Direct Access to …

Going within … this is where the Magick is found … within your intuitive and psychic skills and gifts.

When you have direct access you get to connect to Spirit and the very Angels that are by your side, waiting to give you the Keys to Unlocking your full potential.

This is just the tip of what is truly waiting for you … which is why we’ve put together an incredibly powerful workshop for you, Tap into and Develop Your Intuitive Gifts and Psychic Powers  tap here to learn more

You’ll want to join us so you can …

  • Raise Your Vibe to Discover, Develop, Enhance and Empower Your Intuitive Gifts at the Next Higher Level.
  • Tapping into Your Intuitive Gifts, Skills and Psychic Powers Provides You with CrystalClearConnection ™ to Guidance for Your Purpose.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Access to Divine Source, Angels, Spirit and Your Personal Higher-Power.
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Energy and How Energy Works with You and for You.

On October 18th and 25th, Angel Lady Terrie Marie will be your personal guide on HOW to Lift the Veil between the physical and Spiritual so you can get a clearer connection using your intuitive and psychic skills and gifts.

We’ll also be working with Aura’s … this is one workshop you’ll want to say “yes” to … just sayin’ …

Much Love, Light, Pace, Purpose and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Deep Purple Amethyst Helps Lift the Veil Between the Spiritual and Earthly Realms

Amethyst energy is both strong and subtle. Its deep purple color is associated with the Crown Chakra and the 8th or Soul Star Chakra which are the Etheric Gateways to the Spirit Realm and the Realms of Angels.

The frequency vibration of Amethyst is soothing and calming; assisting you in lifting the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical Realm.

Each Soul passes through the Veil of Forgetfulness just prior to beginning its Earth Journey in physical form. We are all Spiritual Beings experiencing human thoughts actions and emotions.

Amethyst, allows us to reclaim that part of us that is still very much connected with the Divine, Universal Energy, Angels and our Higher-Self.

It Is Widely Used to …

Open one’s channels to Telepathy, Past Life Regression, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Communication with Angels.

Everyone has the ability to connect with their Inner-Intuitive Self, experiencing flashes of insight and connecting with what many refer to as a ‘gut hunch or feeling.’ This is just one way of KNOWING when one receives answers to questions, messages, signs and guidance meant just for them.

These messages are received through a variety of ways or energy channels such as a) Clairsentience or clear feeling; b) Clairaudience 0r clear hearing; c) Clairvoyance or clear seeing and d) Claircognizance  or clear feeling.

Amethyst, being the Gatekeeper between the Spiritual and Earthly Realms, can help one re-connect and bridge the vibrational gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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StairWay to Inner-Enlightenment Academy of Metaphysics

Hello Bright Light and welcome to your journey to fulfill your Life’s Purpose!

Start where you are remembering to breathe stopping to rest, heal, forgive, release, balance, integrate and assimilate all you learn along the way.

Your path is yours and yours alone. This does not in any way mean you travel alone. You travel in light and love with many like-minded Souls who also seek to fulfill their Life’s Purpose.

There are many doorways or Energy Portals both behind you and in front of you. Each time you move from one energy level to another your vibration changes. Each Energy Portal gifts you with an opportunity to expand beyond your current knowing. It also gifts you with opportunities to release all that no longer resonates within your new vibrational frequency.

As you reach the abyss of everything you have ever known, trust there will be stones to step upon or you will be taught to fly!

BluePrint to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose

The six Energy Portals to fulfilling your Life’s Purpose are…..

Energy Portal 1: Expand Your Conscious Awareness

Energy Portal 2: Deepen Your Connection with Divine Source

Energy Portal 3: Tap Into and Develop Your Intuitive Gifts

Energy Portal 4: Connect with Spirit: Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Animal Medicine

Energy Portal 5: Balance, Integrate and Assimilate Spirituality into Your Daily Life

Energy Portal 6: Initiation and Certification to Teach Others


Energy Portal 1: Expand Your Conscious Awareness……

… that you are more in-tune with your True Self. As you are more in-tune with your truth, you become more comfortable in your physical body. You recognize and accept the Spark of Divinity within you and see it in others regardless of circumstances and surface appearances.

As you continue to expand, you will automatically and intuitively know how and when to protect yourself from the effects of negative energy.

You will gain clarity through the gift of discernment as you travel the path before you with confidence, accepting who you truly are. Discernment is the key to knowing and understanding the difference between judgment and truth.

Expanding your conscious awareness of all that is around and within you, freeing you in ways you have yet to imagine which in turn enables you to reach through the fear of the unknown, detaching from the drama of others around you.


Energy Portal 2: Deepen Your Connection with Divine Source…..

… that you accept who you truly are. As you accept your true essence, your innermost Self which radiates love and light, you begin to experience Unconditional Love at the very core of your existence.

