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You and A.N.G.E.L.S. – A is for …

Hello beautiful Soul,

When you are in alignment, things happen with the speed of Angels Wings!

That’s something most people ‘discover’ quite by accident because being in alignment is elusive and hard to feel. It’s also what trips so many up even though they REALLY want to connect with their Angels in ways that work for them …

So many people struggle with the ability to connect to Angels to get the guidance, messages and answers to pressing questions they want and need to help make sense of what’s happening in their life, business or career.

It’s EASY to say ‘be in alignment’ BUT how do you do that when there are sooooo many demands on your time and energy not to mention all the distractions that are part of everyday life.

That’s just one of the things we’ll be talking about during the live webinar The Art of Connecting to Angels

There’s more to connecting with Angels and ‘asking’ for help being in alignment with what you want to have, experience and achieve.

Nowadays it can seem like it gets more and more complicated to even find the time to meditate, quieting the mind so you can listen and hear what your Angels have to share with you.

You can literally be tuned-in, tapping into Angels and being in alignment no matter where you are or what you are doing … BUT it takes practice, focus and absolutely letting go of anything and everything that does not serve you, your path or your purpose.

Any thought or feeling of fear and doubt tanks any trace of alignment within a nano-second. My clients and students have experienced it countless times.

All it takes is a moment and you could literally find yourself, thoughts and emotions flying down some-deep-dark-pit into negativity.

It can take 3 or 4 times longer to get back to a higher-vibration mentally and emotionally than it took to get sucked-in by the conscious mind Ego-chitter chatter.

That may feel harsh to be so open about ‘alignment’ but there it is.

Angels can help you be in alignment more often and for longer periods of time. Being in alignment is everything ….

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy and actions … all lined-up one with the other in the pursuit of discovering your purpose, following your path growing your business, attracting the right clients and customers and relationships …

To learn more about how A.N.G.E.L.S. can help you be in Alignment with your dreams, goals, path and your purpose, join us on Thursday, June 22nd.

The Art of Connecting to Angels [ tap here to register now]

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[Angels of Manifestation and Prosperity] for only $11?

The truth is, until we are able to have a clearer way of how to breakthrough …

… negative beliefs about money

… feeling truly worthy of manifesting prosperity

… self-sabotaging thoughts and self-doubt

… to connect with your prosperity Angel Guides

We’ll continue to struggle trying to figure out how to conquer Ego-chitter chatter and fear and doubt so we can balance our energy and let go of the past.

There are of course 2 options:

#1 – continue to repeat cycles of self-sabotage and feeling unworthy or un-deserving to receive what your heart craves to have, be and do

— OR —

#2 – discover which 6 Angels are a part of this Manifest with Angels Self-Study Course, where you’ll learn exactly how they will help you remove negative money energy blocks so you can manifest more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t for only $11.

Manifest with Angels

Another truth is … many of us already know HOW to manifest and connect with a handful of Angels to help us with healing, forgiveness and protection.

It’s also true that my life and work are very blessed to be connected to and work with Angels every day.

This is one way to help you get faster results in less time.

So you can spend a lot of time and energy figuring all of this out on your own …

… or you can get this 3 Module Manifest with Angels Self-Study Course right now for 75% off!

Manifest with Angels

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[Flash Sale] Manifest with Angels


Are you frustrated by the lack of in-depth, step-by-step information about how Angels can help you manifest more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t?

I was too, which is why I was guided to create a special 3 Module Manifest with Angels Self-Study Course

*Module One: 4 Step System to Manifesting More Money: Even if You Are Working for Someone Else OR Running Your Own Business!

*Module Two: Three Simple Steps to Remove Negative Money Energy Blocks: Conquer Fear and Doubt, Balance Your Energy and Let Go of the Past Forever

*Module Three: Three Secrets to Connecting with Your Angels: How to Ask and Receive Divine Guidance and Messages You Easily Understand and Recognize

Get life-time access now

Manifest with Angels

Normally this 3 Module Self-Study Course is $47, but for a very limited time you can get all 3 Modules for just $11.

That’s a savings of over 75%!

No hidden agenda.

… I want you to have this Manifest with Angels Self-Study Course because even if you don’t think you need a complete step-by-step manifestation system today, believe me you’ll wish you took me up on this special offer.

The more we are able to conquer fear and doubt and balance our energy, the easier it is to manifest prosperity and abundance which helps us fulfill our purpose of making a difference.

So please take advantage before the price goes up to the regular price of $47.

