Your Aura is more than pretty colors

Hello beautiful Soul,

An Aura …. Your Aura is an energy field that surrounds your entire Being and all your energy bodies.

It “fits” you like a glove while giving you “space” to move about your Spiritual Path with the freedom to follow your passion and fulfill your purpose.

Have you ever had an Aura photo taken? I have and I have seen hundreds of Aura photos that others have had taken.

For the most part, an Aura has many pretty colors but an Aura is sooooo much more than that.

Each color has a meaning for instance …

… Red can mean strong, high energy or high levels of stress and tension

… Blue represents emotions, Spiritual growth and expansion

… Green is renewal, health, prosperity and abundance

… Yellow can denote Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels, and high energy

… Violet represents Spirituality, the healer within, perhaps a teacher or wayshower

… Orange is about your connection with your power center and possibly, positive Light Entities guiding your every step

… Indigo can represent the intuitive gift of Sight, possible being a Seer (seeing beyond the moment)

… White is the presence of Angels, Angel Guardians and Divine Protection for your Spiritual Path

Rainbows symbolize:

*alignment and harmony

*the flow of energy

*renewal and regeneration

Your aura is soooo much more than pretty colors.

In our next email we’ll be “talking” about how your inner-vibration affects your Aura in both positive and negative ways.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Angels, Crystals and Your Aura