Tip of the Week – “Listen” to be “Heard”

Do you wish others would actually “hear” you? Do you truly wish to be “heard” to have others listen to what you are saying, the emotions you are expressing?

If you wish to be heard, first you must listen. To listen means to actively listen with your entire Be-ing. Listen attentively, focusing on what the other person is saying. Listening means not thinking about what you will or will not say next. Listening is being in the moment, hearing all that is being said to you. Listening is acknowledging what the other person is saying regardless of whether or not you agree. It is not about you, it is about listening to another express heartfelt joy or sorrow. It is about accepting another’s decisions for the path before them.

If you are being asked for guidance or suggestions, take a moment before answering. Be aware of where your response comes from. Does it come from your Ego chatter mind of what you think the other person should or should not do based on your experiences, the filters through which you live your life?

Everyone wants, desires, needs to be heard to be accepted, to be acknowledged for who they are and the choices they make. Blowing someone off based on choices you have made thus far does you far more injustice than the person of persons whom you are blowing off.

True, the person you are listening to may or may not “listen” to you at that moment or any other. Giving the gift of listening, of being “heard” is a gift you give yourself. For in listening, truly listening, you are “heard”. Your voice carries a sweet melody, an energy all its own. In listening, in hearing you are in turn “heard” in the fullness of the light and love within you now this moment.

Gift another, gift yourself. “Listen” to be “Heard.”

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