Manifest with Angels

… you’ll be glad you did.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Your Personal Financial Abundance Angel Team


Would you like to have 3 Financial Abundance Angels at your beck and call 24/7? It’s amazing to have your very own Team of Financial Advisers.

Did you even know you could have a Special Team of Angels to help you weave through fear and doubt with grace and ease AND help you make decisions — the right and perfect decisions — for you and your business or career?

I do and you can too! Now, before you start thinking or feeling like that’s great for someone else but not for you … think again! And here’s why…

YOU are special enough and your Angel Team is waiting to connect with YOU!

What else can they do for you besides help you make the right and perfect decisions for you and your business or career?

I’m so glad you asked, here are 3 ways they can help you …

#1 – Create Your Prosperity Funnel

#2 – Erase your negative money story and Re-Write a NEW Prosperity Vision

#3 – Banish Fear Forever, Unlock Your Divine Birthright of Prosperity and Abundance

My pre-Holiday offer for a Complimentary Prosperity Breakthrough Session absolutely ends today so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment or until next time … why?

If nothing else, you’ll get a really clear picture of what’s stopping you, and literally blocking your natural flow and holding your prosperity hostage.

So take a really deep breath … 3 if you feel the need click here to get your complimentary — no cost to you — Prosperity and Abundance Breakthrough Session with me — and claim one of the remaining spots.

Just so you know when we — my Angels and I — accept individual clients, my “hourly rate” comes to $650 per hour.

And these Breakthrough Sessions are normally $497 – but, I’m waving this fee for a short time.

These complimentary sessions always go really quick, click here now, so you don’t miss out, or give me a quick call at 915-203-2531 to schedule your session today.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[Prosperity] Material Abundance


What do these words Material Abundance mean to you?

What kind of Material Abundance do you want — be honest with yourself — to have and experience in your life, maybe to share with your family, friends or loved ones?

Here are three reasons you may not be attracting and manifesting what you want …

#1 – The negative thoughts and feelings you grew up with.

True, you’re grown now and have been on your own for a while. Maybe you’re doing better than you thought but still want to be able to do more. More than likely, you have been working on healing and letting go of the past. But here’s the thing, until you get to the root “cause or story and really heal how it made you feel, you’re going to keep right on hearing that little voice — Ego-chitter chatter — reminding you of everything that went wrong, never turned out right, all the things you tried and never worked AND everything you ever felt or heard growing up.

As an example: during the past few months I’ve been hearing my Dad say things like — if we didn’t sell the house we wouldn’t be able to go on the cruise —  In the very next breath he says, should we bring Terrie Marie up to date about Sophia?

It turns out they bought a new car. They went in about something not being right about the car they had. Turns out everything was fine, no re-call issues.  They decided to trade in the one they had for a new car.

Here’s the point: no matter what they have — and they worked really hard saving money for many years — my Dad acts like they don’t have any money or they have very little.

The reason I’m sharing this very private moment with you is because it got me to thinking about my own negative money story…. How was it still be affecting my own material abundance?

Hey, nearly everyone has experienced hard times, maybe you’re facing hard times right now.  It’s Okay … not a great place to be but it’s what you do about it that matters.

#2 – Not feeling worthy or deserving of Material Abundance …

So many of us grew up with negative messages about self-worth, actions that just seemed to prove the point over and over that we simply weren’t’ good enough, that we had better get good grades, buckle-down and get serious about or future or we’d end up with nothing to show for our lives.

I heard messages like these …

*get a good job, stay with it till you can retire then maybe you can pursue your dreams

*save for a rainy day or you’ll be sorry, it will always come when you least expect it so you’d better be ready

*you have to struggle, work really hard and sacrifice your dreams to make a living

So instead of following my purpose from a young age, I felt obligated to follow the same path my parents and their parents did before them. Yuk! So much wasted time and energy!

#3 – This reason can and often is a real challenge for so many men and women who want to help others, to make a difference in the world.

They feel they can’t be Spiritual and financially prosperous or even want Material Abundance, or at least not too much because they don’t want to be labeled greedy or selfish.

This is something I tell my high-end clients, Manifest Prosperity and Six-Figure Goddess Apprentice students — if you’re worried about how to pay the bills or where your next client is going to come from, what do you think that does to your inner-vibration, your Spiritual energy?

When you have plenty, you get to help more people. you get to make the kind of difference you feel pulling at you from deep within your heart.

A very long time ago, healers were supported and taken care of by their village or community. That’s no longer the way things work, we must take care of ourselves so we can fulfill our purpose, making a difference.

