[starts tomorrow] How do you know Angels are with you?

One of the questions people ask me is how to know Angels are with them.

Answer: feel or sense their energy

Oh! You want more details? Sure, no problem! This is just one of the “behind the scenes” insights you’ll be privy to when you join us for International Angel Day.

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International Angel Day

This is the first time in more than 3 years that we have hosted this event and it’s Free!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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[registration closing] Angels and your Spiritual Path

When you raise your inner-vibration to connect with Angels, you become more consciously aware of what’s happening around you and opportunities in front of you.

Angels truly have no judgement about the reasons or intentions behind wanting to connect with them.

Whether you want to focus on Spiritual Growth or shift your point of attraction to manifest prosperity and abundance … Angels can help you.

AND connecting with Angels helps you with get clarity about your Spiritual Path. It’s that simple … and … yes, that complicated.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Why is it so hard to hear messages from Angels?

Well … it’s much simpler than we humans make it out to be. I’m not just saying this either!

I’ll give you a “sneak peek” hint …. Stop comparing how others receive messages and guidance from Angels and start focusing on how you can.

You are unique … there’s no one else like you. That means, you’re going to connect a little differently than anyone else even if your primary intuitive gift is the same as thousands of other people.

We’ll go more in-depth during the FREE International Angel Day online class.

You are going to join us … aren’t you?

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Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


What exactly are Angels?

There are so many questions about Angels like …

… What are Angels?

… Is my Grandmother (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, best friend … ) one of my Guardian Angels?

… Aren’t Angels just here to protect me from evil?

… How many Angels are around me right now?

These are just a few of the many questions you’ll get answers when you join us for International Angel Day. Click here to register (it’s FREE!)

Here’s what else we’ll be sharing with you …

*Discover how many Guardian Angels you have with you all the time

*What Angels are and what they aren’t

*3 “Down to Earth” ways to get answers to your biggest questions and challenges

*How to ask Angels for guidance and messages

*How Angels show-up and support you in your day-to-day life, work and business

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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… with the 3 Levels of Belief

… tap into the Angels of Light

… connect with the Angels of Vision

Then you do need the Master Angel Class Series.

Master Angel Class Series

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Master Angel Class Series

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


[Angels of Transformation] for only $11?

The truth is, until we have a clearer understanding of how Angels can help us with …

… how to Magnetize Your Dreams

… understanding the Secret Language of Universal Laws

… the 3 Levels of Belief

… tapping into the Angels of Light

… connecting with the Angels of Vision

You or someone you know will continue to struggle trying to figure it all out on our own.

So many people — maybe even someone you know — are frustrated because they haven’t found what they’re looking for … which Angels can help them in very specific ways.

There are, as always 2 options:

#1 – continue to spin your wheels, doing what you’re doing right now, exactly the way you’re doing them

— OR —

#2 – discover which Angels have shown-up for this Master Angel Class Series, where you’ll learn exactly how they will help you on your Spiritual Path and / or help you grow your business … all for only $11.

Master Angel Class Series click here

Another truth is, many of us already know how to connect with Angels and which Angels to call-on for healing, comfort and protection.

It’s also true that my life and work are very blessed to be connected to and with Angels every day.

These Master Angel Classes are one way to help you get faster results in less time, with more grace and ease.

So you can spend more time and more energy figuring these things out all on your own …

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Master Angel Class Series

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


you’re invited to join us for the Prospering Power of Angels MasterClass

Prospering Power of Angels resized

This is the outline for the Angels MasterClass:

*Identify and Remove Prosperity Blocks: You’ll learn how to let go of fear and doubt, shift your point of attraction and quiet Ego-chitter chatter

*Create Your NEW Prosperity Agreement: You’ll learn how to heal negative money beliefs, replacing them with positive ones without having to choose between being Spiritual and financially prosperous

*Call-In and Connect with Your Prosperity and Abundance Angel Delegation: You’ll learn exactly what Prosperity and Abundance Angels can do for you, how to connect with them and what kinds of questions to ask and how to ask so you get clear guidance and messages.

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This is going to a fabulous Prosperity Angels class!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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the top 6 questions answered …

Here it is plain and simple … answers to the top 6 questions:Prospering Power of Angels resized

#1 – How many Angels are there?

There are Six Prosperity and Abundance Angels who are here to work with us.  Your Angel Delegation will have at least three Prosperity and Abundance Angels.

You will know exactly which Angels will help you with your dreams, Spiritual Path and / or your Divine Life Purpose. You’ll learn how to call-in and connect with them.

#2 – Will I really be able to change what I believe about having real prosperity and abundance and not just making ends meet?

It would be out of integrity for me to say yes of course, everyone will. The truth is, some will and some won’t because change isn’t always easy.

