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Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Angels – Nathaniel Is the Angel of Divinity, Purification and Courage


sooc (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It takes courage to follow your passion; the passion of what propels you forward, creating an impact in your life and in the lives of everyone around you.

Nathaniel, whose name means, Purification and Courage, and is the Angel of Divinity, helps you detach from the drama of lack consciousness.

As you work with this Powerful Angel of Fire, you will dissolve and release thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in the muck of lack, fear and doubt.

He helps you connect with your inner essence replacing fear with the courage to transform and transcend every thought, emotion and action that isn’t in alignment with your goals and dreams for an opulent life.

This intensely passionate Angel helps protect you from negative energy as you step beyond your comfort zone.

Courage is also facing the fear of the unknown, not knowing what you will find, or discover about yourself and the challenges that have held you back, threatening to keep you small and in your place simply out of fear.

The opposite of fear is love. Love is more powerful than darkness, shadow, pain or sorrow.  Angel Nathaniel helps you clear your mind, healing thoughts that are no longer in alignment with your highest and best good.

The element of fire is a symbol of purification, transmutation and eventual transcendence.

Transcendence is all about rising above the ordinary, rising above the many challenges, issues and obstacles that distract you from your goals, dreams and manifesting your inner vision.

Fire energy is forceful representing many facets such as:








Purification is also about reaching deep within, having the courage to honor your innermost desires, the secrets you keep sacred even from yourself.

As you become increasingly aware of who you truly are, releasing and detaching from the drama in your life and in the lives of those around you, you empower your thoughts and your emotions.

There is within every creature, human and animal alike, a Spark of Divinity, that which connects all things and all creatures to Divine Source.

Be willing to step beyond your comfort zone of fear, doubt and chaos choosing instead to see and recognize the Spark of Divinity within your heart center and within the heart center of every living, breathing creature.

Be willing to let go of and detach from the drama of lack consciousness replacing it with courage, passion and empowerment.


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As a result, I have been creating new opportunities and working with higher vibration projects that are more fun and lucrative than anything else I’ve been doing previously.  

Thanks Terrie Marie for your amazing work!”

Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

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Crystals – Red Aura Amethyst Integrates Spirituality and Physical Energies

amethyst: blood red

amethyst: blood red (Photo credit: chronographia)

Crystals and Minerals can and do profoundly affect all who work with them. It is not a secret to many who share a fascination for Crystals and Minerals. There are so many naturally occurring combinations it can literally boggle your mind!

Recently during the Summer months of 2011, a new Crystal was discovered in the mines of the Amazon. It is Red Aura Amethyst! From the moment I saw the image and tuned into the Crystal’s incredible energy, there was a kind of hush that went through me.

The message given to me immediately was … integrate Spiritual with physical … that is a powerful message! When I asked what the Metaphysical Properties are, I was told Red Aura Amethyst has the properties of Amethyst and Hematite!

Before we go any further, let me paint for you an image of what this new discovered crystal looks like. It is an Amethyst cluster with a natural covering of Iron Oxide. The Crystal itself looks like a dark rust –red color yet you can feel or sense its soft subtle Spiritual energy radiating outward.

Iron Oxide resonates with the Root or Basic Chakra energy center located at the base of your Spine. The color Red as you may well remember is associated with grounding, survival and Earth Mother energy.

The color purple is associated with Spirituality and the Crown Chakra helping you connect with Divine Source. Amethyst is called the Soul Stone and is the crystal of and for healers not matter the healing modality.

Where does Hematite come into play? Hematite is a metallic dark grayish black mineral. It is a stone of grounding excess energy, helping you connect with Earth Mother for healing and transmuting unwanted energy.  It is a stone of manifestation, manifesting into physical form that which is already manifested in the Realm of Spirit.

So which Angels or Ascended Masters would assist you in working with this incredible new find?

Angels associated with the Crown Chakra are: Element Angel of the Sky Anpiel, Angel of the Sea Elemiah, Angel of Divinity Nathaniel, Element Angel of the Stars Kokabiel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel and Archangel Sandalphon.

Mystical Goddesses and Ascended Masters associated with the Crown Chakra are: Lord Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin the Magician, St. Germain and Mystical Egyptian Goddesses Ma’at and Isis.

Angels associated with the Root or Basic Chakra are: Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raguel and Element Angel of the Earth Yabbashael.

The Ascended Master and Mystical Goddess associated with the Root or Basic Charka are Ganehsa and Tara.

How would you use Red Aura Amethyst? There are no limitations to the ways you can utilize and integrate the energy vibration offered by this amazing crystal.  More specifically, hold it during your meditation or place it on your Altar with your other crystals. You can focus your physical eyes upon it during meditation as you also focus on your breathing.

The subtle yet powerful combination of Red Iron Oxide and Amethyst radiates a high energetic vibration that can, if you are open to its healing effects, assist you in balancing and integrating your Spiritual energy body with your physical energy body.

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