Raise Your Wealth Frequency in 60 Days [Exclusive]

Hello beautiful Soul, it’s the Angel Lady …

Does that describe something that’s import to you <firstname>? If it does – welcome, you’re in the right place.

If it doesn’t … sorry to say this but, this is not for you.

The “key” to success and prosperity is massive, consistent action.

The “key” to Spiritual Growth is massive transformation from the inside out.

When you bring the two “keys” together — massive action and transformation — massive breakthroughs are created and experienced in ways that last a lifetime.

That is exactly what is already happening for seven amazing, talented and gifted entrepreneurs and Spiritual Growth seekers.

No smoke, no hype not bragging either … simply sharing a truth with you.

Following guidance is not always easy. Sometimes it STRETCHES YOU BEYOND everything you’ve ever experienced before. And this is an invitation for you to do something similar (but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

On Wednesday (May 10), I’ll be starting a new “transformation journey” that just might change everything for you.

I’ve these kinds of journeys in the past, it always ended up creating massive breakthroughs and results for my clients.

->> Manifested 6 new Spiritual Life Coaching clients raising his inner-vibration to connect with Angels and Universal Energy in 4 weeks; doubled his fees enrolling 2 more clients; income generated $10,000

->> In less than 8 days, identified biggest money block, opening new pathways and channels to receiving financial prosperity

->> Generating $2,000 in 48 hours by stepping into her value honoring her pricing; within 60 days booking events 12 months out and taking deposits

->> In 5 days experienced complete awareness of “Blind Spots” that caused fear of failure, inability to value herself and feel appreciated, denying her intuitive gifts

->> In 2 weeks going from an underpaid part-time position to full-time with benefits as a graphic artist; enrolled in a certified Massage Therapy Program within 6 weeks

->> Creating a Financial Prosperity Partnership with herself, Angels and Universal Energy manifested $8,000 in 60 days to cover relocation expenses and first 2 weeks income while getting settled

Amazing, life-changing breakthroughs are created. It also takes a lot of energy and time.

This kind of transformational journey always involves my complete focus for the next 60-days. And before I tell you what it is …

It’s really important to know WHY I am doing this.

It’s no secret that for me personally, it’s not just about teaching people connecting and manifesting techniques and skills …

… and much more about helping people ELIMINATE THEIR BIGGEST BLOCK and manifesting DESIRED RESULTS.

Teaching techniques and skills are only just tools and strategies … helping people figure out WHAT stops them and HOW to turn a BREAKTHROUGH into a life-long, sustainable transformation is my SOUL intention.

There’s so much information that it is now a HUGE problem … without enough focus on how to implement it that actually helps people get results … long-term, sustainable results.

It’s nothing new … you’ve probably been frustrated, overwhelmed and perhaps even experienced “it’s just not working” OR “everything’s falling apart” more than once … maybe you’re going through something like this now.

This is why I’ve been guided to step up and help a few people breakthrough this mess.

My sole intention, as always, is to 100% support you and your ultimate desires, not what others want you to do but what you want to do based on:

->> experiencing a massive breakthrough that helps you step into your value and stop “hiding” in the shadows of fear and doubt and “show-up” more powerfully than ever before

->> instantly raising your inner-vibration to attract and turning your dreams into reality

->> creating your Financial Prosperity Partnership with Angels and Universal Energy

And, together, we work on making it happen quickly.

Hence re-opening this transformational journey for the first time in 2017 — Angels for Success and Prosperity Intensive

In 8 weeks you will accomplish more than most do in many years, you will do what others won’t so you can have what others only dream about BUT will NEVER have.

It’s the program that when we talk you might want to hang-up on me, curse me or you’ll thank me.

This is what I mean …

As usual, a few weeks ago, I started taking another very deep dive into myself to figure out where I was blocking the flow of financial prosperity and success in my own life and business at this newer, higher-level of vibration.

You see, I have helped hundreds of people and I wanted to up-level my own business and Spiritual Awareness.

This wasn’t the 1st 2nd or even 3rd  time, but I was determined to not only ‘climb up’ to the next level .. it’s also about fully integrating the vibration that’s being asked of me by my beloved Angels to fulfill what I came here to do.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars AND thousands of hours looking for the answer.

