The Aphrodite Stone ~ Cobalto Calcite

Cobalto Calcite ~ The Aphrodite Stone Unconditional Love Energy

Compassionate. Loving. Nurturing.

It’s easy to be compassionate with others, not always with yourself. Having the Aphrodite Stone by your bedside or in your Meditation Space, is an easy way to begin to experience this loving energy.

Going within to that pure-heart-space where Love resides is like being able to connect with the Cosmos, Universal Love Energy that offers you a comforting embrace that transcends everything.

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Apophyllite an all time favorite for higher-vibes, clearing connection with your Guides, your Higher-Self and Inner Intuitive Self


Hello Moon Goddess Crystal Jewelry Collection!

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Hello Moon Goddess!

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Hamsa Bracelets and Necklaces Crystal Jewelry

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Hand Over *YOUR* Heart

What better way to shield yourself from unwanted energies than to have this beautiful ‘hand’ over your Heart Chakra?


Chakra Necklace Crystal Jewelry

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On Wings of Angels Jewelry Collection, Intuitively Designed and Handmade, Balance, Harmony, Intuitive Connection and Insights, Telepathy, Serenity, Calms Conscious Mind, New Ideas, Prosperity and Abundance


Intuitively Designed and Handmade with Intention, Love and Infused with Crystal Reiki Energy.


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🦂 Hello Scorpio! We’ve got something special for you.

🦂 So much going on within and around you, like, all the time! You’re an Intuitive Powerhouse which can lead to feeling overwhelmed especially when there’s so much to figure out. Your sense of curiosity knows no bounds … still, take time to stop, breathe and connect with your inner-self more often.

🦂 Scorpio Traits:  

  • Intuitive Powerhouse, Curiosity, goes deeply into everything
  • Shaman Archetype which is all about inner-journeying, introspection, discovery and ultimate transformation on so many levels simultaneously
  • Magnetic personality, Charismatic, expresses creative energy in unique ways
  • Attract More Intense Life Experiences than other Zodiac Signs
  • Pluto helps you through major transformations, transition and rebirths
  • Mars tends to bring out the ‘driven’ warrior energy to just move through stuff

🦂 Is there a *Scorpio* you know who’d like special *just for Scorpio* Crystals? Birthdays are a great time to surprise someone you know and care for … we’ve got some rather intense energies coming very soon and these Crystals are sure to help smooth the way.


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💖 There is Magick In YOU 💖

There is *magick* everywhere. Yes, even in those moments that are less than ideal. I’ve been moving through emotions I thought were ‘healed’ and let go.

Each time *you* discover a piece to the puzzle of you, *stuff* is going to come to the surface. Be in *that stuff* allow *it* to fully let go of *you* and the *magick* that you are.

Sending *YOU* lots of love, healing energy and clearing your path vibes. Have a very magickal day, beautiful Soul. Please share this, there may be someone you know that needs to see this and be reminded, this too shall pass and everything works out for them.


Hello Libra! We’re delighted to See ✨YOU✨

Hello LIBRA! We’re delighted *YOU* are here!


You, Libra, are multi-faceted with the way you’re able to see the many sides to any situation, issue and experience. You take the time to *weigh* things out, seeing how decisions affect others, not just yourself.


Being *true* to your values, principles, and sense of *fair play* is at the core of everything you do and don’t do. Having like-minded people who are grounded around you, helps you maintain your sense of integrity while avoiding overthinking things.


Libra Birth Traits:

*Extroverted, harmony and balance, justice

*Known for their Charm and putting others at ease

*Non-Confrontational, Natural peacemakers,

*Fair Minded, Diplomatic, Creative, Optimistic

*Can be indecisive, Tend to overcomplicate things


This unique Birth Crystal Collection has been created just for you and your beautiful Libra Soul so that you can do what *you* feel is right for you, to balance ideas, thoughts, and possible outcomes.


Using 3 to 5 unique Libra Crystals, will help you *cut through* the clutter of thoughts and opinions, that tend to bog you down with so many details and potential paths to pursue.