What do Gabriel, Metatron and Raziel have in common with you?

These Angels — Gabriel, Metatron and Raziel — all want you to live your life purpose in contentment and prosperity.

Isn’t that what you want … to live your purpose full-out and all-in, following your desire to make a difference and having prosperity and abundance, to be free of worry, fear and doubt?

This is what these amazingly powerful Angels have in common with you …

*Gabriel is all about giving and delivering messages to you. Knowing that this powerful Angel is the Messenger of God or Divine Source is comforting.

*Metatron’s specialty is cleansing, balancing and aligning our Chakra energy centers. He is a heavenly teacher helping us retain lessons learned without having to carry them with us as energetic burdens.

*Raziel loves to help us untangle the Divine Mystery of our earthly life as we attempt to detach from the past, making way for the present moment.

Angels have messages, specific messages for you, for your path and to help you reconcile where you are with where you crave to be.

Heart of the Angels Oracle Reading

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… am I on the right path?

… should I change jobs, my career or move to another city?

… how do I know what my life purpose is?

Or …

… how can I know Angels are really with me?

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Spirituality Expressing Your Divine Self

Spirituality, being and expressing your Spirituality is a balance of all things … energy, thoughts, emotion, physical action and prosperity.

Many have been taught, or rather it has been “pounded” into the minds and hearts of many that being Spiritual means you must sacrifice your desire to be prosperous, that to earn a fabulous income and have a lifestyle that you enjoy is not being Spiritual.

If worrying about how you will support yourself or make the kind of impact you dream of making, stressing about the next client or clients interferes with your Spiritual Path, the work and the message you came to share … how does this “serve” you?

Being stressed-out, feeling unworthy or worried about where the next client will “show up” is blocking your energy in all areas of your life.

Attracting more clients, making / earning fabulous money, living a wonderful lifestyle creates a freedom to truly walk your talk, giving to your favorite charities, opening that Reiki or Healing Clinic you have always dreamed of …

Activating your Personal Angels helps you raise your vibration, attract more clients, better Team and contracts creating financial freedom to express your Divine Self.

Come work with me, tune in to your Angels messages and tap into their energy watch your life transform from what could be into your realty, the life you have always known was possible but has just been out of reach …. until now!


Prayer Request – Peaceful Healing

Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels we ask for peaceful healing in all places and in all faces.

Let there be only that which is of the highest and best good for everyone no matter the circumstances.

Allow compassion to flow easily and freely from the heart center of everything living, breathing being whehter the being is 2 legged, 4 legged, creepy-crawley or the winged creatures among us.

Many things are happening to many people. We ask for peacful resolution to all that is front of each and everyone being both physical and animal.

Angels we ask for and give thanks for peaceful resolution and healing in all places and in all faces.


Prayer Request – Co-Existing in Peace and Harmony

Angels we ask for our hearts to be softened to the plight of others

Angels we ask for your guidance along the paths before us

Angels we ask for our hearts to forgive all that is left undone and all that is done to others and to ourselves

Angels we ask for your loving healing energy to smooth the way before us and all who walk the land

Angels we ask for all to live in peaceful harmony one with the other knowing all needs, wants and desires are granted withougt causing another to suffer by the hands of another

Angels we ask the waters, the skies and the land be covered in light for all to see the many blessings in all directions of time and space from this moment forward …


Prayer Request – Healing of Human, Animal, Earth Mother


Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Angels we ask for healing of body and mind for all living creatures both human and animal

Angels we ask for healing of all plants, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows and the skies

Angels we ask for all to be healed without delay, without condition and without exception

Angels we ask you carry light, love and healing to all places, all faces

Angels we ask Earth Mother be cared for, held Sacred as in the days of the beginning

Angels we ask all animals be free of torment to live in peace and harmony one with the other and with humankind

Angels we ask all humans to healed in body and mind, releasing all pain, sorrow and torment replacing all that is unwanted with loving kindness, harmon, joy, compassion, prosperity and abundance for there is more than enough for all to live in peace

Thank you for hearing and honoring our words, our please for your loving healing light and energy

So be it, so be it, so be it and so it is


Prayer Request – Peace, Harmony, Healing

Dresden Hofkirche

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask for peace in all places and in all situations

Angels we ask you to calm the inner-spirit of all who are feeling out of balance in any way

Angels we ask that all negative energies, all thoughts and emotions become calm before taking action in any way

Angels we ask you to bring harmony and compassion to all people, all animals, all sentient Beings

Angels we ask for healing. Healing for all who have no homes, who are hungry physically or Spiritually.