It takes practice and a willingness to be open and believe it can really happen for you … believing it is doable and not just a pipe dream.

If you follow the steps in this Prosperity Angels MasterClass, you will get results.

#3 – I’ve tried this kind of thing before, so how do I know what the real core issue is that’s blocking me?

That’s one of the 3 keys that we’ll figure out together. We’ll be taking a deep dive to get to uncover what this is for you so it can be healed. Everyone has a negative money story and beliefs that prove to us just how “real” the story is.

These negative beliefs aren’t all yours. Sure, they “belong” to you now. But, here’s the kicker … most of what we’ve been taught and heard growing up, goes back several generations!

This is why it has been such challenge to really get this and let it go.

#4 – What is a negative money story? How do I write the prosperity agreement and be sure I’ll get it right?

A negative money story is what people themselves and anyone who will listen to their “Whoa Is Me” story about how hard it is for them to make ends meet or how broke they are … and the list goes on.

When I’m really tired, I catch fear and doubt start to creep into my thoughts.

I will walk you through step-by-step how I broke my negative money contract and re-wrote a new powerful, prosperity agreement.

#5 – how will I know who my Prosperity and Abundance Angels are? Do they have names? Does everyone have the same Angels?

There is a special process of selecting the Prosperity and Abundance Angels that are the right and perfect match for you and what you need and want.

Yes, they have names and you’ll learn what they do, how they will help you specifically, how they will guide you and how to work with each one of your Prosperity and Abundance Angel Delegation.

No, your Angels will not be the same as everyone else’s Angels.

#6 – what happens if I sign-up and can’t make the live class after-all? Will there be a recording? Am I going to miss anything?

Yes, absolutely the online class will be recorded. In the event there are techie issues — which sometimes happens — there will be a live encore class, at not charge of course.

You will get everything, you won’t miss a thing. You will have lifetime access to the recording so you can listen to it as many times as you like.

Okay, so now you have answers to the top 6 questions.

Still on the fence? Time is running out click here for more information and to enroll today because enrollment closes tomorrow.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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Saying “Yes” is about …

… surrender, guidance, openness, listening and being fully present.

So what would you be saying “yes” too?

Let’s start with your Divine Life Purpose. Okay … maybe you know what that is and maybe you don’t.

Some of you do know what it is or at least have an idea what your Divine Life Purpose is but not sure how to go about fulfilling it.

If you are someone who doesn’t have even the tiniest idea what it is, how are you going to be able to say “yes”?

This is the first and most important step along our journey in physical form, saying “yes” even when we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into!

Surrender is one of the most difficult challenges we face because we have been taught to control our environment and our thoughts and emotions.

We must also control what we say and how we say it. And if that wasn’t enough, we are to watch our actions to be we are appropriate.

Only by being willing to trust in the power within, can we even begin to let go of the overwhelming compulsion to control everything and everyone around us.

It is not at all easy or rational to surrender, placing our trust and faith in something we can’t’ see or touch. And yet, this is part of the process of saying “yes”, to all that is waiting for us in the Realm of Spirit.

We are of course responsible for doing our part. But where does surrender end and doing our part begin … and … where does doing our part end and surrender begin?

That’s when guidance, our inner-intuitive knowing can be very helpful and valuable. I say may be helpful because many of us don’t even listen to our inner-intuitive self or we discount what we get.

The secret to actually receiving guidance from Spirit and our Angels is to believe we can, and then being willing to be open enough to recognize, accept and act on what we get.

Ask and you shall receive.

Knock and the door shall be opened to you.

Seek and you shall find.

There are soooo many times I have done all three — ask, seek, knock — only to feel that NOTHING happens! Well, I forget to get out of my own way, creating space for what I asked for. It is that simple and that complicated all in the very same breath!

Once we have asked for guidance, the next step is being open to actually receive we what we have asked for.

You just might be surprised at how many times I hear people say they don’t believe Angels hear them or will answer them.

The secret to being open is simple … set all dis-belief and feelings of being …

… unworthy

… not special or good enough or important enough

… unlovable

… able to actually receive messages and guidance from Angels, Spirit, Divine Source

The truth is the exact opposite of everything and whatever else popped into your head … Angels do hear you and want very much to help all of us … yes, this means you too!

Our hearts can’t be filled with anger, fear, resentment, bitterness or unforgiveness and still be open to receiving guidance, Divine Guidance from Angels, Divine Source or our inner-intuitive self.

We must be willing to let-go-of-something in order to create space to receive. Don’t believe me?

Okay, try this … close your hand and make a really tight fist. Now … how much light or candy or money or anything else is going to be in the palm of your hand when there’s only a tight fist?

Now, open your clenched fist just a little … it is this simple, and yes, this complicated. You are either open or you aren’t.

