3 Things I Love About Your Dreams

Hello beloved child of light,

Thought you might like to know that I’ve noticed that sometimes you doubt that your dreams are ever going to come true for you.

Maybe some parts of your dream of helping others has started to show up for you in small, almost so tiny that you may have overlooked them.

What I love about your dreams beloved one is that you yearn to fulfill your purpose and to live a live that pleases you in all ways.

What I love about your dreams beloved one is the determination seemingly against all odds, the naysayers and even the ugly things you say to yourself about where you are and still you hold your dream of making a difference deep within your heart.

What I love about your dreams beloved one is the smile on your face when you see the light beginning to get brighter and brighter with each step you take on your path to fulling your desire of a life without struggle.

You see, we, all of us, see you. We love you just the way you are right now and all the missteps you took to get here. Yes, there are many bruises, scraps and scars and yet, here you are because your dream is so much a part of who you are. It is what you came here to do in only the way that you can.

We, all of us, love you. We, all of us, support you.

We, all of us, have so much more to share with you.

It’s not always easy to hear or see us but we are always by your side each step of the way, each and every day without exception, without fail we are always with you.

Just thought you’d like to know we, all of us, are keeping a watchful eye on you.

Know you are loved beyond measure.  

We are complete beloved one.

With love and gratitude,

Melchizedek, Angel Prince of Peace



PS … Earlier this morning I ‘asked’ what the Angels wanted me to do today. At first I thought it was ego-chitter chatter … yup, mine tried to get in the way. It does that sometimes.

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[Angels] Your unlimited potential and the possibility of creating miracles

Just think of what it could mean for you, your dreams and your family if you were really tapped into the kind of Angel Energy that helps you create space for Miracles in your life …

… wouldn’t that be amazing? If you answered anything except “YES” then this probably isn’t for you.

“This” is an online class all about Angels and their 3 Sacred Angel Realms, the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise.

We haven’t really “talked” about the Heaven of Paradise yet so let’s do that now.

The Heaven of Paradise is the 3rd Realm of Angels who have the highest vibration of all other Realms of Angels. There is only love and a sense of Oneness in this Mystical Angel Realm.

Don’t know about you but … being able to tap into and connect with energy that is pure love means you would be in alignment with your goals and dreams and able to fulfill your purpose easily and effortlessly.

When you are in complete and total alignment mentally, emotionally, energetically and Spiritually, there is NO ROOM for fear or doubt AND this is “where” miracles happen!

This also means — at least in my way of understanding — attracting and manifesting prosperity and abundance while making a difference helping others have a better life too.

Here’s the outline for this online class 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” into the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise:

Segment #1 – Heaven of Form

  • Guardian Angels
  • Archangels
  • Angel Princes

Segment #2 – Heaven of Creation

  • Angels of the Powers
  • Angels of the Virtues
  • Angels of the Dominions

Segment #3 – Heaven of Paradise

Angels of the Thrones

Angels of the Cherubim

Angels of the Seraphim

3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” into the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise (click here and join us today)

We — the Angels and I — are excited about sharing their Mystical World with you! You are joining us … aren’t you?

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



PS … Come with us “Behind the Angelic Veil” into the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise and 9 Angelic Hierarchies where Angels help you tap into mysterious and mystical treasures they have for you. Click here and register now.


What’s “Behind the Angelic Veil”

Long before I became consciously aware of connecting with Angels, I had heard about the “Veil” between the Realm of Spirit and our world of substance and matter.

So what’s really “Behind the Angelic Veil” and how can we tap into these mysterious, mystical treasures Angels have for us?

Pulling back the “Veil between Worlds” is simpler that it may seem. It’s not always easy for us to get past so much Ego-chitter chatter like …

… this stuff seems to simple so it can’t be real

… this might work for other people but it won’t work for me

… how do I know it’s really going to work for me

… I’ve tried so many different things but they just don’t seem to work for long

In times of massive change and stressful situations, transformation can be particularly challenging. Even when we know deep down that everything is really unfolding perfectly, Ego-chitter chatter kicks up shadows of fear and doubt.

This is where knowing how to get “Behind the Angelic Veil” really helps us re-connect with Angels and feeling or sensing their amazing, loving, powerful, healing energy all around us.

I’ve “seen” first-hand what can happen in as little as 12 to 24 hours when my clients and friends call on Angels to help them with things like …

… Divine Intervention in court cases

… landing a desperately needed job

… healing relationships with family and friends

… getting confirmation that could only be from Angels

… acting as protectors and shields against negativity

… removing obstacles in ways that defy logic


This is what 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” is all about … we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at all three Angel Realms or the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise.

But that’s not all, we will also explore 9 Angelic Hierarchies giving you insight into what’s “Behind the Angelic Veil.”

You’ll learn what each Angelic Hierarchy has to offer you and how Angels can help you with your Spiritual Path.

Join us for this very special, one-of-a-kind online class today 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil (click here to register now)

The 3 Sacred Angels Realms or Heavens are:

#1 – Heaven of Form where Guardian Angels, Archangels and Angel Princes call “Home”

#2 – Heaven of Creation where Angels of the Powers, Virtues and Dominions reside

… and …

#3 – Heaven of Paradise, which is “Home” for Angels of the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim, the Angels with the highest vibration of all Angels.