Unconditional Love is a gift you give to you first. This gift simply is as it radiates outward from within your heart space.

Meditation experiences create a pathway as you practice the ancient art of stillness. Quieting your thoughts and emotions in turn create a segue to Divine Source, the Creator of All There Is.

The more you are able to release self-judgment, the more open you are to receiving all things created in your name in the Realm of Spirit.

Activating your Crown Chakra is the Gateway to accessing all you feel has been lost to you or has been out of reach, eluding you in this realm of dense physical matter.

Simply accessing the Realm of Spirit is not enough it is required of you to begin in earnest forgiveness work. As you continue to knowingly and willingly expand your sense of conscious awareness you will come to realize the necessity of forgiveness.

Forgiveness in its simplest and purest form is letting go of all that no longer serves your highest and best good and that of all concerned.

Healing involves many aspects or facets of your life not only in physical form but also within your energy fields, your Soul and your Spirit.

Soul work entails reflection and accessing memories of days long since past, healing at the cellular level and in all directions of time and space.

Universal Laws dictate the way in which the ultimate truths of Cosmic Laws govern all manner of healing, receiving and manifestation of all you desire in this realm.

Each step forward upon your path to enlightenment creates multiple opportunities for increased awareness, clarity and discernment.

Deepening your connection with Divine Source enables you to become, if you are willing, a clear and perfect channel for the flow of Divine Source Energy into and through you.


Energy Portal 3: Tap Into and Develop Your Intuitive Gifts…..

… that you continue to gain greater clarity and insight as you and your energy experience dramatic shifts within and around you.

Gaining a deeper sense of knowing as you discover and develop your Intuitive Gifts frees you in ways yet imagined.

Practicing your gifts enables you to see and hear differently. Becoming comfortable with who you are opens and clears the pathway before you enabling you to help others discern their truth empowering you both.

As you continue to explore your truth through your gifts, you expand your sense of self-acceptance through increased clarity and discernment.

You may begin to observe some people and situations start to flow away from you, perhaps even disappearing from your life completely. This is a natural outflow as your energy vibration changes and you evolve toward enlightenment.

Energy is continuously flowing. You have a choice to flow with or against energy.  Anyone who chooses to fight their way upstream or against the natural flow of energy, will experience many more heartaches and disappointments along the way.

Intuitive Gifts include but are not limited to:

*Clairvoyance – clear seeing

*Claircognizance – a clear sense of knowing

*Clairaudience – clear hearing

*Clairsentience – clear feeling

* the Gift of Scent – the ability to smell faint aromas alerting you to the presence of Angels, anyone who has transitioned

*Channeling – being an open channel for guidance, messages and information from the Realm of Spirit

*Mediumship – being able to access at will the energy, the presence of anyone who has transitioned from the physical realm to the Realm of Spirit

*Lifting the Veil between Realms – accessing other Realms, being able to see other dimensions

Some of the many benefits in accepting your Divine Nature through personal expansion free you so that you can…..

*reconcile past life issues

*access the Akashic Records

*Astral Travel with ease

*see and read Auras

*activate and open your Third Eye

Being able to accept your truth, your Divine Nature through on-going self-expansion provides ever increasing clarity and discernment helping you to radiate more light and love with confidence, empowering you and everyone around you.

Energy Portal 4: Connect with Spirit: Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Animal Medicine…..

… that you can, at will, work directly with highly evolved Sentient Beings of Light from any Dimension or Realm you desire.

Power or Totem Animals possess greater Earthly Animal Medicine than is apparent at first glance. Animals are highly attuned to their surroundings. There is much Humankind can learn, if they are willing, from the four-legged, the creepy-crawlers and the winged-ones.

Ascended Masters assist all who seek their guidance in the ways of Ascension while you are still in physical form.

Angels are messengers of the Creator of All There Is. All you need to do is ask an Angel for help and it is given.

Spirit Guides, in my way of understanding, are intermediaries. Meaning they are gifted with being able to travel in-between the realm of physical matter and the Realm of Spirit delivering messages of healing, guidance, love and light.

Connecting with Spirit in whichever form resonates with you, enables you to continue to expand your conscious awareness at deeper and higher levels of vibration.

You are able to connect at will with practice, allowing you to receive guidance on a higher and deeper level of knowing. Spiritual Empowerment is unlike any other you have experienced to date. There is a sense of serenity and harmony that permeates all things.

Connecting with Spirit causes energy shifts at increasingly higher rates of vibration encouraging you to accept your role as a beacon of light among the shadows as the Light-Worker, Healer and/or Teacher that you are.

As you learn to channel energy, messages and guidance for others, you will also gain clarity for yourself.

