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Hello beautiful Soul,

Celebrate Memorial Day with Our Exclusive Crystal Shop Sale!

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Crystal Shop Sale! Use code MEMORIAL15 and get 15% off!

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Use code MEMORIAL15 and get 15% off PLUS free shipping on orders in U.S. over $35


Crystal Jewelry Handmade with Intention


Dare to Be Different: Blue Pearl and Cobalto Calcite Crystals

Break free from limitations and claim true self-acceptance

High Vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life

Unlock your authentic self and break free from limitations with this transformational Crystal Pairing of Cobalto Calcite and Blue Pearl. 

Open your mind and heart, and welcome your true essence with Cobalto Calcite’s gentle Guidance, while Blue Pearl empowers you to transcend boundaries and embrace limitless possibilities. 

Allow yourself to ignite your inner brilliance and unleash your fullest potential today.

Embrace Limitless Freedom

Break free from limitations with Blue Pearl. Experience a deeper sense of liberation from the inside out tapping into the liberating energy of Blue Pearl. 

Be willing to be willing to empower your inner Goddess so that you can transcend boundaries and soar to new heights.  

Give Blue Pearl permission to help you ignite your inner potential, instilling courage and clarity as you embrace boundless possibilities. 

Unlock your true potential and embrace limitless horizons.

Unveil Your Authentic Self

Unveil Your Authentic Self: Embrace the Transformational Power of Cobalto Calcite. 

It’s ‘beyond time’ to claim your true-self with Cobalto Calcite and truly embrace your true authenticity, unleashing your inner brilliance. 

Let enchanting Cobalto Calcite encourage you to dissolve self-doubt and fear, guiding you towards self-acceptance, personal and Spiritual growth. 

Awaken your unique, vibrant essence, so that you can radiate more confidence, and embark on a transformative journey of self-realization. 

Step into your truest, most empowered self today with grace, unconditional self-love and compassion.

How to Use this Crystal Pairing:

#1 – Write out ONE specific intention on a small piece of paper, fold it, hold your intention to your heart, breathe in deeply and exhale, repeat for 3 breath cycles.

#2 – Place your Crystal Pairing on your night table so they can ‘work’ with you while you sleep.

#3 – Hold one in each hand, close your eyes and imagine what you desire to bring into your current reality.


9 Chakra Angels Cards

There’s one set of 9 Chakra Angel Cards. Each Angel is from original Chakra Angel paintings of watercolor on watercolor paper, using my Chinese Brush-Painting brushes. 

I found this one set, there’s just this one set of all 7 Major Chakras plus Palm and Feet Chakras. On the back of each 8” X 10” card, is information about each Chakra, Crystals, Affirmations and the Angel for each Chakra.

This is a special bonus gift for the first $97 + free order shipping in the U.S.

Want this set of 9 Chakra Angel Cards? 


Crystal Pairing: Pink Mangano Calcite and Optical Calcite – Embrace Your Truth, Compassion, and Clear Vision

Discover the transformative power of Crystal Pairing with Pink Mangano Calcite and Optical Calcite. 

These two beautiful stones work synergistically to awaken your inner truth, ignite compassion, and bring clarity to your vision. 

Let’s explore the unique properties of Pink Mangano Calcite and Optical Calcite, discovering how their energies blend to support your personal growth and spiritual journey. 

Whether you’re seeking emotional healing, enhanced intuition, or a clearer path forward, this Crystal Pairing holds the key to unlocking your limitless potential.

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Crystal Pairing:  Amplify Your Self-Worth and Manifestation Abilities

‘Charlie’ ~ another name for conscious mind ‘trash-talk’ ~ has been very annoying lately! Sure, there’s lots and lots happening with the energies and that’s not going to slow down anytime soon or so it seems … unfortunately.

The thing is (there’s a ‘thing’ lol) thoughts, feelings and past experiences get triggered and those ‘triggers’ tend to cause drops in self-esteem, confidence, trust and belief in your abilities to  create the right vibe so that you can manifest what you truly desire, what your Guides keep telling you is coming and wanting to show up for you.

Rhodonite helps dissolve energy blocks by healing triggered emotions that cause self-doubt to run wild, sometimes spiraling into ‘stories’ you’ve already healed.

Your Heart Center is the pathway to calming fears, soothing feelings so you can get out of your head. 

Perception is everything! How you ‘perceive’ things to be, is what shows-up for you in tangible ways that appear to ‘prove’ everything ‘Charlie’ (conscious mind trash-talk) keeps repeating over and over. 

A manifestation truth is, believe to see, quite the opposite of those pesky thoughts that go round-and-round in your head.

As Above * So Below *** As Below * So Above

When you value who you are, and what you do in negative ways, it’s time to realign, letting go, dissolving, blasting through and even stepping away from everything for a bit. 

Epidote helps you ‘see’ things differently, so that you can raise your vibe, tap into your true worth and value.

Pairing Rhodonite and Epidote helps you:

*Amplify your self-worth and your valued gifts

*Boosting your confidence to do what’s next

*Attracting and Manifesting your dreams sooner rather than later

You can change how you ‘see’ and ‘feel’ so you can tap into a reality that is a reflection of what you know is possible and doable.

How will you choose to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ differently? Or will those ‘Charlie trash-talk’ thoughts just go round and round?  

Please don’t let the ‘trash talk’ stop you or worse ‘freeze’ you in ways that often pull you backwards instead of moving in the direction you really, really desire.


Special Bonus Gift: Crystal Grids Book

The book in the photo is one of the very first ‘books’ I wrote and self-printed, long before I learned about self-publishing.

Yesterday, I was getting another candle for my Crystal Altar and re-discovered 3 of these Crystal Grids books. I had just earned my Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences … long before there were any books on how to make and activate Crystal Grids.

Want one of these first editions “Crystal Grids: How to Make and Activate Your Own Crystal Grid!” books?

There are three and each one will include a personalized message for you.

This is a special bonus gift for the first 3 orders of $97 plus free shipping in the U.S.