You. Your Voice. Message. Experience.

Hello beautiful Soul,

What is it you came here to help others do? Seriously … what is it you are doing and want to be doing more of … you know fulfilling your Life Purpose even more if you could just figure out how to get in front of more people.

Maybe you or someone you know is:

*Life Coach or Spiritual Mentor

*Akashic Records Reader or Teach others

*Naturopathy for Animals or Naturopathic Practitioner

*Aromatherapy. Feng Shui Consultant, Yoga Instructor

*Graphic Design, Web-Developer, Sales Funnel Expert

*Publishing for Amazon or Kindle

Those are just a few of the categories that are part of the Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory …

15 minutes could change your life and your business!

That’s all it takes, 15 minutes to create a listing for your business or service.

Here’s a super short video of what the directory looks like.


We’re already growing — Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory of Healers, Readers, Spiritual Leaders, Empaths and Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Practitioners — maybe you or someone you know really needs to get their specialty out into the world but haven’t quite figured out how to do that … there are so many steps, processes and … well, you get the idea …

This is exactly WHY the Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory has been created … to create an online platform for everyone who chooses to join us so that they are in front of more of their ideal clients and customers.

Early Bird Special of only $27 for the first 12 months … that’s less than $2.25 (US) a month! Early Bird Special ENDS November 30th and the listing fee goes up to $47, December 1st.

YOU, your gifts, expertise, energy and your message needs to get out there more than ever before especially with what’s happening around our world these days.

Have questions? Let’s get you on my calendar for a 15-minute consult with me. I’ll happily answer all your questions so you can make the right and perfect choice for you and your services. (tap here to get on my calendar)

We’d love to have you be a part of our Living Spirit & Wellness Global Directory, expand your current horizons so that you can fulfill your purpose of making a difference  … it’s the reason you are here now in this place and time … to make a HUGE difference in the lives of others and by getting on front of potentially tens of thousands who are looking for you or someone you know.

It’s time beautiful Soul it really is … you and your Gifts of Transformation matter now more ever before.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Diamond and Sapphire Version 2.0

StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Discover and Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose Expressing Your Authentic Self 

Open Enrollment Dates August 8th – September 30, 2012

Hello Bright Light!

Diamond and Sapphire Programs Version 2.0 are filled with updated information, a brand new exclusive FaceBook group just for students so you can connect with each other, post questions and experiences as you move through each of the steps.

Open Enrollment is your opportunity to dig deeper, expanding your current sense of understanding, really raising your energy vibration so you can connect with Angels, Divine Source and tap into your innate Intuitive and Psychic Skills and Abilities.

Every step of the way Angels are with you, encouraging you, guiding you, helping you and protecting you. There is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. You can have everything you want and so much less of what you do not want.

I really want to help you along your path for you. Come work with me and invite Angels into your life in a very big way and personal! To download your confidential Application click here. Once you have filled it out, send it directly to me at

Here is the link to a recording I made to share with you about the 6 Energy Portals and what gets to happen for you every step of the way.

When you open your heart and your mind to stepping into the light and into all that you truly are in the eyes of your Angels, your life begins to unfold in amazing ways … the energy that flows into, within and around you is higher, you radiate more light, your overall well-being, health, prosperity, relationships … every aspect of your life is so much better than you imagine it could ever be!

Student Spotlight:  “Terrie Marie, Portal Two which is all about Deepening My Connection with Divine Source really helped me heal and release the past freeing me to be me. The Remember Who You Are Meditation exercise is amazing because it helped me re-discover a deeper sense of Faith. The part about forgiveness is the biggest challenge and the most rewarding and it helped me so much. The Forgiveness Letter Template helped me move past things I had forgotten were still affecting at very deep levels because I had stuffed my feelings so I would forget how much things and people had hurt me. The Soul Restoration Meditation is hard to describe because it affects you in ways that is hard to put into words. I love the Audio recordings and listen to them often.” Heather Gentzler; East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Because I work with each one of my students one-on-one, there are only 6 spots open for the rest of 2012.

To get your Application, click on the link below, download it and answer all the questions so you see exactly where you are now and where you can be. Be willing to step out of the shadows and into the light with total acceptance, support and unconditional love.

Send your completed Application directly to me at

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS… I can’t wait to start supporting you along your path because your life will never be the same! How scary and exciting is that!?!?! Here’s what happens for you …. knowing, trusting and having faith that you are whole, complete and perfect, clearing mental, emotional and Spiritual energy clutter. Angels are a part of your life in a whole new way AND you get to discover and explore your true self in a safe and loving environment.

