[72 hours only!] Calling All Earth Angels

Hello Earth Angel,

Angels are Sentient Beings of Love and Light projecting and radiating subtle, yet powerful, loving, healing energy.

There are …

… 3 Mystical Angel Heavens

… 9 Sacred Angel Hierarchies

— AND —

… 45 Angels who are ready and waiting to take you by-the-hand for a rare glimpse “Behind the Angelic Veil” to unlock the mystical world of Angels.

I am really excited to introduce to you — Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies — a BRAND NEW Angel book!

This is for ALL Earth Angels and it’s for ALL Angel lover’s too … BUT … only if you really want to get to know Angels and what they can do for you and your Life Purpose!

Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies (click on the link to get your FREE eBook!)

… 3 Mystical Angel Heavens

*the Heaven of Form

*the Heave of Creation

*the Heaven of Paradise

… 9 Sacred Angel Realms

*Guardian Angels


*Angel Princes

*Angels of the Powers

*Angels of the Virtues

*Angels of the Dominions

*Angels of the Thrones

*Angels of the Cherubim

*Angels of the Seraphim

… 45 Angels who take you by-the-hand for a rare glimpse “Behind the Angelic Veil” into their Magical, Mystical World.

Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies (FREE eBook 72 hours only!)

Sometimes we need to heal issues that aren’t even ours but we believe they are truth because we’ve heard “it” repeated it to ourselves, and acted as if “it” were true.

Discover the strength and the power of accessing and tapping into Divine Guidance and Knowledge anytime you wish when you unlock the Mystery of Angels.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Angels – What Are Angel Numbers and What Do They Mean?

Suzhou numbers

Suzhou numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Numbers of all kinds are an integral part of our lives in every way. Whether we are counting people or items, we use numbers.

Numbers help us calculate measurements, time, money and the intrinsic value of gem stones, art and services. Numbers are involved in everything we do even the rate of Blood Pressure and heart rate.

Angels also use numbers to communicate their messages with us on a daily basis. Have you ever noticed how certain numbers tend to show up during your day on a digital clock, or a sign or even on a vehicle license plate?

While I am an authority on and about Angels, numbers and their meanings are not in an area in which I excel.

When numbers show up for me, and they do nearly every day … I turn to a book that is all and only about Angel Numbers and their meanings.

I am always fascinated with the messages and how they resonate, confirm, validate and provide insight into what is happening in my life in that exact moment!

Most of the time the numbers are sequential like 111, 222 or 999 for example. At other times, like when I am awakened during the night, I will look at the clock and it will almost always be at the same time.

Just this morning … which truly seemed like the middle of sleep time … I was awakened and the number on the clock was 410. Of course I closed my eyes and said silently to myself … not yet more rest please, closed my eyes and promptly went back to sleep for a little while.

Do you see numbers that repeat themselves like 1212 or 989? Every number from 0 to 999, have their own very special meaning, message and guidance from Angels, your Angels.

These messages could be in answer to a question you have asked or simply your Angels reassuring you that everything is in Divine Order. They may be messages of comfort, healing, inspiration and especially of transformation.

This is my basic understanding of sequential numbers:

*111 – be aware of your thoughts and emotions, this is a time of focused manifestation through an open energy vortex or portal be sure to focus on the positive

*222 – your dreams and goals are a lot closer to manifesting than you are aware right now, keep your thoughts and energy focused on what you want rather than what you don’t

*333 – Ascended Masters are with you right now encouraging and supporting you

*444 – Angels are all around you right now providing extra love and support and helping you manifest your dreams

*555 – change, be aware of all that is happening in your life and in the lives of others around you, this is a time of great change take a deep breath and move forward with your eyes and heart open

*666 – balancing Spirituality and day-to-day life; let go of fear and doubt

*777 – be aware of where you are and where you want to be, do and have; keep your thoughts and emotions focused on what you have rather than what you don’t have or what appears to not be happening

*888 – financial prosperity and abundance; focus on your desires shifting your thoughts from a sense of lack to that of appreciation and gratitude;  giving and receiving are both part of the whole

*999 –  a sense of completion; the project you have been working on is now ready to be completed, put all the necessary components into order; a time to release what’s not working and be open to new opportunities and possibilities

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. and Lynette Brown have really brought so much insight into Angel Numbers and what they mean in their collaborative effort, Angel Numbers: The Angels Explain the Meaning of 111, 444, and Other Numbers in Your Life (2005. Hay House, Carlsbad, California)

This is the book I turn to when my Angels give me their messages in the form of recurring numbers or repeating number sequences.

