7 Results you can experience in this enlightening MasterClass …

I connect with my Lemurian Seed Crystal to help me understand ‘why’ something is happening and ‘what’ *I* can do or STOP doing to dissolve the thing’ creating the space for clearer insights, messages and answers about what’s next or ‘how’ to take action on the Guidance I am being given.Learn more here and join us

Lemurian Seed Crystal MasterClass: Lemurian Seed Crystals. Your Akashic Records. Your Purpose. YOU!


You and Master Crystology Secrets …

Hello beautiful Soul,

Do you ‘see’ yourself in the center …

If ‘yes’, we’d love to have you join us in something very special … The Crystal of the Month Club …

PS … This month, January, everyone who signs-up, receives a Special Crystal from my Secret Crystal Stash and their Welcome Crystal!!

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Are you aware using the wrong Crystals can …

Are you aware that using the *WRONG* can have the exact opposite effect for you? There’s so much more to knowing what to do and which Crystal to use and when to get the results you want, when you need them most. 

There are specific Crystals to help you turn that frustration and self-doubt about giving yourself-permission taking that next set of steps is nothing less than magical. 

The ability of ‘pretty rocks and stones’ to dissolve negativity is a quick way to trans-empower you and the way the rest of your day unfolds.

BETA Workshop — Power Crystals Live 101 Workshop

*Explore ways to focus your energy, thoughts and actions to expand your current level of knowledge and understanding about Crystals and how they can help you.

*Learn how tapping into the Magical Power of Crystals can help you remove unwanted negative self-talk.