What do Gabriel, Metatron and Raziel have in common with you?

These Angels — Gabriel, Metatron and Raziel — all want you to live your life purpose in contentment and prosperity.

Isn’t that what you want … to live your purpose full-out and all-in, following your desire to make a difference and having prosperity and abundance, to be free of worry, fear and doubt?

This is what these amazingly powerful Angels have in common with you …

*Gabriel is all about giving and delivering messages to you. Knowing that this powerful Angel is the Messenger of God or Divine Source is comforting.

*Metatron’s specialty is cleansing, balancing and aligning our Chakra energy centers. He is a heavenly teacher helping us retain lessons learned without having to carry them with us as energetic burdens.

*Raziel loves to help us untangle the Divine Mystery of our earthly life as we attempt to detach from the past, making way for the present moment.

Angels have messages, specific messages for you, for your path and to help you reconcile where you are with where you crave to be.

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Are you on the right path for 2015?


It’s nearly Christmas and you’re even busier than ever so I’ll make this really quick!

If you’re like so many others on their Spiritual Path, having some insight about what’s coming up for you in the New Year, would really help you know you’re on the right path.

2015 is an “8” year. The number “8” is all about finances … prosperity and abundance.

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Most people ask about career, business opportunities, relationships, financial prosperity and if they are on the right path.

Here’s what the number “8” means …

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… it’s the symbol of infinity

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Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Archangels – Archangel Jophiel Unconditional Love

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of...

Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. On the psychic level, this center of force inspires the human being to love, be compassionate, altruistic, devoted and to accept the things that happen in a divine way. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colors of gold and rose pink conjure images of grace, beauty and love. These are the colors most associated with Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, Beauty of God.

Beauty is in all things, all people, in all places and even in all situations.  The Heart Chakra, located in the center of your chest, is most associated with love, unconditional love.

What is unconditional love? It is, first and foremost loving you without condition, without judgment, without condemnation.

It is accepting who you are, where you are, where you have been and where you are wanting to be, have and do in your life.

Unconditional love is accepting others exactly the way you want to be accepted, the way you what others to accept you and who you are.

There is no one who hasn’t experienced bumps, scrapes, bruises, breaks and even a few dings and dents around the edges of their life and the many experiences they have encountered along the way.

Being able to support someone, a close friend, a loved one or a client, without condition or judgment, with total acceptance is a treasured gift.

No matter what you or someone close to you chooses, or the path someone wants to pursue, be willing to accept their choices and your own with an open heart.

Total acceptance is being able to accept what is or isn’t happening without any expectations or strings attached. It is giving compassion and unconditional love from your heart space.

That’s the key, giving from your heart center. It’s the key; the secret of the golden heart space of unconditional love.

Archangel Jophiel is the patron and Guardian of creativity in all forms. She brings gifts of enlightenment, open-mindedness, encouraging humankind to discover the Spark of Divinity within all creatures.

She will help you see past physical perceptions, past surface appearances.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay where you are in current circumstances or in any relationship that is not positive in nature.

Seeing past physical realm perceptions means being able to accept and perhaps allowing a close friend, family member or client to move away from you, if that is their choice.

There may be occasions or situations where it is not in your best interests to speak or share your concerns. Everyone, including you has the gift of choice and the freedom to make their own choices.

Your Heart Chakra is the energy center of love, emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion and healing on all levels. It is the bridge between your upper or Spiritual energy centers.

This Chakra works very closely with your Solar Plexus Chakra, located just above your navel, which is the bridge between the lower or physical realm chakras and the upper, Spiritual Realm Chakras.

To love yourself as you would love another is to accept with an open heart, reaching through the fear of not being loved in return.

To love is to give freely without expectation, without keeping score.  It is being willing to release, lovingly release everyone who chooses to walk away from you.

Love is being willing to accept a seemingly long lost friend or significant other who finds their back to you.  You always have a choice of accepting to start again or keep things the way they are.

Aren’t you in a different space or energetic vibration than you were a few months, weeks or even a few days ago?

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you have to take someone back into your life. It is more about forgiveness and seeing things from a different perspective.