PPS… If you know you want to work with me but you aren’t sure if the Academy is the right thing for you, send an email directly to me at and we will schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session by phone or Skype.

For you convenience, here is the link for your Application.

(Application — )

Link for the Recording —


Angels and Your Purpose

StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Discover and Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose Expressing Your Authentic Self

Hello Bright Light!

It is said that a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. This journey of self-discovery of who I am and what I came here to do started when I was a very young. For many, many years it felt like I didn’t really “fit” anywhere.

There were many distractions along the way, many lessons learned the hard way. There were also many blessings with each step bringing me closer to recognizing and accepting my true self, my Authentic Self.

When I first started to accept who I am, there was doubt, fear and uncertainty.  It became clear that the only choice for me was to continue moving forward embracing my uniqueness, the gift of being able to connect and communicate with Angels.

I took a very deep breathe saying “Yes” and in 2005 I stopped trying to be like others and stepped out of the shadows and into the Light. There was no looking back, there was no stopping, no standing still. There was only moving forward one step-at-a-time.

This is the power of replacing doubt, confusion and fear with being in alignment. Being in Alignment is choosing to make decisions that come from a deep knowing … even when it doesn’t seem possible, practical and certainly not convenient … even so, this deep sense of knowing pulls you forward out of darkness and shadow and into the light filled with possibilities. It is not possible to hold within you two opposite feelings at the same time. When you decide to be in alignment you replace doubt, chaos and confusion with power, clarity and with unlimited possibility.

You have the power within to balance, integrate and align all that you are with all that you came here to do when you eliminate uncertainty and embrace change.

There is within you the Spark of Divinity and it is waiting for you to recognize yourself and the truth of who you are. You have been graced with wisdom, compassion, integrity, unconditional love and authentic power. As you discover and embrace all that you are, you empower your Inner-Spirit to unlock the energy, knowledge, confidence and ability to bring your gifts to the world, in a very big way!

The results are heightened awareness, becoming comfortable in your skin, accessing and developing your unique gifts, significantly increased inner balance and harmony, greater self-worth, self-acceptance, financial prosperity and abundance, empowerment, exciting opportunities and fulfilling relationships.

Testimonial: “I have just completed Energy Portal One with Terrie Marie. The focus was on self-realization and self-acceptance. The one-on-one session allowed not only for individual focus but for the realistic practice and real-life comparison. The private session with Terrie Marie not only guides you to do your own realization of your areas of vulnerability it helps you plant the seeds on how to begin healing and strengthening your own identified areas of weakness. It empowers you to move forward in all areas, physically, emotionally and Spiritually. I can hardly wait for Portal Two! Cindy Williams; El Paso, Texas”

There are many doorways or Energy Portals both behind you and in front of you. Each time you move through one Energy Portal to another your energy vibration changes, vibrating at higher levels than ever before.

This is what I want for you …

*Taking your life as you know it to the next level with unconditional support

*Become Spiritually and consciously aware of who you truly are accepting your truth with confidence and certainty.

Accept You and Your Truth

Invoke Archangel Michael for Protection

Gain Clarity about Your Life’s Purpose

Become Comfortable in Your Skin

*Heal your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies, your Aura and Ethereal Energy fields as you deepen your connection with Divine Source

Remember Who You Are

Become a Clear and Perfect Channel for Love and Light

Deepen Your Connection with Divine Source

Activate Your Crown Chakra

*Discover, develop, expand and tap into your Intuitive Gifts giving you unlimited access to Divine Source and a deeper understanding of energy and how it works with you and for you

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

Crystal Healing and Aura Gazing

Clairvoyance – Gift of Seeing beyond the Physical

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

*Access Angel Energy trusting information, messages and guidance you receive connecting and communicating directly with Angels

*Evolve to higher levels of vibration reaching through and bridging the gap between the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit

Connect with and Access Angel energy

Ascended Masters and Animal Medicine

Burning Bowl Ceremony

Mystical Gods and Goddesses

*Your sense of knowing enables you to balance, integrate and assimilate higher vibrations of energy at will

Archangels and Your Chakra Energy Centers

Create Sacred Space for Healing and Balancing Your Chakras

Secrets of Balancing the Physical Realm of Matter and the Realm of Spirit

*Receiving certification to teach others gives you the confidence to start or expand your Spiritual Healing Practice

*Empower yourself and other like-minded Souls as you help them develop their Intuitive Gifts and fulfill their Life’s Purpose

Life Purpose Instructor Certification

Professional Code of Ethics

Accept Yourself as a WayShower, A Beacon of Light and Love

Archangel Metatron Sacred Flame Initiation Ceremony

As you reach the abyss of everything you have ever known, trust there will be stones to step upon or Angels will teach you how to fly!

