Spiritual Expansion – Top Reason to Detox Your Energy

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As previously discussed, there are many reasons to cleanse and detox your energy. Among the many reasons are clearing energy blockages due to negative or lower dirty energy accumulating in your physical  body and in your Aura as well as your Ethereal energy body. Another top reason is to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good, your Higher-Self. Releasing behavioral patterns which no longer serve you is another of the many reasons to cleanse your energy.

The most important reason is to re-align you, your emotions, your thoughts, your Spirit, Aura and Ethereal energy bodies with your inner Spark of Divinity, which then re-aligns you with Divine Source Energy.

Even when you are in the best of moods or an incredibly positive “space” humans collect unwanted energy. Unwanted energy can become trapped within your physical body and in your Auric Energy Field if not cleansed.

There are many ways to detox, releasing unwanted energy from within and around you. You can ask thee Angels to clear out any unwanted, negative energy in your home, workplace and from within you. Light candles to clear the space. Use incense to clear away lower energies.

If you are unable to use incense in your workplace or office, consider placing white sage in a bowl and putting it on your desk. The white sage will absorb the negative energy around you. Remember to change it often, at least once a week. You make take it home with you and burn it to release all that is not wanted into the light for transmutation.

Cleansing your energy regularly is essential as you become more and more aware of all that is around you and within you. It isn’t that there is more ‘rubbish’ you are simply becoming consciously aware of what has always been around or within you.

As you choose which method, tool or technique works best for you, you will hopefully, begin to experience a sense of feeling lighter. You will also begin to feel free, free to express your inner light,
experiencing more harmony and joy, perhaps even a sense of peacefulness.

Bringing you and your energy into alignment also opens your pathway, your inner pathway to Divine Source Energy allowing you to flow more easily with all that is occurring within and around you. This is not the only benefit, you will be able to hear the still small voice within, receive guidance and hear your Angels’ messages more clearly.

When you are in balance, you will attract more of what you want and less of what you do not want into your life.

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Spiritual Expansion – 2nd Top Reason to Detox Your Energy

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There  are so many, many reasons to detox your energy.  One of which is to release behavioral patterns which no longer serve your highest and best good. Releasing all that no longer  serves you is a way to cleanse your inner Self of all unwanted emotions, all  hurt, pain and sorrow you hold within your physical body. All that you hold within, radiates outward into your Aura weakening your natural protection from  negative energy.

Each  and every time you choose to “stuff” your feelings you “add” to your physical body and all your energy bodies more wait. Yes, you read that correctly, more “wait”.  The more you carry around with you, the more time it takes to sort through all  the waste, all the unnecessary energy of reliving an event or experience. It  may well be that you are the only one who was involved in a situation that is  even being harmed or still harming you by carrying the extra energy within. All  this creates more “waiting” to attract, to manifest the life you truly desire.

A  sense of betrayal, having been dishonored by someone you trust or felt close to  is reason enough to detox your body and your emotions.  Forgiveness is a way of releasing unwanted  energy, unwanted behavioral problems. If you are asking how forgiveness comes into play, how could forgiving someone help you then read on.

Forgiveness  is about releasing you from exchanging the same kind of energy with someone with whom you have had an argument or disagreement. Stay with me a little  longer. Forgiving someone is not about re-engaging in the same kind of relationship with that person. It is about releasing you from continuing to be  bound to someone who most likely does not return your concern or your sense of compassion towards themselves or you.

The  main purpose of forgiveness is to hopefully break a pattern that may have, until now, been repeated throughout your life. It may even be an unconscious  pattern, one that has become a way of self-sabotage without you even being aware of it.

Another  way of detoxing your energy and releasing behavioral patterns which are no longer needed or wanted is to stop judging you and others around you. What does this
mean to you? Does this mean that you have to accept behavior that is unkind or disrespectful? Absolutely not!

Not  judging someone is saying or acting in a way that accepts someone as they are without having to judge them. Meaning, if I am having a “not so great day”  hopefully the people closest to me accept that I am having an “off day” without being critical of my less than sunny disposition. That is not to suggest that  this would give me permission to be disrespectful or to speak unkindly, breaking a confidence. It simply means that my closest friends and family  accept that I , like everyone else is in physical form and sometimes we all have an “off day” without anyone feeling they need to fix you or point what is
wrong in your life. You have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Detoxing  your energy is essential as you continue along the path before you. It is essential to expanding your sense of conscious awareness, being open to  receiving guidance from your Angels, your guides.

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