With continued expansion along your path, you will be able to see through the Veil of Forgetfulness into other Realms and Dimensions.

Be willing to be willing to bridge the gap between the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit. You will not only transform your life as you know it in its current form, you will transmute all within and around you empowering you and others.

Spiritual Alchemy is the key to self-transformation, helping others who share the journey.

Energy Portal 5: Balance, Integrate and Assimilate Spirituality into Your Daily Life…..

… that you are able to become increasingly more comfortable in your physical body, accepting your Humanness.

There will be moments know matter how evolved you are when you will be uncomfortable within the skin that defines your physical existence. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Balancing your energy as you pass through each Energy Portal enables you to process information at accelerated rates, defying time as you understand it. Healing occurs more rapidly. Your Gifts expand and become highly attuned and accurate.

It is at this point along your journey that you are very aware of how often you transcend the ordinary. You are more than capable of reaching through the fear of the unknown, managing negative thoughts and emotions in a matter of moments rather than hours or days.

You are consciously aware of who you and where you are. You accept the truth that many others will choose to remain where they are.

Through the Gift of Discernment you discover your innate ability to integrate the gap between the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit where your essence, the Divinity within you longs to be.

You are able to assimilate your sense of reality with physical realm limitations of time and space.

Energy as you grow to understand it in its many forms flows into, through and within all things. It requires you to balance both realms in the same moment while being totally conscious you are light manifested into physical form not physical form attempting to be light.

You are Light. You are Love.

Energy Portal 6: Initiation and Certification to Teach Others….

… that you can help other Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers become empowered, develop their Intuitive Gifts and fulfill their Life’s Purpose.

There are only a few spots available for the first Academy of Metaphysics! Are you going to be among the very first Students and Graduates!

I would love to work with you, share my knowledge, my secrets and help you fulfill your Life’s Purpose so that you can help others become empowered, develop their Intuitive Gifts and teach others to fulfill their Life’s Purpose!

One thing is for sure, if you remain where you are, NOTHING in your life changes!

This is an exciting time for you in your life and the beginning of fulfilling your Life’s Purpose!

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide


P.S. If you are ready to get started right away or is you have any questions, email Terrie Marie directly at


Spiritual Expansion – How to Expand Your Spiritual Awareness

Reaching for the SKy ever expanding awareness

There are many ways in which to expand your horizons, reading, studying, practicing all you learn along the way. We will begin to explore 6 intuitive gifts to expand your conscious mind, your inner Spirit enabling you to increase your awareness along your own journey in the physical realm.

*Clairaudience is clear hearing. It is the ability to hear the still small voice within, the voices of your Angelic Guides, or Spirit Guides. It is essential to practice the art of attentive listening, to sort through the myriad of random thoughts playing and re-playing in your head. Be willing to open yourself to receiving guidance from a variety of sources. For example, a song playing on the radio repeatedly may be the key to your questions.

*Clairsentience is feeling, sensing information with your emotions, your emotional energy body. It is being empathic, being in-tune with you and with other people, places or situations. People who are Clairsentient are very sensitive to energy, their own and everyone else’s’. They will experience sudden chills, have gut feelings, or a prickly sensation on the back of their neck warning them about a person or to be aware of what is happening around them.

*Clairvoyance is by definition “clear seeing” or seeing clearly through your inner sight. If you are a very visual person, it is very possible you have the gift of Clairvoyance. Answers or messages may be gifted to you in the form of dreams or visions during you waking hours. As a child I would often daydream, my conscious mind would slip away from what was happening around me.

* Claircognizance is a feeling, a knowing; one that usually resonates in your Solar Plexus or Heart Chakra. Become aware of how your body reacts. You will, in time, become more and more aware. Another way of describing this is a sudden “aha” moment.

*Meditation is as easy or as difficult as you chose to make it. Mediation is quieting the mind, clearing out unnecessary “mind chatter,” enabling you to allow your inner guidance, your intuition to become part of your conscious mind.  It is listening to soft soothing music, contemplating a phrase or quote, reciting a Mantra, saying the Rosary, or a Mala.

*Automatic writing is a form of communication which is intuitively received or channeled through you from the Realm of Spirit into physical form.  It is receiving information or messages without editing your thoughts, without judging what comes through you. Before you begin, it is essential to protect yourself by surrounding you and the area in which you choose to practice receiving Divine Guidance in white light.

Divine Guidance is received and given in many, many forms, through a variety of channels or mechanisms. Which of these gifts resonate with you?  Are you open to receiving information, messages from the Realm of Spirit?

This is the 1st in a series of 7 Blog posts on Spiritual Expansion. There are countless ways to walk your talk, practice that which you learn along the way. Join me as we explore ways to discover or enhance your gifts of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Meditation and Automatic Writing.

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