[24 hours and counting] the “why” behind the book

A few days ago we introduced and released a BRAND NEW book “Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies.”

Almost two years ago I received guidance from Angels to write a book about them. At first I thought that was a bit strange since I had already been channeling their messages, written hundreds of articles and taught Angel classes for 6+ years … AND compiled a beautiful, full-color mediation journal of their messages.

Just like I say to my friends and clients — ask for confirmation — so I did. The “answer” was not what I expected … the book was to be about all nine Angelic Hierarchies.

OMG! How was that going to happen? After all I didn’t even know the names of the hierarchies memorized yet!

Long story short … after I procrastinated for 6 months, I finally surrendered and got started.

Once I got my human-self out of the way, I was given an “Angelic Realm Map’ making things much easier. It took some “self-talk” to wrap my conscious mind around writing an entire book! Then I realized I didn’t have to write a whole book, just one chapter at a time … now that I could do!

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Are your dreams too …

Are your dreams, the vision you have for your life, fulfilling your purpose …

… too small

… big enough

… or .. too big?

During a recent half day intensive, I asked my client what his vision or dreams for his life is.

We had been talking about his Guardian Angels, their names and exactly what they help him.

Like so many women and men I am privileged to work with, he is accomplished and considering retiring from a second career within the next 12 months.

When he tried to answer the question, there was hesitation because Ego-chitter chatter started up. Mind you, my client is well-spoken and has been consciously opening-up Spiritually.

Still, answering the question — what is you’re your vision or dream for your life, living your purpose of being of service as a Spiritual Life Coach and Angel Card Reader — it was not so easy.

We — all of us — are taught that we must work, sacrifice our own dreams until we retire. Then, maybe, we’ll have time to pursue our heart’s desires … our dream of helping others and fulfilling our purpose.

So I ask you … what is your dream? NOT the automatic answer you’ve rehearsed so no one looks at your weird or asks you a million-and-one questions you may or may know the answers too.

I am asking you to go deeper, below the surface of what you say to family, friends and even people you don’t know when they ask you … and even the story you tell yourself when to make you feel better for not being where you feel you ought to be by now

If your dream is too SMALL it won’t help pull you through the tough times, those Dark Nights of the Soul that literally attempt tp suck all the life-force right out of you!

Is your dream soooo BIG, that it’s oooo far out of reach in this lifetime that it stops you from ever getting started?

Here’s the thing …. Your vision, the dream you hold deep within your heart-center must be exactly the “right size” … not too small … not too big … but just right.

Before anyone says or thinks — Terrie Marie I just want to help people, it’s not about the money — or — I just want to follow my path, I want to be open to guidance …

Okay, I totally get that, I do. I used to be in that same spot mentally, emotionally energetically and Spiritually. AND, sometimes I find myself in that spot … temporarily.

If you aren’t clear about what you want to do, be or have … how are your Angel Guides going to guide you?

The image I’ve being given to help make this clearer than mud is this … imagine you are in a canoe on a slow peaceful river that’s two miles (kilometers) wide.

You have no paddles and there is no one else around as far as you can see. You are totally at the mercy of the wind, the speed of the current and the flow of the beautiful, slow moving river.

Yes, you will eventually get to where you want because you are affirming trust and faith, surrendering the outcome.

Being open to how your path unfolds is part of the journey. If you’re not willing to state with as much detail as possible, what you want, you’ll be easily distracted by shiny objects and creating resistance and delay every step of the way. Been there, done that … and sometimes catch myself starting to go there!

Sometimes my clients tell me they don’t want to be greedy, or make demands or worse … limit themselves. Ummm … when you plan a trip you know exactly where you want to go and how you’ll be getting there. There can be detours due to construction or you’ve decided to stop along the way at a scenic point, taking in the view.

Why are we soooo afraid to say or write out what we truly want?

Let’s face it … we’re afraid it won’t happen for us … we’re afraid  of what people will say or think about us … or worse we will fall flat on our batukus bruising our pride. For some, it might be a fear of success and what that may mean, or that the people in our lives will want something from us just because we’ve made it.

Here’s a news flash … even astronauts make course corrections. So do aircraft carrier Captains and pilots.

I have experienced many failures and will probably experience others along the way. Some of these failures are very public, others not so much. Sometimes I want to quit … sometimes I do … for a little while knowing full well, I’m just going to re-hire me.

To summarize … your dream must be just the right size to stretch you beyond what you have, who you are and where you are right now.

Your dream needs to be vivid enough to help you see the light even during the darkest moments and the blackest Dark Night of the Soul.

Your dream is the fuel that pushes, encourages … and at times … propels you forward even when it appears as if everything is completely against you.

So again, I ask you …. What is your dream? Is it too small? Is it too big or just big enough to grow into?

Isn’t it time you set yourself free from all the Ego-chitter chatter … all the … what if it doesn’t happen story we tell ourselves? Click here to get your Free copy of 6 Simple Set Me Free Steps; the fastest way to heal the past, clear blockages, release anger and resentment and detach from drama.


New Master Class Angels of Light


This Brand New Master Class: Angels of Light is an inner journey of healing and transformation.

We’re going to be going below the surface of negative energy resistance I refer to as energy walls and how to manage them so you are able to get a deep place of surrendering into trust and faith.

The Angels of Light that we’ll be revealing are: 

  • Archangel Taharial – Purity of God; Divine Protection

  • Archangel Metatron – He Who Walks with God; Angel of Mankind; Alignment

  • Angel Nathaniel – Angel of Fire; Purification and Courage

  • Archangel Sariel – Light of God; Dreams

 Click here to register.