And then, as always, a message from my beloved Angels was very ‘spot on’ and incredibly timely …

“We have yet more for thee child. We are with you every step, knowing you are here to create space for all who seek a better way for themselves and those around them whether it be family, friends or those whom they serve. There is no  time like the present, for there are many who now desire to be free of their past humiliations, free of the poverty legacy mind body and Spirit that has been given to them without question as to its validity. It is now time beloved one to share this path with many once again. Be not afraid we are indeed with thee now as always.”

I knew that just wishing, hoping and even crying at times, simply wasn’t going to cut it. Being completely transparent … there have been moments of stamping my feet because this all just felt like too much for one person to manage.

That’s the lazy, “sit on the couch wishful-thinking, imagining everything manifesting without lifting a finger” energy vibration just doesn’t work and if it does, it doesn’t last.

And, honestly, connecting to Angels more openly, differently really resonated with me.

Angels can “kick-butt” big time and for the next 60 days, that’s exactly what happened!

Each day I broke through a little more and my Angels were with me every step of the way. They allowed me to experience frustration and at times, anger at feeling like my feet were nailed to the ground and my wings clipped.

It was awful at times but I really LOVED what STARTED SHOWING UP and MANIFESTING it felt something magical and mystical was happening right before my eyes!

In 60 days, I went from confused to being crystal clear (I had no idea just how foggy things were!) and I got out of my own way and stepped into my value … again!


Here’s the point …

If you can be crystal clear about what’s really blocking the flow of money and opportunities in just 60 days …

Imagine what you can do with your life and business!

Guess what else beautiful Soul?

I didn’t need to buy any more “stuff” … no more learning …

I just had to get even more real with myself!

This brings me back to the Angels for Success and Prosperity Intensive …

->> If you want remarkable results in the next 8 weeks

->> If you have the courage to have the courage to experience major breakthroughs

->> And if you’re willing to do what most others won’t …

This just might be for you.

If you’re the right person, you probably already want in; I’ll tell you how to make that happen in a moment.

Price is not an issue.

Because I want to be of service in an EVEN BIGGER way to those who are ready to transform their life and business, I don’t want money to be a barrier.

I kept the tuition super low for this kind of program that you’re going to think you’ve misheard me at first.

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

Because price is not the barrier to be a part of this.

I’m only letting nine people into this program. This is not some make believe scarcity trick; I can truly only support nine people at this level at a time. So I’m being selective about WHO gets in. There, I’ve said it.

Here it is … who this is not for because it’s real easy to say …

If you’re looking for tons of new information to keep yourself busy learning and studying, making believe you’re finally getting it— this is NOT for you.

If you want to dig up everything that ever happened or go into everything that might or might not happen in the days ahead …

… and you want to wave a magic wand and have Angels and Universal Energy do it all for you — this is NOT for you!


->> You want a CLEAR, SPECIFIC PLAN to breakthrough hidden, sub-conscious barriers. Not a vague, one-size-fits-all system. A customized breakthrough path designed just for you.

A plan that gets WHERE YOU ARE right now and quickly leverages all the resources, techniques and skills you already have.

You know you can do this — you just need to know what and how to do it to get you to the next level from where you are.

->> You are ready to experience a massive breakthrough! This isn’t just “talking” about it.

Talking, wishing and hoping aren’t the same thing as DOING it! Talking is easy. Everyone does it. That’s why 90% of people are stuck. They just “talk” a good game to make themselves feel better.

Opinions are like ears, everyone has two. Social media, especially Facebook Groups are filled with people ready to tell you exactly what to do — BUT — they’ve never done it themselves.

ASPI is about focusing on getting to the root cause, breaking through that stubborn sub-conscious barrier, taking action to achieve your highest priority goals, co-creating your dreams faster and with less struggle.

All it takes are a few specific steps, repeated over and over again. Every day!

->> You want authentic feedback … And mentoring … From someone who’s been there done that … AND still doing it today and every day! Bottom line, you want real support, real practical ways that help you specifically. Not more information that only takes you so far, but tweaks and insights from your Angels you can really use right away to get the breakthrough and results you want.

It’s a good thing my Angels weren’t in front of me physically … it was and still is a blessing.

You can’t argue with Angels. Well, you can try but in the end you do what needs to be done. Because you either follow guidance or you don’t.  Everyday choose to follow guidance.

Your Angels will help you every step of the way but you have to help them help you or it doesn’t work.

The agreement is … when you ask, be ready, because when you are ready and in alignment, things happen with the speed of Angels’ Wings!

If you get that AGREEMENT — you’d fit right in and feel at home with our small, personalized ASPI group.