3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil”

(click on the link and register today)

“See” you in class.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



PS … In 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” w3e’ll be exploring 3 Sacred Angel Realms, the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise AND 9 Angelic Hierarchies shedding light and giving you insights into the Mystical World of Angels. Click here now and claim your “virtual” seat.


the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies are …


A few days ago, we “talked” about the 3 Mystical Angel Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise and the gifts Angels have for us, to help us along our Spiritual Paths to living our purpose with prosperity and abundance.

Today we’ll be exploring the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies which are:

#1 – Guardian Angels: These amazing Angels accept us as an assignment and stay with us our entire lifetime. Sometimes, the same Guardian Angels choose to accompany you each time you incarnate into physical form.

Guardian Angels have a little more latitude or freedom in the way they are allowed to help, guide and protect us … but we still have to “ask” for their help.

#2 – Archangels: Are messengers for or from Divine Source and have a higher vibration than Guardian Angels.

Archangels have been gifted with the ability to transform dense, leaden Earth energy through Spiritual Alchemy, a metaphysical process of removing mental and emotional energy blocks.

#3 – Angel Princes: These Angels are protectors, helpers and guides for humankind. They represent the collective unconscious and Spirit of Humanity.

Angel Princes attempt to guide decision makers with Universal Laws, compassion, truth, unconditional love and Divine Right Action.

Remember … we must “ask” Angels to help us. They are not allowed to intervene in our lives unless we are in great danger and it isn’t our time to transition from this life to the Other Side.

The 3rd in this series about the Mystical World of Angels is about the gifts Angels of the Powers offer us …

“Talk” with you in a few days!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


The 3 Mystical Angel Heavens are…

At the end of 2013, my beloved Angels tasked me with telling their story … a journey that required me to take many Leaps of Faith and raise my inner vibration in ways that were beyond my level of understanding at the time.

At first there was quite a bit of resistance because there was very little information on these Mystical Angel Heavens or the 9 Angelic Hierarchies. This journey demanded and required that I tap into Angel Energy at higher and deeper levels than I knew were possible.

Angel energy is unlike any other anywhere. It is …

… loving and can become all-consuming in a very positive, uplifting way

… subtle, strong, formidable and unmistakable

… protective, healing, forgiving, transformational

Angels …

… guide us through messages, signs and symbols

… heal our bodies, minds and emotions with compassion, unconditional love and complete acceptance of who we are and where we are along our Spiritual Path

… teach us how to open our hearts through forgiveness and self-love

… help us speak our truth, expressing ourselves with compassion and humility

… assist us with manifesting our heart’s desires and live our purpose with prosperity and abundance

The 3 Mystical Angel Heavens are:

#1 – Heaven of Form: Angels in this Heaven gift us with the ability to transcend the ordinary, everyday issues that seem to consume most of our waking moments.

Being able to rise above obstacles, fear and doubt, mental and emotional chaos, is necessary in raising our inner-vibration enabling us to connect with Angels for guidance and messages.

#2 – Heaven of Creation: Angels in this Heaven helps us with the most important relationship of all … the relationship we have with ourselves.

Relationships are simple and complicated all in the same moment. When we can truly be at peace with who we are and what we came here to do, the path, that magical and somewhat elusive path to fulfilling our purpose begins to reveal itself in ways you simply cannot imagine … yet.

#3 – Heaven of Paradise: Angles in this Heaven step beyond everything we have ever known, believed and trusted to be truth. These Angels encourage us to surrender all illusion, enabling us to experience complete and utter Oneness with ourselves, Angels and Divine Source.

Angels are everywhere in every moment of every day.

Angels are always by your side, clearing your path, healing your heart and taking you by the hand to gently guide and encourage you each step of the way.

In the next email, we’ll explore the first 3 Angelic Hierarchies which are … to be continued so be sure to watch your in-box.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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[72 hours only!] Calling All Earth Angels

Hello Earth Angel,

Angels are Sentient Beings of Love and Light projecting and radiating subtle, yet powerful, loving, healing energy.

There are …

… 3 Mystical Angel Heavens

… 9 Sacred Angel Hierarchies

— AND —

… 45 Angels who are ready and waiting to take you by-the-hand for a rare glimpse “Behind the Angelic Veil” to unlock the mystical world of Angels.

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… 3 Mystical Angel Heavens

*the Heaven of Form

*the Heave of Creation

*the Heaven of Paradise

… 9 Sacred Angel Realms

*Guardian Angels


*Angel Princes

*Angels of the Powers

*Angels of the Virtues

*Angels of the Dominions

*Angels of the Thrones

*Angels of the Cherubim

*Angels of the Seraphim

… 45 Angels who take you by-the-hand for a rare glimpse “Behind the Angelic Veil” into their Magical, Mystical World.

Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies (FREE eBook 72 hours only!)

Sometimes we need to heal issues that aren’t even ours but we believe they are truth because we’ve heard “it” repeated it to ourselves, and acted as if “it” were true.

Discover the strength and the power of accessing and tapping into Divine Guidance and Knowledge anytime you wish when you unlock the Mystery of Angels.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.