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, the Angel Mentor, helps Executives, Coaches and Entrepreneurs activate their Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner wealth frequency, accelerating their income, enhance the Law of Attraction, and improve relationships, transforming dreams into tangible reality!

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“My Angel Dream Team has been helping me for several months now to clear the space of activities and patterns that no longer serve me in my business and personal life.  

Through eliminating these “non-value added” activities much clarity and simplicity has emerged on a daily basis.  

As a result, I have been creating new opportunities and working with higher vibration projects that are more fun and lucrative than anything else I’ve been doing previously.  

Thanks Terrie Marie for your amazing work!”

Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

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Are you prepared for 12-12-12 and beyond …

(c) 2012 Angel Lady Aurora, LLC

(c) 2012 Angel Lady Aurora, LLC

Hello Bright Light,

There has been so much “chitter-chatter” about what is or isn’t going to happen on 12-12-12 and what’s happening after 21-2012 AND then there’s even more speculation about the energies of 2013!!!

I have it on “good authority” that we will all still be here!!!

Are there going to be changes? Yes, of course. Things as we have come to know them have been changing and shifting for quite some time.

The rate at which “time” moves has increased over the past several years AND it has been steadily increasing at an even faster pace since 2009.

Again I ask you ….. Are you prepared for 12-12-12 and beyond ……

What do you need to do to prepare for these major shifts in energy both internally, Spiritually, mentally and emotionally?

AND what can you do to maintain a sense of balance energetically during this incredible transition here on Earth?

You’ve heard me or read what I’ve been sharing with you about Age of Angels and what it means for you and your path, your Life and Soul Purpose.

Angel Are Messengers, Healers, Guides and Protectors

Age of Angels is here to help you prepare for the greatest transition HumanKind has ever experienced in recorded history.  Angels have been assisting, guiding, protecting, comforting and healing HumanKind throughout the ages.

Angels offer you a very powerful gift intended to ease your ascension, raise your vibration and your conscious awareness during a time of great Spiritual Awakening for Earth and all who call it home.

There is no doubt that there are very distinct shifts and changes occurring within you, around you and all over this planet.

Each time you come to another point of mental and emotional breakthrough, you are confronted with increased levels of resistance requiring you to become vigilant and more conscious of protecting yourself with Mantras, White and Rose Light and even Electric-Violet Light.

It is out of great compassion, concern and unconditional love that Angels are gifting you with the Angel Attunement.

So let’s get right to it …..

Benefits of Receiving an Angel Attunement

Angels are here to help you in every area of your life.  Here’s what gets to happen to you and for you when you truly invite Angels into your life ….

*Healing Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Body

*Increased Abundance and Prosperity

*Clear Energy Blockages

*Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

*Protection from Negative Energy

*Re-Awaken and Intensify Your Intuitive Gifts, Skills and Abilities


*Connect with Your Angels and Your Angel Guides

*Spiritual and Physical Transformation

As you work with your Angels, you will begin to witness and receive validation and confirmation of all that you seek to have, be, do and to manifest into your life. All life creates more life. More life creates abundance and prosperity, harmony, joy, peacefulness and a sense of deep contentment.

This in turn creates a shield, a vortex of positive, loving healing energy all around your physical body repelling negative energy. It also helps you to minimize the inner-negative ego-chatter that attempts to distract you from your path.

Angel Attunement tools

For all the details AND for your Angel Attunement click here.

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You can create your own reality regardless of what is or is not happening in the outside world around you.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS….if you have any questions, “reply” to this email and I will respond at my very earliest convenience. Remember the special introductory fee of only $77 ends at Midnight December 12th and then it goes up to $97!  Click here so you get in the savings!

PPS….as a special gift for you from me, I’m including as a bonus a Digital Print and Angel Message from Angel Samandiriel! This Angel’s name means He Who Sees Beyond and among his amazing Angelic Gifts are: Imagination, Creativity and Visualization!

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women who want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at .

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