Oh, nearly forgot …

->> YOU WANT GROWTH! Your starting point doesn’t matter … if you’re earning $1,000 a month now or $5,000 a month OR even $20K a month … it doesn’t matter.

What does matters is that you’re REALLY ACHING and HUNGRY for more because your dreams are HUGE and so is YOUR PURPOSE.

At every level there are specific, practical things you can do.

Get results faster … little known secrets and systems to guide your efforts more effectively … ones you won’t find anywhere else …

Insights and methodologies that can make implementation easier just by following simple steps.

None of this if about buying more information products or DIY courses just to get you started clearing hidden blocks. It’s about using the skills and intuitive gifts you already have. That’s what ASPI is all about!

Now … WHAT you get in the program …

That’s easy – get what you decide to get out it — and — what you choose to put effort in to create and manifest.

->> Want to increase your connection to Angels and Universal Energy and then crank it up even more?


->> Want to create a powerful Success and Financial Prosperity Partnership with Angels and Universal Energy?


->> Want to experience massive breakthroughs uncovering and forever eliminating hidden blocks and obstacles?


->> Want to increase financial prosperity from where you are to $2,000, $5,000 $10,000 or more?


Start or grow your business online or offline?

Like I said — you’ll work on your customized plan.

This needs to be said …

If you’re going to be overly sensitive about accepting genuine and sometimes in your face feedback … this probably isn’t for you.

But, beautiful Soul, if you’re still reading this … you probably already know this is the perfect “fit” for you and you already want in!

Okay Okay Okay … here are the last few details on the HOW we make this happen.

Step 1: Clear goals and direction

Step 2: Focused action (what to do and how to do it)

Step 3: Mentoring, course–correction and accountability

There you have it! It’s about starting and TAKING ACTION that gets the results you want. Never mind theory. It’s actually making that big leap forward!

Have you ever noticed how some people are just showing up everywhere all of a sudden like “overnight sensations”?

Next thing you know, their books are best-sellers and they’re being interviewed on radio shows. They’re even posting about amazing trips and retreats.

Then there’s the dreaded “comparison game,” maybe you’re feeling like you’re in the same place (still!) running into the same brick walls over and over again, wondering what you’re doing wrong …

You’ve been doing everything but getting nowhere close to where you see yourself being or with little to show for all your hard work and effort.

We’ll break through it … we’ll identify it … we’ll fix it … we’ll re-write the rules … we’ll break the “glass ceiling” …

*It’s an 8 week program

*It’s a VERY small group (private mentoring is an option)

*We meet virtually every week

->> Weekly virtual group meeting is designed for mentoring you, answering your questions, tweaking your customized plan. Just enough to give you what you need to do next.

->> Secret Facebook Group where you’ll get to ask your many questions in between our weekly virtual calls. I’ll be there to answer them all!

++ We jump-start your journey with a 1:1 CUSTOM STRATEGY design, calling-in 4 Angels to help you specifically

++ Then we start ramping things up with necessary action steps until you create almost magical, mystical momentum.

++ And I’ll give you the right resources to further help you move forward

Pure and simple … it’s about getting out of your own way, stepping into your value and doing it!

If you’re worried about doing everything perfectly, that’s conscious mind Ego-chitter chatter making up excuses to slow you down.

So … what’s the investment for all this? And …


Like I said, the investment is NOT an issue for the right person. I’m guided to keep this Sacred, not to reveal it in this email …

(… unfortunately, there are some who read my emails just to see what I’m doing and then copy what I do. Sad to say, but there it is.)

What I will tell you is that it is low, low, low, low four figures.

And to get in …

#1 – You must read this email (woo-hoo done!)

#2 – Email me directly at [ ]  and tell me you want in. In your email message, include the info below (please keep it short beautiful Soul, don’t need your life story)

  1. Full name
  2. Direct phone number
  3. Your Business (who your clients are, how you help them) — OR — your career objectives
  4. Your Biggest Goal you want to make happen before the end of 60 days
  5. Be available to have a 15 minute, qualifying call with me over the next 2 or 3 days.

This is NOT a free consultation or reading.

And let’s be upfront … if at this point you need or want convincing to join ASPI, transform your life, career and business in the next 60 days — then let this pass you by. Seriously, this is not for you.

This call is to ask you very specific questions. Your answers and your energy will determine the final decision.

That sounds a lot like judgment or implies “we’re too good for you” … it’s making sure that if I say YES to you I know I can truly help you.