Testimonial: “Hello Sweet Lady, I am truly honored to be connected to such an amazing adventure. You and your wonderful words of inspiration give me insight into myself allowing me the strength to open up to my own gift of working with my Angel guides. Your comments touch my heart when I need confidence strength or solace. It is like the Angels have guided me to you and gave me the gift of comfort knowledge and enlightenment. You have an air of purity and compassion. You reach out to others with your gentle ways and beautiful smile. Keep shingling your light sweet lady. Blessings. Imelda Delaney; Kildare, Ireland”

Here’s what’s included in your StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics Program when you decide to work with me …

*Private VIP Day Intensives

*Q & A via Email

*Done-for-You Templates and Checklists

*Angel and Archangel Guided Meditations

*Done-for-You Reference Guides

*Bonus Training Courses

*In-Depth Course Materials

*Bonus EBooks, Mantras and Invocations

*Certification and Initation

Testimonial: “Terrie Marie is the MOST Beautiful, Loving, Inspiring and Helpful person inside and out that you will ever meet and has the most loving Soul. I have been SO blessed to have Terrie Marie as a part of my Spiritual Circle! She has been so inspiring in so many ways, not only in helping one to remember how to apply methods in one’s life but new methods and steps in how to improve one’s mind set, Spiritual Path and vibrations. She teaches on so many subjects, the knowledge alone that one can acquire from her is priceless. I highly recommend her teachings and courses. The world has been blessed by her loving, supportive teachings and light. Thank You! Terrie Marie, I will forever walk in gratitude and appreciation for your loving presence and teachings. Mitzi Schwien; Ransom, Kansas”

Bonuses included with your Academy of Metaphysics Program:

Energy Portal One Bonuses

*Energy Portal One Student Manual

*Angelic White Light Protection Guided Meditation

*Meet Your Guardian Angels Guided Meditation

*Chakra Meditation: Earth Mother to Sky Father Guided Meditation

*Energy detox Checklist

*Self-Acceptance Journal Template

*Align 7 Major Chakras Training Course

Total Value of Energy Portal One Bonuses: $1,119

Energy Portal Two Bonuses

* Energy Portal Two Student Manual

*Archangel Metatron Soul Restoration Guided Meditation

*Universal Laws EBook

*Invocation of Light Mantra

*Creating Sacred Space Checklist

*Forgiveness Template

Total Value of Energy Portal Two Bonuses: $892

Energy Portal Three Bonuses

*Energy Portal Three Student Manual

*Inner-Awareness Guided Meditation

*Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Power Characteristics Reference Guide

*Aura Gazing Template

*Complimentary Color Reference Guide for Aura Gazing

*Aura Gazing Interpretation Reference Guide

*Secret Energy of Crystals Revealed Training Course

Total Value of Energy Portal Three Bonuses: $1,430)

Energy Portal Four Bonuses

*Energy Portal Four Student Manual

*Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

*Red-Violet Protection Guided Meditation

*Mystical Gods and Goddesses Reference Guide

*Ascended Masters Reference Guide

*Burning Bowl Ceremony Template

*Animal Medicine Reference Guide

*Angel Secrets Revealed Training Course

Total Value of Energy Portal Four Bonuses: $1,486

Energy Portal Five Bonuses

*Energy Portal Five Student Manual

*Creating Sacred Space for Chakra Healing and Balancing Reference Guide

*Archangel and Your Chakra Energy Centers Reference Guide

*Chakra Integration Template

*You, Your Energy and Your Prosperity Training Course

Total Value of Energy Portal Five Bonuses: $1,105

Energy Portal Six Bonuses

*Energy Portal Six Student Manual

*Instructor Certification Thesis Guidelines and Sample Thesis

*Code of Ethics Agreement Template

*Letter of Agreement for Clients Template

*Client Information and Disclaimer Template

*Case Studies Template and Blank Form

*Archangel Metatron Sacred Flame Initiation Ceremony

*Soul Essence: Visit  for detailed information on and about Soul Essence.