It’s also about honoring your boundaries with a softness of Inner Spirit Grace knowing your choice, whatever it may be, is the right one for you at this time.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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do you know how to balance your energy


Did you know that the word Chakra is Sanskrit, originating from an ancient language, meaning wheel or vortex?  The word Chakra refers to all energy centers or energy vortexes throughout your Aura, emotional energy body and your physical body.

Energy centers regulate the flow of energy through your entire being.  Each Chakra flows one into the other blending with the energies of Chakras both above and below.

The Heart Chakra, for example, flows upward to your Throat Chakra allowing you to speak with emotion.  Energy from the Heart Chakra also flows downward, blending with your Solar Plexus Chakra, allowing you to manifest with emotion, compassion, and focused intention.

Chakras can become under or over stimulated, displaying a variety of physical, mental, or emotional manifestations.

Cleansing and balancing your energy centers promotes better physical, emotional, and mental health. It also helps you raise your inner wealth frequency too!

There are several ways to cleanse and balance each energy center.  One such way is to visualize each Chakra or energy center as a wheel or fan, spinning clockwise.

Chakra Angels help you maintain balance in each of your Chakra Energy Centers.

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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Ascended Master – Master Hilarion Will Help You Access the Divine Healer Within You


Image via Wikipedia

There is within you the natural ability to heal your heart, mind and metaphysically. All that manifests into physical form that is not in harmony with your true Self is a result of stress and dis-ease.

It is inevitable that you encounter unwanted energy. It is also a gift to be radiating light. There are many who are unable or unwilling to generate their own energy. Some are unwilling to sustain a positive energy vibration and seek others whose Spark of Divinity is bright.

There are many among us who have accepted the responsibility and the calling to assist all who seek to experience less stress and more harmony and serenity as we travel the path before us.

Master Hilarion is a gifted healer of mind, body and Spirit. He seeks to assist all who choose to utilize their own Divine Healing Power, seeking only to encourage, guide and empower. This Ascended Master speaks to the healer within each of us as we seek a better way along the journey filled with health and vitality.

Ascended Master Hilarion, when asked, will assist you in accessing the Divine Healer within you. He works very closely with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Raphael is the Angel of and for healers in all professions, in all walks of life.

Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of messages and clear communication.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Master Hilarion are Amethyst, Fluorite, Tanzan Aura, Green Tourmaline, Chrysocolla, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Peacock Ore. Access crystal energy to assist you in opening your mind and your heart.

The primary Chakra energy center associated with this Ascended Master is the Third Eye. Be willing to see beyond what has manifested into your life in physical form. Be open to allowing a different viewpoint to clear the way for seeing more clearing, gaining clarity and discernment.

Working with Master Hilarion will open and deepen your connection with Divine Source through your Crown Chakra. Healing also occurs in your Heart Chakra as you release pain and sorrow, making way for love and forgiveness. As you heal your mind and your heart, your physical body and your Aura become healed.

Allow you to be open to becoming more consciously aware of all that is around you.

In time, all that is currently stored and may have become stagnant or trapped in your physical body or your Aura will be released and transmuted as you transform your thoughts and emotions reflecting harmony and peacefulness.

Seek peaceful serenity first within you, it will radiate outward from your heart and your Spirit. Call upon Master Hilarion to help you with healing on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.

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Crystals – Crystal Healing for Integrating Body Mind and Spirit


Image via Wikipedia

Energy permeates all things; it is an integral part of everything everywhere. Cleansing and balancing energy within and around you is essential for everyone. It is especially important if you are a Light Worker or working as a healer in any profession.

One of the ways in which to re-align your energy is using crystals and minerals integrating all of your energy bodies, Aura and the Ethereal energy field. The four energy levels or energy bodies are physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.

Each energy body is represented by a specific color ray and corresponding crystals and minerals.  Green balances the physical body. Pink or rose balances the emotional body. Blue balances and brings clarity to the mental body. Purple balances the Spiritual body.