You’ll also have a chance to ask me any final questions.

We’ll take care of the payment, schedule your 1:1 Custom Design Strategy Session’ and …

Your awe-inspiring breakthrough journey starts right away!

And to make things even more special and exciting …

For the first five people who respond and join ASPI, I’ll have a very special gift that will help you experience an even greater breakthrough in getting the results you want. Just ask me about it when we talk.

Alrighty then. You have all the information … What will you do next?

Until next time,

Much Love, Light Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Alchemist Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS …. If you skipped to the bottom just to see what this is all about … here it is … it’s about complete transformation for your life, career or business in the next 60 days.

But hey, if you aren’t willing to take a few moments to read this all the way through … this is your “sign” it’s not for you.

Just sayin’ …


Angels Have Messages for You:

7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

2-Part Teleseminar Series

“Angel Thursdays” in January!

January 10th and 17th 

7:00pm New York Time

(6:00pm US Central; 5:00pm US Mountain; 4:00pm US Pacific)

Age of Angels has begun and 2013 is upon us!

Hello Bright Light,

This is what you have been asking me for and about ….

*Terrie Marie how do I connect with my Angels?

*How do I know what my messages are?

*Can you help me know what to do so I can hear my Angel messages?

Yes, absolutely! This 2-Part Webinar Series is for you to answer all your questions once and for all exactly how to …

*Connect with Your Angels

*How to Trust What You Receive

*Easily Recognizing Signs and Symbols

*Understanding the Messages and Guidance You Receive from Your Angels

*How to Ask Angels to Help You Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

Angels are here to help you in every area of your life.  Here’s what gets to happen to you and for you when you truly invite Angels into your life ….

*Healing your mental, emotional and physical body

*Attract your right and perfect job or promotion

*Increased Abundance and Prosperity

*Clear Energy Blockages

*Expanding your Conscious Awareness

Hearing, seeing, sensing, connecting and communicating with Angels will propel you from where you are to where you want to be!

The choice is yours …. Join me along this amazing journey of having Angels in your life, raising your vibration and having more of what you want in your life starting right now!

AND here’s the best part  …. are you ready? It’s really simple, easy and fun!

All you have to do to be a part of this exciting adventure is register by clicking on the link below.  We’ve made it easy for you and your budget.

The Full-Retail Value of this 2-Part OnLine Webinar is $147 BUT because I really want to share all my secrets, tips and techniques with YOU I’m offering Angels Have Messages for You: 7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels for only $77!

Click here for all the details AND to reserve your spot today!

Each call is 90-minutes, full of content, Q&A, practical tips AND filled with Angel Energy!

If you have been a part of the Monthly Angel Meditations or participated in any or all of my OnLine Webinars, you know everything if infused with Angel Energy of the highest vibration AND that Angels are amazing friends, guides, protectors AND help manifest abundance and prosperity in every area of your life!

If this is going to be your 1st experience with me, welcome to Age of Angels. I’m really looking forward to “seeing” you and working with you!

Remember Angels are always by your side and so am I!

Transcend the Ordinary,   Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS …  Save the dates, mark your calendar right now and do your best to make it to the live calls. The calls will be recorded so you can listen to them. The Audio Replays will be available within 1 to 2 days.

“Yes, I am ready AND serious about learning how to hear, connect and communicate with my Angels!”

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is an Internationally Acclaimed Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women who want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Terrie Marie has worked with thousands of men and women helping them connect with their Angels, many times in a matter of minutes!  Visit to receive your free Angel gifts. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at

Copyright 2012 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide Angel Lady Aurora, LLC


“Thank you so much! I am so glad I came, I feel so much more connected with Angels!” Angela; Las Cruces, New Mexico

I enjoyed the class! Terrie Marie is very well informed and enlightened. Thanks so much! Sylvia; El Paso, Texas

“Angels Have Messages for You” class has opened my understanding and I am certain will change my life from this day forward. Thank you. Mary Lou Gallegos; Santa Teresa, New Mexico

“WOW! This class “Angels Have Messages for You” is very powerful! Terrie Marie reminded and confirmed a lot of things as well as teaching me new things! This course isn’t just words. The Angel Lady took me through real-life experiences. It was nice getting a strong experience with my Third Eye again. I haven’t seen my Third Eye so vividly in a very long time. Mine is a bright white light, like what people see as the glory of God, that kind of a brilliance of light. It was very easy for me to visualize it and in a brief moment I beheld its brilliance once again. The White Light Protection is good to learn. I am experiencing it for the first time. It is very powerful just like Terrie Marie said it would be. I recommend this course to anyone that desires to connect more with their Spiritual self as well as with Angels themselves. James Lance Juris; Portland, Oregon”