Understanding the process of healing, releasing and clearing, can lead to surrendering in trust and faith, if you allow yourself to be fully immersed in the process itself.

Join me for the next in a series of Master Classes: Angels of Light an Inner Journey of Healing and Transformation.

Can’t wait to “see” you on the Call!

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


 PS. Please share this with your friends, family and someone you may know who has been facing challenges with negative energy, resistance to moving forward in any area of their life.


When you feel lost, make a course correction …


Arizona (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)


During the past few months, more specifically during the latter part of February and March, I have been re-building my business model from the inside out.

I have been sharing parts of this journey with you here. Yesterday, Monday, April 22nd, was my travel day from Phoenix back to El Paso, Texas. I love the drive, it gives me the freedom to “not think” about the next step or anything else that is or isn’t happening.

Taking a very deep breath, I share this with you … it’s one way I open myself to all that I am, being comfortable with being uncomfortable and vulnerable with my peers …

Interesting thing happened on my way home from Phoenix yesterday …. I took one wrong turn, I got confused about the highway signage and ended up on Loop 202 East. After a bit, I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be … I kept going until I just had to “get off the loop” and get some help, correcting my course …

I found someone to give me directions to I-10. Turns out they had no idea what they were talking about because I was on 60 East which turned into something else that would eventually get me to Tucson except that somehow I ended up in Mammoth, Arizona. I was heading East but I was still “off course.”

I felt guided to stop at a Circle K in Mammoth, Arizona to ask directions. There were 2 Highway Patrolmen talking to a man. I went into the Ladies room and when I came out there was 1 Patrolman still talking to the man (looked liked a friend).

I asked if I was heading in the right direction towards Tucson. No it was in the opposite direction I was headed. I nearly started crying. The 2 men gave me directions that took me back over the same “space” that I had just traveled. Once again I re-traced my steps knowing that this time I was much closer to my desired outcome.

I did get to I-10 and was once again in a familiar “groove” and indeed heading in the right direction.

I had started this segment of my journey just after 6am and finally found my “compass” and was on I-10 heading East by 10:30am. I had used 1/3 of a tank of gas and cried along the way asking my Angels to help me “get to El Paso”.

I just kept making course corrections until the right amount of seeking outside help and trusting that I was where I was supposed to be in the moment knowing that I would reach my destination.

This is a reflection of what I have been working through these past few months re-building my business model, re-directing my energies, experiencing several Dark Nights of the Soul, and finally closing the door on the “I can’t because” tribe and walking towards the “I can, I will, I am hiring you now” tribe.

I feel as though I am on track, there is more “work” to do … isn’t there always?

The whole point of sharing this with you is … if you feel like you are lost or you are not sure of the next step … keep going in the direction of your dream and make course corrections along the way.

It is that terrifyingly simple. Go within, seek balance, re-align who you are with what you know is possible and reach for the stars … remember to ask your Guides, your Angels each step of the way AND then be open to receiving all you have asked for amd more.

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Angels – The Angel of Discernment Gifts You With Clarity

Sunlight through trees at dawn

What would it mean for you to have clarity about where you have been, where you are and where you are going? Clarity of thought and emotion is everything.

Without clarity there can be little to no discernment. Without clarity there is action that repeats itself many times over with the same unwanted results.

So what is discernment and how is it interwoven with clarity? Discernment is defined as being able to distinguish or recognize the difference between what is part of your Spiritual Path for your Higher-Self and that which is not.

The Angel of Discernment waits for you to ask for help, in discerning with clarity, the way or ways to fulfill your Life’s Purpose. There are many choices along the way. If you are unsure, call upon this Angel to assist you in clearing the path, your thoughts and your emotions.

Having clarity about where you have been enables you to see beyond physical realm perceptions of what has manifested into your life as a result of all that is now behind you.

Where you are now is a reflection of past behavior, past emotions and actions taken or not taken. If you want to manifest differently, think, feel and act differently. What you see is a reflection of where you have been. It doesn’t have to be the predictor of where you are going.

A Message from the Angel of Discernment*

This day as every day there are many choices before you. In the seeking, in the asking and in the stepping forth along the path before you, there are many choices. How do you know which choice is for your highest and best good? How do you know the difference between that which is your truth and that which attempts to distract you from your truth? Take a few moments to breathe deeply inhaling Divine Light. Feel Divine Light infill every cell of your physical body. Breathe deeply exhaling all that does not serve you. Divine Light radiates outward from within to all your energy bodies, gently caressing your entire Be-ing. All things are as they are to be in this moment in perfect union. Choose emotions, thoughts, actions which serve you and your brethren, for in choosing the path less traveled you choose between love and fear, between light and shadow. Choose wisely, for in the choosing all is made manifest before you. As you think, so shall it be. As you feel, so shall it be. As you speak, so shall it be. And so it is. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Experiencing what has been labeled as a Dark Night of the Soul, is what is required for some people to actually stop and take note of where they no longer choose to be.

Discerning where you want to be and how to travel the path before you along your unique Spiritual Path, your Journey in physical form is having clarity about what is right, that which resonates within your heart center and your Solar Plexus and that which does not.

When you are ready to step beyond your current mind-set freeing you from repeating similar experiences, relationships and causing an energy shift, the way will be made clear. You then have the choice to move forward or stay where you are. It is as simply and as complicated as you allow it to be for you.

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