanic female.
    I don’t want to do nothing that will jeopardize myself but I need some advice on what to do with it and where to place it? Thank you. I’m happy I have it just confused as to how I ended up so drawn to it.

    • Trust your inner-intuitive self. If you believe that you could or will jeopardize yourself … then … you will because these are the thoughts you are focusing on.

      Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, helps with wisdom and clearing the way for prosperity.

      Where in your home or office does it “feel” like is the best
      for your Ganesh statue? That’s where it is to go.

  9. Like

  10. Hiral says:

    Would be grateful to receive notifications of new posts. Thank you.

    • There’s a “Email Subscription” box on the right of the posts. Just fill-it out and you will get notifications. If you’ve already done this, you’re all set.

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