I have learned, finally, to interpret things I have heard thought and seen by asking Angels to help me discern the meaning of the messages I have been receiving all my life.  Empowering and uplifting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sarai D; El Paso, Texas

The Angels workshop is a wonderful experience! It is inspiring, informative, and helped motivate me to pursue new avenues of thoughts and interests. Well worth-while!  Marci Patton-Aguirre; Portland, Oregon

“Because of this class I was able clear space and create self-love, inner peace and more! I will continue to attend classes and communicate with my Angels!” Laura Lacy; Las Cruces, New Mexico

Dear Terrie Marie:  Thank you for the opportunity to attend your class on Angels.  It was a great spiritual experience for me.  The class provides insight about the role of Angels in our lives.  How they can be a vehicle for help and spiritual growth.  I felt the class gave me enlightenment, and reaffirmation.  Thank you so much for the experience. Maria; El Paso, Texas


Angel Retreat – Angels Have Messages for You: 7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

Hello Bright Light!

An Angel Retreat … what better way to welcome in the Age of Angels! This is the time of Angels. The closer we get to December 21, 2012, the more the energy shifts become stronger. It is more important than ever to invite Angels into your life!

What is an Angel Retreat and do you have to travel to El Paso, Texas? First let me answer your question about travel …. the Angel Retreat is being held in the comfort of your own home no travel necessary!!! It is an all-day OnLine Webinar Event.

The Virtual Angel Retreat is on Saturday, November 10th and begins at 11:00am New York Time. The Retreat is being recorded so you can listen to it as often as you like. This is an interactive retreat with Angel Meditations, Action Steps and plenty of time for your questions.

You are encouraged to ask questions during the Angel Retreat Webinar because asking questions always gives you a better understanding about the tips, techniques and tools I will be sharing with you AND you help others learn too!

Retail Value of Angel Retreat – Angels Have Messages for You!: $1,497

But you won’t be paying anything because this is my gift for you when you become a member of International Circle of Angels before November 9th!

Here’s what you receive with your All-Day Virtual Angel Retreat:

*How to ask questions clearly so you can easily recognize and understand the messages and guidance your Angels have for you

*In-Depth techniques, tips and practical Action Steps to help you get really clear, raising your vibration so you can hear your Angels messages

*Meet Your Guardian Angels Guided Meditation

*Done-for-You Handouts and Templates

*Invoke Angelic White Light Protection Guided Meditation

*7 Secrets to Hear, Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

*Question and Answer during each session

Angels are already speaking to you, giving you messages, guidance, protecting you and clearing your path. If you don’t “Speak Angel” you aren’t getting what you need and want!

The Angel Retreat is just the beginning of what you are going to gen and how you benefit by being a member of International Circle of Angels.

It’s all about in-depth classes on and about Angels. All the information, Angel Meditations the 7 Secrets to inviting Angels into your life and how to clearly hear, see, sense and know Angels are always with you, is channeled through me from Angels themselves for you.

In the beginning when I first became aware that the intuitive thoughts, guidance and answers to my questions were actually from Angels I doubted that it was real because the ego-chatter was saying … who do you think you are anyway? …

Once I accepted I was actually receiving guidance and messages from Angels, it was really easy. No one told me that I couldn’t talk to, hear, see and sense Angels and their incredibly powerful energy. This is what I want for you… to be able to do what I do with grace and ease.

Angels, your Angels are here for you and so am I! This is why I want to share my secrets, tips and techniques with you so you can hear, connect and communicate with your Angels!

If you have been wondering and trying to figure this out all by yourself, you don’t have to anymore. No more struggling, no more doubt, no more waiting!

Retail Value of Entire Program: $7,955

Because I really want you to be a member, I’m offering the International Circle of Angels MasterMind Program for only $444, that’s for 12 months! OR 6EZ Payments of $87 each. Actually, you are getting 14 months for the price of 12 months!

There is no other Membership Program like this and it’s for you so you raise your vibration and hearing, connecting and communicating with your Angels.