Crystals and minerals which may be used for each of the energy bodies are:

*Physical body: Malachite, Green Tourmaline, Aventurine, Emerald, Green Jade

*Emotional body: Rose Quartz, Rose Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodocrosite, Pink Jade

*Mental body: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Aqua Aura, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Azurite, Turquoise

*Spiritual body: Amethyst, Sugilite, Lavender Jade, Kunzite, Chaorite, Tanzan Aura

In addition you will also need a pair of Clear Quartz Healing crystals, one for each hand. It is best if the Clear Quartz healers are at least 2 to 3 inches in length and about 1 inch thick or wide. Clear Quartz magnifies or intensifies the energy frequency of all other stones.

Choose crystals and minerals which resonate with you. Within the choices referenced above the stones or crystals which have the highest energy signature will offer maximum benefit. If you are unsure
which is best for you to use, take your time collecting just the right specimens.

As a reminder it is essential to cleanse all crystals and minerals before you begin any energy healing session. It is also essential to cleanse and re-charge all your healing crystals by rinsing with cool water and placing them in the Sun light for a few hours at least once a week. Light cleansing in be-tween healings using sound and incense is adequate.

The placement of the stones are as follows: green on the Solar Plexus Chakra, rose or pink on the Heart Chakra, blue on the Throat Chakra and purple on or at the Crown Chakra or directly on the Third Eye. Hold the Clear Quartz healers in both hands. The point in your left hand is to be directed towards your arm. The point in your right hand faces outward away from your body. Typically, energy flows in from the left, circulates and flows out the right of the physical body.

Before you begin invoke Angelic White Light Protection or say a prayer of protection which resonates with you. The intention is to allow your physical body to be a clear and perfect channel allowing all only that which is of love and light to flow within and around you.

If you are self-healing, lie face up placing your healing stones as stated, hold the Clear Quartz healers in your hands, focus on your breathing and allow all to simply be dissolved from you. Be willing to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good, your Higher-Self.

By invoking protection prior to any energy healing session, you are connection with Divine Source Energy allowing your entire Be-ing to release all that it has collected and stored. You may choose to take a salt bath to deepen your energy cleansing session. It is important to drink extra water during the next 24 to 48 hours to continue the physical detox process.

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Blue Crystals and Minerals – Chrysocolla the Peace Stone


Image via Wikipedia

Blue symbolizes peacefulness, serenity, emotions, and unlimited potential within you. The Peace Stone, known as Chrysocolla possesses a very high energy frequency. Gem Silica is another name for this incredible healing stone of deep blues and greens.

Renowned for its incredible virtues of peace and compassion, it enables the user to breathe deeply releasing emotional pain and sorrow. As a healing stone it is capable of healing at the cellular level, clearing blockages in both the Heart Chakra and the Throat Chakra.

Resonating with the Throat Chakra, Gem Silica dissolves any fear of speaking your truth, realizing your worth, your true sense of Self. When speaking your truth remember to speak from the heart with love in your voice, your energy and in your eyes.

The Heart Chakra works with Chrysocolla to balance your emotions, healing from wounds past or present instilling a sense of peaceful calm.

Chrysocolla may we carried in your pocket, worn as a pendant between the Throat and Heart energy centers, placed on your desk at work, in your home. If place on your bedside table or under your pillow, it will work with your during your sleep and dream time. Emotional healing can be both subtle and dramatic creating within you a heartfelt energy shift changing your life.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Raphael, whose name means, He Who Heals, will assist you in healing your inner-Spirit. Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in speaking your truth with loving kindness and integrity.

*Element Angel: Kokabiel, Angel of the Stars, will assist you in staying focused upon the path before you, illuminating your every step. Anpiel, Angel of the Sky, will assist you in seeing beyond physical realm
limitations, recognizing your unlimited potential.

*Ascended Masters: El Morya Khan, will assist you with Ancient Spiritual Truths, gaining insight into all your Life’s Purpose and beyond. Master Hilarion, will assist you with the courage to create your own reality, healing your sense of self-worth, opening the door to unlimited possibilities before you.

