The 3 Mystical Angel Heavens are…

At the end of 2013, my beloved Angels tasked me with telling their story … a journey that required me to take many Leaps of Faith and raise my inner vibration in ways that were beyond my level of understanding at the time.

At first there was quite a bit of resistance because there was very little information on these Mystical Angel Heavens or the 9 Angelic Hierarchies. This journey demanded and required that I tap into Angel Energy at higher and deeper levels than I knew were possible.

Angel energy is unlike any other anywhere. It is …

… loving and can become all-consuming in a very positive, uplifting way

… subtle, strong, formidable and unmistakable

… protective, healing, forgiving, transformational

Angels …

… guide us through messages, signs and symbols

… heal our bodies, minds and emotions with compassion, unconditional love and complete acceptance of who we are and where we are along our Spiritual Path

… teach us how to open our hearts through forgiveness and self-love

… help us speak our truth, expressing ourselves with compassion and humility

… assist us with manifesting our heart’s desires and live our purpose with prosperity and abundance

The 3 Mystical Angel Heavens are:

#1 – Heaven of Form: Angels in this Heaven gift us with the ability to transcend the ordinary, everyday issues that seem to consume most of our waking moments.

Being able to rise above obstacles, fear and doubt, mental and emotional chaos, is necessary in raising our inner-vibration enabling us to connect with Angels for guidance and messages.

#2 – Heaven of Creation: Angels in this Heaven helps us with the most important relationship of all … the relationship we have with ourselves.

Relationships are simple and complicated all in the same moment. When we can truly be at peace with who we are and what we came here to do, the path, that magical and somewhat elusive path to fulfilling our purpose begins to reveal itself in ways you simply cannot imagine … yet.

#3 – Heaven of Paradise: Angles in this Heaven step beyond everything we have ever known, believed and trusted to be truth. These Angels encourage us to surrender all illusion, enabling us to experience complete and utter Oneness with ourselves, Angels and Divine Source.

Angels are everywhere in every moment of every day.

Angels are always by your side, clearing your path, healing your heart and taking you by the hand to gently guide and encourage you each step of the way.

In the next email, we’ll explore the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies which are … to be continued so be sure to watch your in-box.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Are you manifesting what you don’t want or are you …


In an earlier email I shared with you that affirmations can back-fire on you in ways that will make your head spin counter-clockwise!

Sometimes I ever catch myself thinking or focusing on the exact opposite outcome I want. As soon as I’m aware of this, I stop using that affirmation.

Here’s something else I want to share with you — most people are — unfortunately — focusing on the wrong end of their dreams.

It’s the same thing as focusing on the wrong end of prosperity.

Ego-chitter chatter keeps showing the current reality of things not yet manifested. This is very dangerous territory, mentally and emotionally.

The more we focus on what’s not happening, the more fear and doubt attract lack and delay.

Archangel Uriel will help you manifest your dreams and goals by re-connecting with your inner-most desires.

Here’s what I’m NOT saying — pretend or deny what’s showing up for you.

Instead, acknowledge where you are, accept responsibility and re-focus your thoughts, feelings and your energy will be at a higher vibration, attracting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

It’s as easy or as complicated as you choose to make it … pure and simple. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you be aware of and recognize the guidance he gives you.

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Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.