Cubic Fluorite Crystal Cluster from China!


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Meet New Crystals looking for their new forever homes! 

*Golden Healer Clusters from Zambia!

*Candle Quartz from Madagascar!

*White Barite Clusters from Morocco!

Candle Quartz Magnetize Abundance to You: Candle Quartz is also known as Pineapple Quartz. The energy invites you to be yourself, trusting that what you are focusing on is coming to you. These beauties are also about balance and harmony, part of the whole when activating your magnetic attraction energy.

How? Hold it in both hands, breathe deeply and let go of anything that is not in alignment with your truest desires.

Golden Healer Clusters from Zambia! Solar Plexus Chakra Clearing, Balance and open your ‘prosperity and abundance channel’ to receive more of what you desire and less of what you don’t with confidence, knowing YOU DO DESERVE all things.

Empower yourself, intentions, and your goals.

White Barite Dream Your Desires: Your desires, intentions, visions you have for your life, relationships and business or career, starts with a dream. Bring your ‘dreams’ to life, tangible, visible reality so that you can do more, have more and express your innermost ‘Goddess Self’ making a difference only you can.


Your Crystal Connection LIVE Q&A Preview!

Oh My Goddess!  I did something that’s a bit scary and fun and exciting lol Just finished an LIVE preview-intro because next week, June 7th we’re live and it’s all about Pendulums and how to use, program, how to ask questions the right way …. ‘nothing held back, all-in’ step-by-step live tutorial! Come see the intro and then mark your calendar! Oh! You can post any questions you have about Pendulums right below the VID on the Tube! Please share this so others have a chance to see this and join us. 🙏💜


Etsy Shop Drop! Lavender Calcite and Baryite Clusters!

Etsy Shop Drop Lavender Calcite! This is a NEW FIND from Thunder Bay Mine, Ontario, Canada!

Barite (Baryte) ‘Desert Rose’ from Morocco! Petite Crystals have BIG energy to share with you!


4 Corner Crystal Grid for Your Home or Office

This is something I’ve put into place when I was still working a day job as an Executive Admin Assistant for the US Border Patrol .. long story for another time!

I’ve been discovering the magic of crystals since 1989 … yes that long! 

Anyway, about 15 years ago, I started to get into crystals differently and wanted rose quartz crystals and amethyst clusters to place in the four corners of my home.

This was way before knew anything about the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. A friend of mine was going and she asked if there was anything I wanted. Yes, I asked for 8 palm-size pieces of Rose Quartz and 4 Amethyst Clusters.

I was delighted to receive the crystals and began to clear any energies by putting on a window sill in my meditation / healing room.

A few days later, I intuitively placed one Rose Quartz and one Amethyst Cluster in each of the major corners of my home.

By *major corners* I mean, the primary North, South, East and West corners of your home or office. If you work from home, you also set-up a mini-4 Crystal Grid in your office. 

So you’d have two 4 Corner Crystal Grids, one for your home and then a mini-4 Corner Crystal Grid in your home office.

The result is that your home and / or office is continually filled with uplifting positive energy. Now of course, I also have Kyanite or Selenite with each of the Rose and Amethyst to help keep the crystals at their max energy potential.

There you have it ….

Here’s what you’ll need to set-up your 4 Corners Crystal Grid for your Home or Office:

*Rose Quartz: 4 to 6 palm-sized pieces (these can be palmstones or raw rose quartz)

*Amethyst Clusters or Palmstones: 4 to 6 clusters of equal size as the Rose Quartz

*Selenite or Kyanite: 4 to 6 pieces of equal size as Rose Quartz and Amethyst clusters

*Clear Quartz: you could add a BIG point or 2” cluster to increase the energy (optional)

Charging the Crystals:
*Place all the crystals in the sun for 2 days. Yes, you can use Full or New Moon energies.

Placing the Crystals:

*Choose one Rose Quartz, Amethyst Cluster and Selenite or Kyanite for each of the 4 major corners of your home or office.

And that’s it!

It just really sets an energy-tone and vibe for you that is uplifting and peaceful. No that doesn’t mean nothing will ever trigger or rile you up It does mean that things, in general, can be more serene and help you manage energy.


Tumbled Stones Collection

Crystal Grids … Wealth Bowls … Sun Sign Mandalas …


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