*Healing Properties: emotional wounds from heartbreak, dissolve Throat Chakra blockages, soothes frayed nerves, calms emotions; peacefulness, compassion; tolerance; patience

*Vibrational Frequency: extremely high vibration; balances male and female energies

*Spiritual Properties: heighten your connection with Divine Source, reaches through the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm of matter

Using Chrysocolla during meditation will bring peace of mind and heart to the user. Hold this magical healing stone in your left hand, allow its vibration to flow through you cleansing, balancing and aligning your mental, physical and emotional energy bodies with the Divine Purpose for your life.

When used during an energy healing, it will enable the practitioner and the client both to receive powerful emotional healing, releasing the heart to move forward in love and light.

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Crystals – Smoky Quartz Stone of the Root Chakra

Morion from Brazil

Image via Wikipedia

Smoky Quartz is a dark hued jewel which is able to assist in shielding you from Psychic Attack, the projection of negative thoughts and emotions from others. Another healing property is being able to assist you in dissolving negative energy from within your own mind and heart center.

It has the ability to channel pure Divine Light in through your Crown Chakra down into your Root Chakra causing balance and transformation which then flows upward throughout your entire physical body and all energy bodies.

Primarily, Smoky Quartz resonates with the Root or Basic Chakra located at the base of your Spine. It will aid you in focusing your thoughts and emotions. It will also assist you in accepting challenges encountered along the journey and accept responsibilities placed in your path.

Smoky Quartz also resonates with the Heart Center as it assists in alleviating depression, heals emotional wounds by releasing negative thought patterns. The dark quartz is able to draw energy from the Heart Chakra down into the Root Charka integrating for grounding making it easier to work with your emotions rather than your emotions working against you.

*Angelic Realm Association:  Archangel Raziel, whose name means, Secret of God, when asked, will assist you with protection from the negative thoughts of others and from your own self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.

*Element Angel: Yabbashael, the Angel of the Earth, will assist you in grounding excess nervous and negative energy.

*Mystical Goddess: Tara, Mystical Goddess of Love and Light, will assist you in seeing the light even during moments of darkness. All truth is always revealed in the light. Extend or project love to you and to others without judgment.

*Healing Properties: relieves mental fatigue, depression, grounds excess energy, focus thoughts, shield from Psychic Attack.

*Vibrational Frequency: strong, grounding, transforming negative excess energy releasing it to the Light for transmutation.

*Spiritual Properties: assimilates wisdom and knowledge, dissolves negativity.

If you should find yourself in a stressful situation, call upon Archangel Raziel, Angel Yabbashael or Mystical Goddess Tara to help protect you, calm you and ground you. Remember to breathe and release all that no longer serves you or hour Higher-Self.

Smoky Quartz may be worn on the body, carried in your pocket or placed on your bedside table. It may also be placed in your office on your desk to assist in creating a barrier or filter to deflect negativity in the work place.

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Crystals and Minerals – Nirvana Quartz Stone of Astral Projection

High in the Himalayan Mountains of India, Nirvana Quartz, also known as Ice Quartz, was first discovered in 2006 in elevations of 18,000 feet above Sea level. Melting Glaciers have revealed this incredible mineral gifting all of us with an opportunity to experience extraordinary shifts in our own energy frequencies. It is irregularly formed; no two mineral specimens are exactly the same in shape, color or energy frequency.

How can each mineral specimen have its own unique energy frequency? Much the same as each flower, bird, tree and human has its own unique energy signature so does each piece of Ice Quartz. Each specimen often displays jagged edges and crevices. The color range is nearly translucent white to soft shades of rosy pink.

What is Nirvana? It is, according to Hinduism beliefs, the liberation of the Soul from the effects of Karma and physical existence as we have come to understand it. Nirvana is also a sense or state of releasing all that is now behind you. It is the ability to mentally release your physical mind from the constraints of being solely housed or encased in physical form allowing your thoughts and your Spirit to soar among the stars in the Heavens above.

The Word Nirvana also implies a state of Enlightenment, a sense of connecting directly and more openly with Divine Source Energy. This magnificent stone is a conduit for deeper levels of esoteric illumination, transformation and transcendence. It also implies a sense of total serenity, happiness, a state of blissful harmony.

