[1 0f 2] Angels of the Sacred Realms

If you have ever done any research on Angels, you’ll find there is not very much information, unless of course, you research the most known and popular Angels.

And there is even less detailed information on or about the nine Angelic Realms.

Today, I’d like to pull back the veil — just a little — on these Angelic Realms, giving you a glimpse of what is waiting for you …

There are three Angelic Hierarchies and nine Angelic Realms … neither is more important than the other. They are, however, at different levels of vibration. Let’s begin with the Hierarchy closest to us in vibration …

*The Heaven of Form

Angels in this Hierarchy are the closest to humankind, offering personal assistance and the gift of transcendence to higher levels of energy along your Spiritual Path. Within the Heaven of Form are …

… Guardian Angels who guide us towards or away from people or situations that may do us harm; assist us with Spiritual Growth and retaining lessons learned during our life-time

… Archangels are messengers of Divine Presence; work with subtle energies, guiding, assisting, answers prayers and opening doors to limitless opportunities

… Angel Princes are the protectors of Religions and the Guardians of Nations; represent the collective spirit or collective unconscious of humanity

*The Heaven of Creation

Angels in this Hierarchy are here to help us with unconditional love and understanding; relationships with ourselves and with others around us. Within the Heaven of Creation are …

… Powers are reflections of peace, harmony, serenity and balance; help us transform emotional turmoil creating a sense of peaceful contentment

… Virtues remind us of the possibility of miracles, transforming our thoughts into physical form; help us understand how to surrender into trust and faith

… Dominions gift us with grace enabling us to see past surface appearances; assist us in releasing the past, creating space for manifesting our deepest desires

*The Heaven of Paradise

Angels in this Hierarchy are closest to Divine Presence. There is no EGO … there is only Unconditional Love and Source Light. Within the Heaven of Paradise are …

… Thrones are pure thought, transforming thought into matter in the physical realm; aide humankind with being in the moment

… Cherubim are all-seeing and all-knowing; help us to receive wisdom and knowledge; assist us in knowing all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time in accordance with our dreams

… Seraphim the highest and most radiant of all Angels; help us deepen our connection with Divine Source

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Angels of the Sacred Realms

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.