Total Value of Energy Portal Six Bonuses: $3,376

Diamond Level Certification Bonuses

*All Teaching Materials on CD and Hard Copy Sent Directly to You  (Value: $7,614)

*Certification to Teach from Angel lady Terrie Marie, D.M.s and StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics  (Value: Priceless)

 Total Value of Academy of Metahphysics Curriculum and Bonuses: $10,887

When you Invest in Full You’ll Receive These Additional Bonuses:

*Full-Pay Bonus #1 – Soul Restoration Breakthrough Secrets VIP Day

Value: $697

*Full-Pay Bonus #2 – Tourmaline Healing Package: 1 Angel Reading and 1 Energy Clearing, Healing and Balancing Session

Value: $297

Testimonial: “Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, Your insights have helped me in many ways. I always put your words into practice and all of your words work like connecting with the Angel when my body has become un-calm. If I connect with the Angel my body becomes calm and happy. The meditation also helps me from the morning through the day. I am more happy and safe. A lot of courage your words give to me. Thank you very much. Daniel Akyea Asamani; Ghana, West Africa”

Who this StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics Is a Fit For …

*This is for you if you are truly ready to stop hiding, stepping out of the shadows and into the light, expanding your intuitive gifts, express your Authentic Self, and access Angel Energy living the life you came here to live with grace and ease

*This is not for you if you fear the unknown more than you want to align yourself with your truth, your Inner-Spirit and Divine Source

*This is for you if you want to experience contentment and inner harmony, releasing and healing blocked and stagnant energy that has been preventing you fully stepping into the light and accepting who you are

*This is not for you if you believe that you can’t experience amazing healing, clarity, empowerment and enhanced health and well-being

*This if for you if you want to stop living a double-life of hiding in the shadows of who you are and what you came here to do

If you are accepted as one of my exclusive Academy students, you commit to stepping into and standing in your power and accepting responsibility for your results.

The choice is clear …

This is your moment! No other Metaphysics Program offers these compelling and beneficial Private Metaphysical Teachings and Spiritual Mentoring. Experience unconditional love, acceptance, support and the expertise of a Master Angel Reader and Master Healer who cares about you, your dreams and your Spiritual Path.

Which is why I am delighted to officially “open the pathway” for you to consider applying to become an Academy of Metaphysics Student!

Here’s why I recommend downloading the Academy of Metaphysics Application:

*Only 6 new Academy of Metaphysics Students are being accepted for the rest of 2012 enabling me to focus on you and your Spiritual Path

*You receive channeled messages and guidance every time you work with me from Angels, your Guardian Angels and from Divine Source

*This one-of-a-kind Metaphysical Studies and Spiritual Mentoring Program has been created with you in mind so you can discover and fulfill your Life’s Purpose with passion expressing your Authentic Self with grace and ease.

Testimonial: “I had a Discovery Session with Terrie Marie knowing what I needed to work on. As we had our session, Terrie Marie listened, asked great questions and answered with a plan. What was really inspiring at that moment was how aligned she was with what I, as the potential client needed. At the point I made the decision to sign-up I already experienced shifts and positive experiences during my day!

Working with Terrie Marie was expansive, radiant and beautiful. I could feel Terrie Marie creating a space for us together like a pure, clean, flowing stream with a rainbow over it. She is so pure, clear, and in integrity with all that she does. It is a joy and pleasure to hear her listen to her guides and Angels, and she so lovingly communicates the information. That is truly a gift. The focus was on what I needed and Terrie Marie is so well versed in ways of communicating so that I received what I needed. I can see that she can work with many types of client needs; I was only one client with a specific need.

I experienced major, life changing shifts, and I’m not just saying that! I am willing to do the work and Terrie Marie provided the space and the tools for me to create! I love that!

The investment in Myself is priceless. Terrie Marie’s services are well worth the investment and you will be amazed at how good you feel, how much you learn and how much support you receive …. from Angels too! Monica Heiz – MJ Pilates and Wellness; Forest Hills, New York”

*Applications will be numbered as they come in and will be considered in the order received.

Here are the details:

1-Download your complete application here:

2-Review the application and then submit it directly to me without delay to

It’s the only way to guarantee there is a spot for you this year. All applications will be numbered and reviewed in the order they are received.

3-Once your application has been received, we’ll schedule a private call and I will answer all of your questions and confirm if StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics is a good fit for you.

Then you can make your final decision.

So submitting your completed application is totally risk-free ((-:

Please be assured your card will not be charged until after you and I have a personal, private conversation and you make your final decision.

For your convenience, here’s the link to download your confidential Academy Application:

And if Academy of Metaphysics resonates with you even the tiniest little bit, I highly recommend you get your completed application in right away.

This way you will be first to be considered for one of 6 remaining spots available for 2012.

StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics Program is an extraordinary opportunity for you to receive one-on-one private intensives, Spiritual Mentoring and unlimited access email access. I really want to work with you … don’t miss this.

This affects all areas of your life including Quality of Life, Career and Relationships, both personal and in the work place. I want to help you discover and fulfill your Life’s Purpose with passion expressing your Authentic Self with grace and ease.