It resonates with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat and Heart Chakra energy centers, integrating one with the other. Use Ice Quartz during meditation to increase your sense of awareness, expanding your inner essence, expanding your Spirituality.

This crystalline form will assist you in discovering and realizing your Life’s Purpose. It will assist in quieting your mind, stopping or stilling mental chatter enabling you to receive guidance.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, Beauty of God, will assist you in overcoming emotional pain and sorrow, enabling you to transcend time and space, healing deeply at the cellular level in all directions of time and space.

*Healing Properties: dissolves inner emotional wounds, encourages self-acceptance, deepens meditation

*Vibrational Frequency: very high transmitter of high energy, subtle in its pathway from the Realm of Spirit into the realm of physical matter

*Spiritual Properties: Life’s Purpose, astral projection, dissolves barriers between physical plane and Realm of Spirit

Nirvana Quartz will create within you a sense of expanded conscious awareness, deepening meditation experiences, and encouraging self-acceptance. It is the Record Keeper of the Ethereal Realm, accesses astral projection, aids in dissolving barriers clearing the path between the physical plane and thee Angelic Realm.

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Spiritual Expansion – Create the Life You Desire

Sedona, Arizona

Where do you desire to be? Imagine you are exactly where you choose to be now in this moment. If you are willing, dare to imagine there are no limitations, no boundaries, no expectations placed upon you by you or by others of any kind. Feel your shoulders relax, releasing all they carry. Feel your heart open to the limitless possibilities. Breathe deeply for you are learning how to release you, your heart, your thoughts, you inner Self from limitation. How does it feel? Be open to seeing beyond current circumstances. Open your mind, your heart to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to invest a few moments of your time, your energy into your dreams, your heart’s desires. If you choose this challenge, treat yourself to a new notebook or special journal. For at least 10 to 15 minutes each day, write about what you would do, where you would, what your life would be like.  It is essential you pour your very essence into your words whether it be  on paper or in a special folder on your computer. You are creating your dream, your life as you wish it to be. Gift yourself with permission to see beyond your current circumstances. Gift yourself with all the time, all the money, all the resources necessary to create, grow and nurture your life as you wish it to be.

The challenge is to allow YOU the ability to create anything you desire, with respect to the free will of others. Meaning, if you desire a loving relationship, describe the kind of relationship you desire rather a
particular person.  If you desire a particular position or promotion, focus on the position rather than seeing someone else being removed or fired. Focusing on the promotion clears the path  for all to move forward in the best possible way. For example, the promotion you seek would manifest as a result of someone else manifesting what they desire, creating space for your dreams to manifest without causing loss for someone else.

What do you really want to do with your life? Imagine with your thoughts, your heartfelt desires, to create your life, your version of paradise. Be willing to open your inner Self to all that awaits in the Realm of Spirit. Be willing to commit to acknowledging where you are while you focus your gaze on where you choose to be. If you are already walking the path of your life’s purpose, be willing to expand your inner self, reaching past the expectations of others have placed upon you.

Now are you ready to invest your time and energy into expanding all you are?  So “how” do you proceed with creating all you desire without limitation? Be willing to be willing to pour your all you are into creating your life with your words, your emotions, your energy by writing out everything exactly as you want it, include everything from the kind of car, house, and your private Jet.

To help get you started, here are some guidelines: Let’s imagine your dream is to open a gallery or possible a quilt shop. What city or where in the city would it be? How big would the shop be? What is the floor plan? How would you decorate the inside? What color are the walls? How many employees would you have?

At first you may feel as if you are playing make-believe. That is exactly what you are doing with the exception that you are consciously designing your life! As you practice writing out all you want to create, you release the past, release limiting beliefs. As you continue to practice allowing your thoughts and your heart to express your inner desires without limitation your dream will grow, it will become rich with energy. You will, if you choose to stick-with-it long enough, see how your imagination, your ideas build one upon the other, expanding, creating more depth, more detail. You will begin to see and feel your dream become reality. New doors and windows of opportunity will open before you as never before. Be aware, be ready to receive and be ready to give enabling you to soar about the ordinary!

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