International Circle of Angels is a Brand-New 12-Month Membership Program! It officially starts January 2, 2013. BUT we’re not going to wait until then to start because on Saturday, November 10th I’m giving you, as a bonus, an all-day Virtual Angel Retreat and everyone who becomes a Member by November 9th is included!

There is so much more to share with you that I have created a special International Circle of Angels page with detailed information to give you all the details, benefits, what’s included and Bonuses just for becoming a Member! (Click on the link)

Join your Angels and me for an amazing journey with Angels by your side. We are here to support you each step of the way!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS…Join International Circle of Angels by November 9th …. it’s closer than you think … for your Angel Retreat Bonus gift! (click on the link) You also receive two EBooks as my gift: Rainbow Angels: Bridging the Realm of Spirit and the Physical Realm of Matter AND Wings of Spirit Angels Messages


Tip of the Week – “Listen” to be “Heard”

Do you wish others would actually “hear” you? Do you truly wish to be “heard” to have others listen to what you are saying, the emotions you are expressing?

If you wish to be heard, first you must listen. To listen means to actively listen with your entire Be-ing. Listen attentively, focusing on what the other person is saying. Listening means not thinking about what you will or will not say next. Listening is being in the moment, hearing all that is being said to you. Listening is acknowledging what the other person is saying regardless of whether or not you agree. It is not about you, it is about listening to another express heartfelt joy or sorrow. It is about accepting another’s decisions for the path before them.

If you are being asked for guidance or suggestions, take a moment before answering. Be aware of where your response comes from. Does it come from your Ego chatter mind of what you think the other person should or should not do based on your experiences, the filters through which you live your life?

Everyone wants, desires, needs to be heard to be accepted, to be acknowledged for who they are and the choices they make. Blowing someone off based on choices you have made thus far does you far more injustice than the person of persons whom you are blowing off.

True, the person you are listening to may or may not “listen” to you at that moment or any other. Giving the gift of listening, of being “heard” is a gift you give yourself. For in listening, truly listening, you are “heard”. Your voice carries a sweet melody, an energy all its own. In listening, in hearing you are in turn “heard” in the fullness of the light and love within you now this moment.

Gift another, gift yourself. “Listen” to be “Heard.”

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide



Blue Crystals and Gemstones – Lapis Lazuli Stone of Truth and Integrity

cristaux de lazurite (=lapis-lazuli)

Image via Wikipedia

Known as the stone of communication, it is a power stone enabling you to speak your truth with integrity. It will enhance a sense of tranquility, calming frayed nerves, increase self-awareness.  The blue color ray symbolizes movement, free flowing energy, moving forward.

The color of Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue with flecks of gold throughout. Ancient Egyptians prized this beautiful gem for its natural ability to align both them with the physical realm and that of the Gods. It was believed that the Soul resided in the mind, in the center of the brain. It was used during meditation allowing the user to more fully connect with the Divine Source of All There Is, the Realm of the Gods. It was highly regarded as a mental healer and Soul purifier. The deep colors of blue and gold were power symbols for the Pharaohs’ and High Priests and Priestess’, representing the life giving waters of the Nile.

Lapis resonates with both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye. When placed directly on the Throat Chakra or worn as a pendant, it will begin to dissolve and clear any blockages, enabling you to speak your truth with compassion and clarity. Placing Lapis directly on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation it will cleanse and balance your energy center, clearing the way to see beyond physical realm perceptions.

This blue and gold gemstone symbolizes purity of thought, purity of heart, infinite possibilities and the wisdom of the ages. Holding, wearing or placing Lapis near you will assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, propelling you forward on the path before you. It will encourage integration between your physical, mental, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies with your Etheric Energy Body.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, will assist you in speaking with clarity, integrity, choosing your words carefully so as not to cause harm upon yourself or others. Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in clearing blockages in your Throat Chakra, accepting yourself with grace and ease.

*Healing Properties: self-expression, integrity, balance and cleanse Throat Chakra

*Vibrational Frequency: calming, tranquil, strong, intense blue alchemy of truth and communication

*Spiritual Properties: wisdom of the ages, purity of thought, purity of heart, purifier of the Soul

Working with Lapis Lazuli for an extended period of time, will cause you to transform your leaden Physical Realm energy into the higher vibrational energy of the Spiritual Realm utilizing the flecks of gold within its core essence. A word of caution, if you are not yet ready or willing to accept your truth, your inner Self, it is best to wait until you are sure you are ready for once begun cannot be undone.

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

Copyright 2011 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide