11:11 Energy Portal Update

Hello beautiful Soul,

Be mindful of the “energies” as we move through yet another significant energy portal.

A *portal* for anyone who is not quite familiar with this term and what it means … a *portal* is an opening for vast amounts of energy to pass through.

A *portal* occurs in different ways such as … 

*a month and day numerical alignment (1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 11/11)

*Equinox and Solstice

*time changes of which there are now 4 every year (US and the World change clocks at different times)

*Lion’s Gate (August 8th)

*Blue Moons

*Solar and Lunar Eclipses

*Super Moon Cycles

*Solar Flares / Solar Storms

A few Crystals to help you manage the energies …






*Black Tourmaline

*Deep Purple or Multi-Colored Fluorite

*Green Fluorite

*Dendritic Tree Agate

*Golden Healer (aka Golden Yellow Hematoid Quartz)

*Red Hematoid Quartz

*Black Opal

*Rose Quartz

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel


Which Crystals are for financial abundance?

Hello beautiful Soul,

That’s a really great question and one I hear quite a bit …. Which crystals can help me with:

  • Money
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Lucrative growing income
  • Financial abundance
  • Bring in more money to me

Here are the crystals, minerals and stones with an amazing vibe that can help you no matter where you are financially …

Malachite  (tap here to view)

Green Fluorite (tap here to view)

Blue Apatite (tap here to view)

Clear Quartz Cluster (tap here to view)

Carnelian (tap here to view)

Green Aventurine (tap here to view)

Dragon Stone Septarian (tap here to view)

Pyrite (tap here to view)

Pyrite Sun Disk  (tap here to view)

Red Quartz (tap here to view)

Here are a few ways to work with these crystal beauties, as with all things, results will vary, depending on levels of belief, practice and being to *how* your financial abundance shows up — HINT — financial abundance doesn’t always show up in expected ways so be *open* to *how* Spirit and your Guides work with and through you.

*Write out your intention in a very clear, specific way. 

Yes, you can use specific numbers and dates … be aware that the conscious mind will attempt to distract you with fear and doubt and reminders of what didn’t happen in the past.

*Meditate to still your mind, thoughts and emotions. 

Use your imagination about what you’ll use the abundance for.

*Ask for Guidance on what your next step or steps are.

Be mindful to be *open* to what you’re being given and of course follow Guidance.

*Create a Crystal Grid  for Financial Abundance.

Layout your Crystals, Minerals and Stones in a pattern, activate it and connect with it often.

*Create a Wealth Bowl 

Use tumbled stones, sage leaves, selenite sticks or kyanite blades. Remember to fold up paper currency ($1, $5 or $10 bill using your Country’s currency equivalent) and place it in the bottom of the wealth bowl.


Leap Year Reveal!

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[starts tomorrow] How to use crystals heal your Chakra’s

Hello …

More than likely you are aware that crystals can …

… accelerate the healing process

… help you focus

… clear and dissolve negativity

… help you manifest your dreams and goals

Did you also know that certain crystals can help you clear, balance and align your Chakra’s?

Here’s a sneak-peek at what you’ll learn about how to use crystals and gemstones to heal and restore the natural flow of Life-Force energy through your Chakra’s …

… after you have cleansed and charged your crystal(s), hold it in your left-hand and allow the crystals healing energy to flow through you into the Chakra you’re working on.

You’ll get a complete list of crystals and gemstones for all 7 major Chakra’s when you join us for Archangel Chakra Therapy.

This online class starts tomorrow, November 18th!

We’re getting ready to close registration for this year … that’s just 12 hours from now and it won’t be offered again for another 12 months …

Join us today … or wait till next year.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … This online class — Archangel Chakra Therapy — won’t be offered again until next year … November 2016. So if you’re thinking about “waiting” it will be another 12 months … that’s a really long time to wait. Join us now for Archangel Chakra Therapy … or wait till next year.


[12 hours more] Archangel Chakra Balancing Therapy

Registration is closing for Archangel Chakra Balancing Therapy online class … just 12 hours more and then we’re closing open enrollment. This intensive starts tomorrow.

Here’s the thing … this online class will be offered again — BUT — you’ll have to wait until November 2016.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … This online class — Archangel Chakra Therapy — won’t be offered again until next year … November 2016. So if you’re thinking about “waiting” it will be another 12 months … that’s a really long time to wait. Join us now for Archangel Chakra Therapy … or wait till next year.


What are the 7 core issues blocking prosperity and abundance

Here’s a hint  …

… fear or not having enough

… not being or feeling or deserving to have what you want

… believing that only certain people are special enough to connect with Angels

Find out how to heal core prosperity and abundance issues that are associated with your 7 major Chakra’s when you join us for Archangel Chakra Therapy.

Explore these characteristics in this online class for all 7 major Chakra’s:

#1 – Archangels to call-in

#2 – Physical Association

#3 – Energy Connection to your emotional energy body

#4 – Balance – what it is to feel and be balanced

#5 – Core issues or Primary Fears

#6 – Identify Physical Dysfunctions

#7 – List of Crystals and Gemstones

#8 – How to Activate and Re-Awaken Life-Force Energy

You’ll get your Chakra Assessment as a Bonus when you register. The Chakra Assessment is an amazing tool that gives  you valuable insight into you and how well you’re managing the flow of Life-Force energy and where you can do better  … click here to get your Bonus when you sign-up today.

7 Archangels are waiting to help you clear, balance and align your Chakra’s.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … This online class — Archangel Chakra Therapy — won’t be offered again until next year … November 2016. So if you’re thinking about “waiting” it will be another 12 months … that’s a really long time to wait. Join us now for Archangel Chakra Therapy … or wait till next year.


[now open] 7 Archangels 7 Chakra’s and You

The 7 major Chakra’s are:

*Root or Basic, located at the base or your spine, focuses on issues concerning survival.

*Sacral Chakra, located just below your navel centers around relationships with others, partners, co-workers and our relationship with our self.

*Solar Plexus, located just above your navel, centers around manifestation and self-empowerment.

*Heart Charka, located in the center of your chest is the control powerhouse of our entire energy system.

*Throat Chakra, located in the center area of the throat is the focal point of communication.

*Third Eye, located in the center area of your forehead, just above the eyebrows is the portal to inner-sight.

*Crown Chakra, located just above the top of your head, is the gateway to connecting with Angels, Spirit, Divine Source and your Spiritual Path.

The 7 Archangels are…

… Root Chakra is … join us for this online class for the names of all 7 Archangels and which Chakra they will help you clear, balance and align. Archangel Chakra Therapy (click here to join us now)

In this online class you get:

*Complete Handout

*7 Archangels to Call-in

*How to activate and re-awaken all 7 Chakra’s

*List of Crystals and Gemstones



*Chakra Assessment

*Guided Chakra Meditation

This online class is a mini-intensive … a “crash-course” on 7 major Chakra’s. you will learn how to better manage those stressful, drama-filled transitions that ultimately help you heal and manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

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Archangel Chakra Therapy Online Class

“See” you soon!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … Learn how to “re-boot” your energy system, figure out what’s really blocking the natural flow of positive, balanced energy which increases prosperity and abundance in your life when you click here and join us today for Archangel Chakra Therapy.


[Chakra Therapy] Activate and Re-Awaken Your Chakra’s

What does it mean to activate and re-awaken you Chakra’s?

When we have gone through a Dark Night of the Soul, experiencing a transformation from who we used to be, it’s important to activate or “re-boot” your Chakra energy centers.

Each time we download or install a new program onto a computer, we must “re-boot” to make sure the changes are properly installed and fully functional.

It is the same with your physical body. Knowing how to “re-boot” or activate and re-awaken your Chakra’s will help you process and integrate your new, higher, energy vibration and clear out the “ashes” of what is no longer serving you and your highest good.

I could not have shared this with you before today because I didn’t fully understand the far-reaching effects of going through transition and the need to “re-boot” my own energy system.

Most of the time, transition arrives without bringing with it drama and the trauma of everything feeling and looking like it is literally falling apart around and within us.

During what I call — minor-energy tune-ups — we need only to clear and balance our Chakra’s.

Once we have begun to come back into the light from a Dark Night of the Soul, it is imperative to re-align our Chakra’s by activating and re-awakening … “re-booting” our physical energy system.

This is what you’ll learn how to do when you join us for Archangel Chakra Therapy. Click here to register today.

We will do this — activate and re-awaken your Chakra’s — by calling-in 7 Archangels to help you clear, balance and align all 7 major Chakra’s.

With the holidays fast approaching, knowing which Archangels to call-on will help you manage increased stress levels that just happen around this time of year.

Archangel Chakra Therapy

You will discover and learn specific “Down to Earth” techniques you can use anywhere, anytime in 60 seconds or less.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS … This online class — Archangel Chakra Therapy — won’t be offered again until next year … November 2016. So if you’re thinking about “waiting” it will be another 12 months … that’s a really long time to wait. Join us now for Archangel Chakra Therapy … or wait till next year.


Mystical Goddesses – Lakshmi Is the Mystical Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

Goddess Lakshmi

Image via Wikipedia

What is prosperity? It is defined as being without lack, flourishing financially, a state of being successful in all areas or your life.

What is abundance? It is defined as having a very large quantity of something or many things to include material and non-material things.

What kinds of non-material things create or manifest as abundance? Non-material things include love, friends, health, contentment, harmony, balance and peace of mind.

Lakshmi is the Mystical Goddess of prosperity and abundance. She will assist you, when asked, to clear any energy blockages preventing you from attaining that which you desire.

This loving Goddess will assist you in realigning your vibrational frequency, allowing the free flow of energy, attracting prosperity and abundance to you. Lakshmi will guide you. Be open to experiencing new things, exploring new ideas as you manifest wealth in ways you have yet to imagine.

Prosperity can and often does manifest in many forms. For example, if someone chooses to give you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you have prospered. When you are given a gift of something you would like to have, you have prospered.  When you give a gift to someone else, you have expressed a state of abundance. Expressing gratitude is a measure of abundance.

Yes, prosperity and abundance are about financial gain. Yet it is not always about the exchange of money. If your money energy, your Solar Plexus Chakra energy center is blocked, it will more difficult to attract to you circumstances and opportunities to prosper.

Take a few moments and think about the possibility of increasing your earning power simply by releasing outdate thought patterns, old mindsets and beliefs which have been limiting you. As you increase your prosperity and abundance you are able to do more, to help more people, spend more time with family and friends.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Lakshmi are: Aventurine, Malachite, Green Tourmaline, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Citrine, Tangerine Quartz and Imperial Gold.

A Message from Lakshmi*

Child of Earth, do not think about what you do not have. Think instead about the many blessings, the many gifts you have already abundantly received. Think instead of releasing any thoughts of lack. Replace thoughts of having to do without wit thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all that which has already manifested before you.  Express sincere appreciation for all that come before, delivering you to where you are now and where it is you have yet to arrive. There is no shame except that of doubt and shame about all that has not yet arrived in physical form. There are many who seek your courage, the loving energy which radiates out from your heart center. Be at peace, releasing you to my open arms which hold for you all that is promised. Be at peace for all is well. Be at peace allowing all to unfold before you as the Lotus Blossom reveals its treasured seed pod of bountiful seeds filled with renewal and regeneration. Be at peace child of Earth.

Become aware of where you are mentally and emotionally concerning your Solar Plexus Chakra energy. If you envy what another has, consider re-focusing your thoughts and emotions and rejoice for their good fortune. In this way, this simple way, you being to release energy blockages within you, attracting prosperity and abundance to you.

Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is no longer a part of your life and your path. Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is a part of your path and your life now this moment. Be in a state of appreciation and gratitude for all that is yet to be for it is coming.

The only question remains, are you open to receive or are you delaying all that is yours?

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Rainbow Angels Bridging Spirit and Physical Realms – A Summary

We have journeyed across the Rainbow and beyond exploring each color ray, discovering ways to expand conscious awareness. Being willing to explore your inner essence, the Spark of Divinity within you is essential along the path before you. No journey is ever complete in the sense that all things continue to unfold as you allow energy to flow within and around you.

What follows is a concise summary of your Rainbow journey beginning with Archangel Taharial and all of the Rainbow Angels.

Archangel Taharial is the Guardian of Rainbow Light is the Gatekeeper of Divine White Light, the Guardian of Pure Divine White Light. Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God is the
Guardian of all that is sacred, all that is of love and light.  Apophyllite is the crystal which resonates most closely with this Rainbow Guardian.

*Apophyllite, a beautiful gleaming milky-white crystal, will assist you in lifting the veil between the physical realm of matter and the Realm of Spirit

Angel Vihianna, whose is the Angel of the Realm of Violet Light is your guide to lifting the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the realm of physical matter.  Violet is seen as a color of completion for
in its wake of transformation all that remains is love and light. Spiritual expansion is in part, expanding or deepening your connection with Divine Source Energy.  Sugilite resonates with the
Angel of violet Light.

*Sugilite is a mineral of deep purple, violet, blue and red-violet encompassing the entire violet light ray. It represents the link your mental energy body has with your physical body.

Jordianna is the Angel of the Indigo Ray, whose crystal is Tanzan Aura enabling each of us to draw cosmic energy into our physical bodies offering transformation for all who seek an
expanded sense of awareness. Tanzan Aura is the crystal which most closely resonates with this color ray.

*Tanzan Aura, also known as Indigo Quartz, allowing the physical and mental body to draw cosmic energy down through the Crown Chakra, establishing a more open and direct connection with
Divine Source Energy.

Arrianna, the Angel of the Blue Ray, gifts you with peace and understanding, the ability to see beyond the moment, to travel beyond that which is now behind you. This Rainbow Angel calls
upon you to become consciously aware of your own Divinity, the Spark of Divinity within you. Aqua Aura is the crystal of the Blue Ray.

* Aqua Aura draws you in moment by moment, assisting you in releasing fear of the unknown. It offers protection from the conscious mindful negativity of others. It offers psychic protection, the opportunity for self-transformation.

Lillianna, Angel of the Green Ray, gifts you with heartfelt compassion, love and acceptance, unconditionally. Crystals associated with Angel Lillianna are Green Tourmaline and Malachite. There are many shades of green to delight the eye which enhance healing your emotional energy body.

*Green Tourmaline resonates with and assists in aligning your entire physical Be-ing and is capable of balancing all of you Chakra’s simultaneously.

* Malachite is dense and magical; it brings a sense of harmony to the Heart Center healing on many levels simultaneously. It is a stone for manifesting wealth, prosperity and great abundance.

Irianna, Angel of the Yellow Ray who blesses our path with clarity, energy, the power to manifest all we desire and more.  You are encouraged to reach through the fear of not being in control of your life, your emotions, enabling you to discern with love and through light that which is for your highest and best good. Imperial Gold is the color of the Sun and best represents Irianna’s vibrant energy.

*Imperial Gold will assist you in focusing your intentions, manifesting your heart’s desires; provide comfort and emotional balance.  It is a powerful stone for communication.

Elianna, Angel of the Realm of Orange Light gifts all with empowerment, confidence and the ability to heal relationships. Relationships begin with loving and accepting you as you are in this moment. She will instill within you a sense of confidence to move forward along your path. Citrine is the crystal which most closely resonates with the Sacral Chakra and with Angel Elianna.

*Citrine brings a sense of balance in all areas of your life, your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual energy bodies to include your Auric and Ethereal energy fields.

Dalirianna is the Angel of the Red Ray whose energy is high, powerful, full of action and able to transform all in her path.  The base of our physical existence begins in passion and journey’s through many series of fight or flight experiences. The stones which correspond with this base energy are Carnelian and Red Jasper.

*Carnelian relieves depression, grounds excess energy, overall well-being; aids in focusing thoughts, intensify concentration, increase physical energy.

*Red Jasper It is capable of balancing your inner-Self with your outer physical body.

The crystals and minerals which will assist you in expanding your conscious connection with Angels and in particular the Rainbow Angels are:

*Angelite: instills a sense of peaceful calm and tranquility, enabling the healer to deepen his or her connection with Angels.

*Angel Aura: its shimmering light resembles a Rainbow in all its glorious colors. It will allow you to reach through the veil of forgetfulness into the Realm of Angels.

*Fluorite:the stone of the Rainbow Bridge of Light, empowering all who have the courage to step all that is known into a marvelous realm of energy and light unlike any other.

A bridge symbolizes connection, transformation, a journey from one horizon to another. The Rainbow Bridge interconnects one dimension with another, offering balance, multi-dimensional integration in
its purest form as gifted to each one of us from Divine Source Energy

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