Angels – Freshly baked from our “Angelic Oven”

Hello beautiful Soul,

A few days ago, July 4th, we published our newest Angel book — Sacred Angel Realms Coloring Journal — maybe you saw it in our Angel Savvy newsletter.

It hit Amazon’s Best-Seller list in 6+ hours! How amazing is that?

In October 2015, we — my beloved Angels and I — started creating their images for a new deck of Angel cards. Mid-April arrives with new guidance … create a coloring journal.

Mind you, the Angel card designs were 75% complete and here was new guidance … okay, lots of deep breaths … switch gears … research about coloring journals …more deep breaths …

Here we are 2.5 months later and the Angels coloring journal has been published on Amazon!

When you are in alignment, things happen with the speed of Angel Wings.

Here’s what Julia has to share with you about her experience with this special, Angel coloring journal …

“This coloring journal goes so far beyond any other adult coloring book. This is actually a doorway to the angelic realms that provides the means to connect with your angel guides, with their energy, their healing light and to hear their messages meant just for you.

As I colored in Terrie Marie’s original drawings I immediately felt the enveloping love of the angel and “saw” the colors to lay down.

The angel messages on the page inspired me to go deeper and to receive messages that were meant just for me. The space to write notes on the page allowed me to record my personal message as they were coming through so I didn’t forget anything.

I love this coloring and I highly recommended it.”

Julia Neiman; Young Entrepreneurs Coach; Los Angeles, California


Sacred Angel Realms Coloring Journal is the perfect coloring journal for connecting with Angels.

(now available on Amazon)

*47 Individually, hand-drawn, beautiful original Angel Images to color

*47 Angel Messages help you connect with their compassionate, healing, supportive energy filled with unconditional love for you

*47 Journal pages to record your thoughts and any personal messages you receive as you connect with Angels

Reach into your subconscious mind and manifest through the power of color what you “see” and “feel” when you tap into Angel Energy.

Sacred Angel Realms Coloring Journal

(now an Amazon Best-Seller)

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



PS …  “I received one of the First copies available this weekend and I have to say this is one of the most beautiful coloring journals I have ever seen.

Not only does it give you a magnificent way of meditating thru creation, but also gives you key elements for your daily enlightenment.

You learn to be free of negative thoughts, to release bad energies that otherwise would keep you stuck in a present you do not want nor it is meant to be yours.

This journal helps you color your life the way you want it. It’s simply incredible!”

Moises Benaim; Marketing Consultant, Venezuela (click here to order your Angel Coloring Journal today)


Nathaniel Angel Prince of Fire and Purification

Fire is the most powerful elements of transformation and purification.

Nathaniel is the Angel who is ready to guide us through the process of turning fear and doubt into smoke and ash … clearing the way for healing and moving forward with our lives.

One of the ways to connect with Angel Nathaniel is to write out by hand, what you are feeling or experiencing and then burn what you’ve written.

Writing something that you want to release or bring in to your reality is an incredibly powerful Angelic healing therapy.

We have to “get things off our chest” and out of our Throat Chakra or we’ll start to choke on all the “rubbish” we’re stuffing and swallowing.

Everything we “hold on to” lowers our inner and outer-vibration, causing lack and delay … and … blocks our connection to Nathaniel and other Angels.

Getting back to Angel Nathaniel … is energy is so intense, it literally has the capacity to burn off negative thoughts and emotions.

The colors red and orange are symbolic of fire and flame … grounding, clearing, purification, passion, protection and even prosperity.

Think about it … when we call-in Nathaniel to purify our thoughts of lack and limitation, we are clearing space for unlimited potential.

… are their Angels you want to know more about or get confirmation that what you’ve been receiving is spot on?

When you say “yes” to Angels of the Sacred Realms … click here to say “YES” to enroll now … you’ll be able to request specific Angels that, we as a community, will focus on for thirty-days!

Imagine being able to ask AND get in-depth on Angels there is little-to-no-information online or offline … channeled messages from Angels you’ve just heard about and want to know more … this is exactly why I’ve been guided to create Angels of the Sacred Realms!

I have several Angel Encyclopedia’s and most Angels have one line which lists their name and very little else — like nothing — about what their purpose or specialty is.

Join us for Angels of the Sacred Realms today.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.