This is what I want for you. But, you must take the first step. Complete this application today, then decide to email of fax it directly to me. Trust that you don’t have to be content with the way your life is or taking baby steps. You can leap into a new level of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and contentment and fulfill your Life’s Purpose. It starts with you and it starts when you choose to be in alignment with your Authentic Self!

In support of you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS… here’s what gets to happen for you …. knowing, trusting and having faith that you are whole, complete and perfect, clearing mental, emotional and Spiritual energy clutter that has been preventing you from really moving forward to discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose with passion expressing your Authentic Self with grace and ease in a whole new way at deeper and higher levels of vibration than ever before!

Click on the link to get the download so you don’t have to wait another day, week, month or year to step out of the shadows and into the light with courage, strength and with self-confidence!

PPS … Here’s is what a few of my students are saying as they continue to experience breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives and Spiritually  …

**“The work of Terrie Marie has really helped me in both my Personal and Spiritual Paths. It has resonated with me in many ways. Often, I was thinking or working with a specific Angel or Ascended Master and soon came a teaching of Terrie Marie about him or her. It’s like we are all connected in this ascension process, and these lovely messages, with spiritual insights, are very comforting and encouraging. Peace and Love, for the New Earth. Matias D’Angelo; Buenos Aires, Argentina”

**“Terrie Marie will help guide you towards empowerment, Spiritual Growth and understanding.  Working with the Angel Lady helps me gain clarity and the validation I need to follow my path. Rebeca Liera; El Paso, Texas”

“Hello Terrie Marie, I am so glad I took a leap of faith to the Diamond Independent-Study Program with you, I am a working Mom and this is the perfect solution for me! The manual is easy to read and to understand. Everything I need is in the book. Whenever I have a question I go back to the book and the answers are there. I appreciate how quick you respond to my email, you are really there for me! Even though I have just started this amazing journey, I am already seeing and experiencing benefits just like you said I would! The first time I did the Chakra Meditation I could feel the roots in my feet and I felt a sense of relief come over each part of my body. I especially like the helpful and practical tips to help me protect myself and my family from negative energy. My husband and children already feel the energy shift in our home. During the orientation, you took the time to explain things to me and answered all my questions. I feel a sense of peace that I haven’t felt or experienced before. I am eager to learn all I can. Thank you! Heather Gentzler; Dover, Pennsylvania”

**“Working with Terrie Marie is easy; she listens to what you have to say. She supports you and helped me gain clarity for my path. I feel more confident, happy, relaxed and more at peace. I already feel my energy shift, enabling me to accept who I am more easily. I am closer to realizing my Life’s Purpose and my vibration is at a higher level! Thank you Terrie Marie! Ricardo Leal; Rio Grande City, Texas”

It would be an honor to include you in this amazing list of breakthroughs!

I really want to work with you, here’s the link to download your application


StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics January 2012 Open-Enrollment Begins Today!

Hello Bright Light!

I am so excited to be sharing with you a very special opportunity to work with me!

It is my StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics!

Each and every time you experience a mind-set shift or a shift in your energy, you cross through a doorway or energy portal.

There are five Energy Portals Plus Initiation and Certification.

The five Energy Portals are:

*Become Comfortable in Your Skin

*Becoming a Clear and Perfect Channel

*Access Your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers

*Connecting with Spirit

*The Secret of Balance

*Initiation and Certification

Each Energy Portal is a Private One-Day Intensive with me by phone, Skype or In-Person.

I share with you my personal step-by-step system how to do what I do.

Each time I work with someone one-on-one, I receive messages that are unique and personal to you from Angels and Ascended Masters.

I would really love to work with you. Attached is your application to apply for one of the six remaining spots to work with me..

The open-enrollment period begins today, January 23rd and ends at midnight January 31, 2012. After January 31st the special open-enrollment savings goes away.  Click the link below for your Application today!

This is for you if…

*you want to experience your personal breakthrough

*you are ready to begin fulfilling your Life’s Purpose with passion

*you want to discover your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers

This is not for you if…

*you would rather stay in your comfort zone

*you are not ready for inner balance or harmony in your life

*you aren’t willing to take action

This is for you if…

*you are tired of hiding from your truth

*you want to access Angel Energy with clarity and trust what you receive

*you are open to transformation in all areas of your life

I encourage you to fill-out the application even if you are not sure this if right for you or if you are unsure if you are ready.

By filling out the application, you will have a better idea about where you are and where you want to be in your life.

I would really love to work with you so fill out the application today and forward it by email directly to me at 0r fax your application to 915-626-5054.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.