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[1 0f 2] Angels of the Sacred Realms

If you have ever done any research on Angels, you’ll find there is not very much information, unless of course, you research the most known and popular Angels.

And there is even less detailed information on or about the nine Angelic Realms.

Today, I’d like to pull back the veil — just a little — on these Angelic Realms, giving you a glimpse of what is waiting for you …

There are three Angelic Hierarchies and nine Angelic Realms … neither is more important than the other. They are, however, at different levels of vibration. Let’s begin with the Hierarchy closest to us in vibration …

*The Heaven of Form

Angels in this Hierarchy are the closest to humankind, offering personal assistance and the gift of transcendence to higher levels of energy along your Spiritual Path. Within the Heaven of Form are …

… Guardian Angels who guide us towards or away from people or situations that may do us harm; assist us with Spiritual Growth and retaining lessons learned during our life-time

… Archangels are messengers of Divine Presence; work with subtle energies, guiding, assisting, answers prayers and opening doors to limitless opportunities

… Angel Princes are the protectors of Religions and the Guardians of Nations; represent the collective spirit or collective unconscious of humanity

*The Heaven of Creation

Angels in this Hierarchy are here to help us with unconditional love and understanding; relationships with ourselves and with others around us. Within the Heaven of Creation are …

… Powers are reflections of peace, harmony, serenity and balance; help us transform emotional turmoil creating a sense of peaceful contentment

… Virtues remind us of the possibility of miracles, transforming our thoughts into physical form; help us understand how to surrender into trust and faith

… Dominions gift us with grace enabling us to see past surface appearances; assist us in releasing the past, creating space for manifesting our deepest desires

*The Heaven of Paradise

Angels in this Hierarchy are closest to Divine Presence. There is no EGO … there is only Unconditional Love and Source Light. Within the Heaven of Paradise are …

… Thrones are pure thought, transforming thought into matter in the physical realm; aide humankind with being in the moment

… Cherubim are all-seeing and all-knowing; help us to receive wisdom and knowledge; assist us in knowing all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with our dreams

… Seraphim the highest and most radiant of all Angels; help us deepen our connection with Divine Source

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Angels of the Sacred Realms

The purpose of all of this is bringing more awareness into the lives of as many women and men just like OR someone you know, who really wants to know …

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… how to connect with Angels in ways that work for them, instead of being frustrated with not getting the guidance and answers to their questions

… learn which Angels can help you the most with your dreams, goals and figuring out what your Divine Life Purpose is instead of … struggling to figure out which Angels can help you the way you need and want help the most

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Angels and Archangels – 9 Angel Kingdoms or Choirs of Angels

The Secret Energy of Angels has been a mystery for many centuries throughout the ages since the beginning of time!

There are many Kingdoms, Hierarchies or Choirs of Angels. These Kingdoms are ways of identifying Angels, their strengths, knowledge and the way in which we are able to work with them.

Angel Kingdoms are another way of classifying Angels according to the intensity of their energy and its vibrational frequency.

Each Spiritual Path is as unique as the person traveling that path. It is the same for Angels they have their own unique Spiritual Path to follow.

There are Angels who are just beginning their Journey as Guardian Angels and Angels whose energy vibrates so high that they reside at the level of Source Light.

The 9 Angelic Kingdoms are arranged into 3 Triads or Choirs. The Triads sub-divide the 9 Angelic Kingdoms according to the frequency of light and energetic vibration.

1. First Triad: The Heaven of Paradise

Angels in this Triad are closest to Divine Presence, the Source of All Things. There is no ego; there is only Unconditional Love and Source Light.

*Seraphim: The highest, or most divinely radiant of all Angels.  The Seraphim are celestial Beings of bright white light, sometimes referred to as the “Burning Ones” the very essence of Creation.

*Cherubim: Cherubim Angels are all-seeing and all-knowing.  Cherubim were once depicted as having many eyes and are the record keepers and Guardians of the Creator’s Glory.

*Thrones: The Thrones are said to be the “many-eyed wheels of fire”, reflecting faith in the power and glory of the Creator.  Angels in this choir are pure thought transforming thought into matter in the physical realm.


2. Second Triad: The Heaven of Creation

Angels in this Triad are help you with love and understanding, your relationship to yourself and to people around you.

*Dominions:  The Dominions are Angels who gift you with grace enabling you to see past surface appearances and perceptions in the physical realm. The Dominions bring wisdom, gifting humankind with states of grace, wisdom and mercy

*Virtues: The Virtues remind humankind about the possibility of miracles, transforming your thoughts into physical form and manifesting your heart’s desires. Freedom, trust and faith are treasured gifts given through these Angels.

*Powers: The Powers are reflections of peace, harmony balance and serenity.  In choosing peacefulness, these Angels help you to manifest harmony and serenity, releasing all that no longer serves your highest and best good.


3. Third Triad: The Heaven of Form

Angels in this Triad are the closest to mankind, offering personal assistance and the gift of transcendence to higher levels of energy along your Spiritual Path.

*Angel Princes: Angel Princes are the protectors of Religions and the guardians of Nations, guiding rulers in making wise, just, compassionate decisions.

*Archangels: Archangels are messengers of Divine Presence. Archangels are gifted with being in all places in any moment, transcending physical realm limitations of time and space. Archangels work with subtle energy, guiding, assisting, answering prayers, opening doors to limitless opportunities, loving, healing and protection.

*Guardian Angels: Guardian Angels assist humankind in many ways.  These Angels guide you towards or away from a person or particular situation, give you messages and signs.

There are countless Angels that are ready and waiting to help you, guide you and clear the path before you. All you have to do is ask.

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