Angels we ask for healing of heart, body, mind and Soul.

Angels we ask for healing for friends and family who suffer loss of someone special and loved

Angels we ask all this and more.

Angels we give thanks for the many blessings seen and unseen.


Crystals and Minerals – Sugilite Stone of Higher Consciousness

Sugilite :: Locality: Wessels Mine (Wessel's M...

Image via Wikipedia

The color violet is most often associated with healing, healers and our connection to Divine Source Energy. Sugilite is among the many stones known as the Healer’s Stone, Stone of  Unconditional Love and Self-Forgiveness. It symbolizes the highest ray of light, violet, purple and violet-red. These colors disintegrate all lower negative energies within and around us.

Sugilite represents the powerful link between the mind and the physical body whose purpose is to establish conscious control over our mental thought processes. Being able to manage, not control but manage our thought processes, our mental faculties enables the healing power of the Cosmos to flow into and through our physical bodies balancing the physical with Ethereal Energy.

This is a very powerful stone or mineral which has been gifted to us by Earth Mother since the early 1980’s. It can be placed on the Third Eye Chakra to soothe, cleanse, balance and align your inner sight with your outer sight. It will enable you to see beyond physical realm limitations.

The Stone of Higher Consciousness resonates with the Crown Chakra, Third Eye and the 8th Chakra located just above the Crown. Working with Sugilite or Luvulite as it is also known, during mediation will create and prepare within the physical body a channel to receive massive amounts of healing energy, radiating in all directions of time and space on all levels in the same moment.

For the empathic healer and all who are highly Clairsentient, it will assist you in balancing your emotions and all you sense, bringing you back into alignment with your true Self.

Luvulite carries with it messages from Angels to Earthly realm of physical matter. It will assist you with integrating that which is before you with all that is now behind you. This high energy mineral stone of the violet ray dispelling self-doubt, enabling the user to channel and radiate the power of the violet-red light energy frequency.

*Angelic Realm Association: Vihianna, Angel of the Purple Ray, will assist all who ask,  in working with their Crown Chakra, expanding your sense of conscious awareness and Spiritual expansion.

*Healing Properties: releases past resentments; dissolves frustrations; bolsters self-confidence softening feelings of insecurity and distress; peacefulness, serenity and understanding

*Vibrational Frequency: very high, powerful, disintegrates lower energy vibrations

*Spiritual Properties: Spiritual Expansion; raises conscious awareness; deepens meditation

To simply gaze or focus on a piece of Sugilite often soothes my Soul. I can literally feel and sense my physical body release all it carries within allowing me to re-center, re-align all my energy bodies with Divine Source Energy.

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Victor Manuel – “Finding Your Way” Private Spiritual Readings

Finding Your Way Flyer

Saturday, June 11, 2011  12:00pm to 5:00pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Metaphysical Life Enrichment Center                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2600 El Paseo Road, Las Cruces, NM Please
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Victor Manuel is a Spiritual Intuitive & Medium recognized for his
accuracy, objectivity and the detailed nature of his readings; with a spiritual
practice of over 20 years.

He uses his abilities to connect with those in the Spirit World and
bring across insight, spiritual guidance on important issues in your life and
messages from your loved ones and spirit guides.

His work has enabled him to help thousands of people make better -life
changing- choices, identify blockages such as beliefs or patterns of behavior
and clarify their next steps to move forward in life with confidence and

He is also a Spiritual and Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner helping
people heal and restore balance and harmony to their body, mind and spirit by enhancing
and accelerating the natural healing process.


Spiritual Expansion – Honor Where You Are What does this mean?

Plitvice lakes

Image via Wikipedia

What does “honor where you are” mean? Does it mean you have to “stay where you are”? No, it means, feel your feelings, experience your emotions. It is not about: dwelling in negativity, fear, lack or launching a full on pity party for yourself. It is about acknowledging where you are in this moment, allowing yourself to purge what you are feeling. It is about being able to release the fear of not realizing your dreams, doing what you want, having a loving partner or attaining your financial goals. It does means detoxing your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body and your Aura, creating space for that which you do want to attract into your life.

Honoring your feelings means not “stuffing” or rowing down the river of “denial”. Everyone is entitled to express what they feel, a little “time-out” now and again. This does not give you or anyone else “license” to blast off, blow off or simply rant and rave about how “bad things are”. It does grant you a temporary pass to be with yourself, to reach out to someone who loves and supports you unconditionally to help you through this situation.