How do you really get to the bottom of all this and turn things around from the inside out? You have to go within, be really open and completely honest with yourself and take full responsibility for where you are right now and why you aren’t where you want to be.

One of the simplest ways to start changing your point of attraction and the way you think and feel from the inside out is to start a daily gratitude journal.

There’s so much more to changing and transforming from the inside out. If you will do this — practice daily gratitude — and be willing to dig deep below the surface, you’re already doing more than most people ever do!

You have nothing to lose except for the negative money story that has been blocking you and holding you hostage all these years.

It’s up to you, what do you want to do?

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Angel Lady Terrie Marie Has Moved!

We’ve moved! come visit Angel Lady Terrie Marie  in her new home!

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AA Raphae 1Al


Step into the Magic





Many years ago when I first started this journey of sharing how to connect with Angels in a way that makes sense to others, I was still in the Spiritual closet and quite frankly, that’s exactly where I wanted to stay!

I wanted to stay behind the scenes, in the comfort of the box I placed around me. There was so much resistance because I really didn’t want anyone to point fingers or say things behind my back like — who does she think she is? — or — she’ll never make it with all that hokey Spiritual stuff!

The thing about connecting with your Angel Guides is that once you take that first step into accepting their guidance or clearing energy blocks so that you can connect the way you want to, everything, and I do mean everything changes!

Stepping out of the box and into the magic of you is really all about having the courage to step out of the confining comfort zone you’ve managed to create for yourself all these years.

The thing is, the longer someone stays in the box that defines by limitation, lack and delay the more miserable, frustrated they become. I know, I’ve been there and totally hated it!

The hardest part is taking a deep breath and making a decision to stop putting yourself last behind everyone and everything else.

When is it your turn to shine? When is it Okay for you to start pursuing your dreams … the dreams that live deep within your Heart Center?

Standing outside the box, there’s so much more freedom. There’s a sense of wondering how to face the fear of unknown because, let’s be very transparent here … no of us have really been taught that it’s Okay or even accepted for us to really explore and develop our intuitive gifts and skills.

So how do you step out of the box and into the magic of who you truly are? The very first step is to make a decision. Actually the first step is to figure out what you want … it could be as simple as to take a class or workshop.

The next step is to make a decision that no matter what you’re going to start busting through the walls that have kept you locked in all this time!

There are only a few days left before the doors close and you’ll have to wait another 11 months to join me and like-minded men and women who want nothing more than to live their dreams with more prosperity and financial freedom, helping others.


Dare to Be different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


P.S. Won’t you join me for Manifesting More Prosperity with Your Angel Guides while there’s still time? Click here to sign-up while you can. All kidding aside, this is what I’ve been guided to do … offer this 90-Group Mentoring Program only once a year. That means the next we’ll be opening registration for this life-altering program is June 2015!


Angels of Prosperity and Abundance


Do you know someone who is trying to create space for consistent and constant prosperity and abundance to flow into their lives from a place of lack?

Lack shows up in many forms … doubt, fear, confusion, chaos, dis-trust, fear of the unknown just to name a few.

Angels of Prosperity and Abundance transform lack energy into feelings of being valued, empowerment, being and feeling appreciated and self-love.

If you ask “what self-love” has to do with prosperity and abundance, then think about it for a moment.

Think about someone you might know and how they feel about themselves. Do they feel worthy or deserving of having what they really want to have in their life?

If the answer is no, it will be more difficult to attract prosperity and abundance or to keep it once it has manifested.

These Angels bring with them the vision of having all you desire in your life AND are the catalyst for change from the inside out, manifesting dreams into tangible physical reality!

Prosperity and Abundance Angels are waiting for you … click here to meet them!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Angels raise your inner wealth frequency, clearing and removing blocked or stagnant energy! Click here to meet Angels of Prosperity and Abundance.

PPS… for a limited time enjoy 30% savings on ALL Angels in the Gallery of Angels!

About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., is an Internationally Acclaimed Angel Coach and Mentor who works with Executives, Entrepreneurs and Coaches connect with their Angels to raise their inner wealth frequency accelerating their 6-figure income.

“I am in awe of Terrie Marie’s level of knowledge and expertise in the realm of Angels – she is truly a subject matter expert.  Terrie Marie is artful and skilled as she delivers the real time messages she receives from a seemingly endless cadre of Angels.  Receiving support, guidance and unconditional love from my Angel Dream Team is absolutely priceless.  My spiritual Executive Board of Directors in my own board room – now that’s the ultimate C-Suite! Dana O, Director of Human Resources; Honolulu, Hawaii”

Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit  Contact Terrie Marie by email at

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