Do you not honor everything that is positive in your life? You celebrate many things; why not “celebrate” cleansing your emotions, healing heartbreak, easing disappointment. In honoring the opposite of all that is positive in your life, you are creating a vacuum for all you desire. You are creating healing in a positive, non-judgmental way for yourself. In healing your inner Self, you create an opportunity for forgiveness for all the mistakes you think you have made. In reality there are no mistakes. There are only choices made, choices which always lead you to where you are to be. True, some of the choices appear to be or have been distractions, detours along the way and indeed many are. This is not to say you would have appreciated where you are less had you chosen a more direct path. You simply did the best you could at the time. Now, you are free to choose again and again and again.

Tears are a sign of a shift in energy, a cleansing of the Soul, detoxing your emotions. It is not shameful or a sign of weakness to be vulnerable, to exhibit emotion, to need comfort. Part of walking the path in the physical realm is having, expressing and experiencing emotion. Being vulnerable requires strength and courage placing one foot in front of the other, wearing a smile on your face until it once again becomes your natural, joyous expression of your true Self. Being vulnerable is another way to say, here I am, I am open to all that awaits me, all that is for my highest and best good. I am here and I am choosing to open my heart and keep it open.

To feel emotion, to really feel it, is a gift for there are many more joys to celebrate than there are sorrows. If you are experiencing more sorrow than joy, it is time beloved on to really take a look at where you are and shift your focus, your energy to begin again.

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Spiritual Expansion – Divine Guidance through Clairsentience

White Peacock

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

There are many ways to receive, feel or sense Divine Guidance. Have you ever met someone who seems to react a bit “over the top” emotionally? True, there are times when most people overreact emotionally. Being “emotional” has several connotations; it is not always about being emotionally out of control. Emotions are sensors alerting each of us when something doesn’t “feel right” when something “feels very wrong” and even when things are “very right”. How often do you acknowledge and then act upon what you feel? Or do you simply blow it off only later wishing you had indeed “acted upon your gut instinct”?

So what is Clairsentience anyway? It is feeling, sensing information with your emotions, your emotional energy body. It is being empathic, being in-tune with you and with the way other people feel about things or situations. A person who is “clear feeling” is extra sensitive, experiences their own emotions in a deeper, more profound way than most. They can, at times, experience sensory overload often requiring time away from others to meditate or cleanse their energy bodies.

People, who are Clairsentient sense energy easily, feel chills or “Goosebumps” may have “gut feelings” or hunches about places, people, or situations.  They are very sensitive to energy shifts around them and may experience reactions when others pass by, or even walking through an area where someone has been very happy, sad or angry.

Perhaps you may be asking how to know if you are Clairsentient? Or perhaps you know you have this unique gift and wish to expand it. Here are a few of the ways in which you can explore or expand this particular gift of receiving Divine Guidance. Begin to pay attention to how you “feel” about a person or situation. For example, the next time you walk into a shop what, if anything does your body tell you? Do you feel calm and at ease or uneasy? Where in your physical body does this resonate? Does it resonate in your Solar Plexus Chakra (located just above your navel) or in your Heart Chakra?

Ask Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, “Beauty of God” to assist you in managing all you sense through your physical body as you learn to filter out what you do not need while allowing your new-found gift to serve you and those around you. Feeling your way through your day, along the path before you is indeed a true reflection of your inner core essence.

A Message from Archangel Jophiel*

Behold child of light, do not despair for there are many just as you walking about not knowing what or how they feel. You have been gifted with clear feeling; know you will become attuned to this new gift of expansion in the days ahead. For all is unfolding before you in love and in light. Use your gift wisely for there is much to learn, much to release, much to heal, much to forgive. Forgive the ways of others for they know not what they do causes thee great harm. Forgive you in the learning, for this sets you apart from where you once were. Trust the gift of discernment. All those who wish to fall away from thee to travel the path before them as you seek to travel the path before you in love and light. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be aware as you develop or expand this gift, you will become more cognizant of emotional energy. You are becoming more in-tune with everything around you. Some of the ways to protect or shield yourself are wrapping or imagining a bubble or cocoon of Divine White Light all around you, extending 3feet in all directions. Sprinkle Sea Salt across the threshold of the doorway to your home or office building. Cleanse and balance your physical body often. If you experience a sudden shift in your energy, take a deep breath and ask yourself “is this coming from me or through me?”

Know you are not alone, there are many like you. Begin to become comfortable in your own skin. Accept where you are while you travel along your path to where you want to be.

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