Part of being open is listening … really listening to the person who is speaking and even to that very soft, subtle voice that comes from deep within.

Listening means not thinking about what you’re going to say next  or what you would rather be doing in that moment. Stop and listen. Then and only then can you be fully present for yourself and for others.

Being fully present is the absence of thinking or doing anything else. If you are feeling upset or irritated, then honor what you are feeling instead of stuffing it down into your heart-center and Solar Plexus.

Be consciously aware of what you say, do, feel and the energy within and around you.

One of the ways to stop and listen is to be consciously aware and be fully present is to get rid of negative energy. There are many ways that are easy and create amazing results.

Like anything and nearly everything else in this Earthly life, it requires from us patience, practice and a commitment to things differently until they become second nature for us, just like breathing and walking.

To help you get rid of negative energy, I’ve put together a short workbook — Three Simple Steps to Dissolve Negative Energy and Raise Your Inner-Wealth Frequency — and it’s your FREE when you click here, on this link.

Here’s to you SAYING “YES” more often with trust and faith even when you have no idea just how far out of your comfort zone — or stuck zone as I call it – you are stepping.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


When “shift happens” then what?

When “shift happens” do you …

… curl up into a ball and hide in a dark corner

… go off the deep-end emotionally

… threaten to quit and maybe you do “quit” for a short period of time

… wonder why everyone else is manifesting their dreams but you aren’t

… question guidance because things didn’t turn out the way it was “supposed” to

… feel like everything is falling apart all around you

… feel like you’re all alone

I have done all of those things more than once and it wasn’t pretty!

When “shift happens” you can ride it out and hope for the best or you …

… take a step back, honoring what you are feeling

… go deeper within taking time to look at how far you really have come compared to where  you started

… be willing to let go of everything and everyone (clients, friends, family, colleagues) who are no longer a match to where you are going

… purge the clutter in your mind, heart-center and in your physical environment

… take a day trip giving you space, giving you a different perspective on things

Then what? You start where you are, pick-up the pieces that weren’t really broken to begin with. And the pieces that are truly broken … you send  them as much love and forgiveness as possible  and you start again at a higher level than you were before “shift happened.”

When you decide to start on your Spiritual Path, there are so many issues that come to the surface for healing and releasing.

It’s also about surrendering in trust and faith, giving up fear and doubt.

When “shift happens” you have a choice of going backwards where it’s safe or taking a deep breath and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

That’s what is happening for me this summer … intense transition and transformation … taking consistent, massive action is what makes “shift happen” in every area of your life.

Summer is a good time to re-evaluate your programs, who you are attracting, the path you are on and of course your fee structure.

I want to work with more women and men who want to make a huge impact in their life, the lives of their families and clients AND who want to get their message out in a bigger, more powerful way because they are tired, frustrated and down-right finished running that “whoa is me” wall that stops 80% of the world’s population.

It’s all about tapping into your inner-intuitive guidance and being willing to take a risk on you to create your life and business your way.

Shift is happening all around us every moment of every day. The big question is … are you “shifting within” or are you listening to all those negative “whoa is me” messages in your head, courtesy of Ego-chitter chatter?

My Angelic Board of Directors, my Angel Dream Team, has been guiding me to blend my business expertise and my Spiritual Path. This is how or why the SpiritualPreneur Summit and eventually the online magazine are a part of my path.

I am making a huge leap and re-evaluating my own financial structure and I want to give you a hand-up.

Beginning July 21st — that’s just 11 days from today — my fees are going up by 70%.

My coach thinks I’m crazy for NOT doubling my fees because he knows the transformational value that my clients can and do achieve working with me.

When you step-up, showing-up more powerfully for you, your business, you’re honoring you and your dream of financial freedom … AND … creating space for your community to do the same.

It is about increasing your capacity to become consciously aware of the limitless opportunities all around us.

This is just a sliver of what I teach my high-end clients — awareness of core issues keeping them from achieving financial goals — and how to harness their internal power to create a more prosperous and reality for themselves and their families.

Everyone grew up with hearing how bad having a lot of money is. there’s a new TV show filled with negative role models both rich and not-at-all rich alike. I had to turn it off it was so vile!

Money is a form of energy. Money is power. When you control your own financial destiny, you have the power to re-write  your current reality.

Whether you’ve been a part of this online community for a while or you’re fairly new, it’s no secret I’m all about energy … channeling it … shifting it …  purging it and re-defining it in ways that support you, your dreams and your path .

What I do for you, I do first for myself. It’s not to walk your talk. You must step-up into the fullness of the person you crave to be and talk your walk.

And because I talk my walk, I’ll feel energetically out of balance if I do not get compensated at the level that is congruent with the life-altering possibilities you can create for yourself.

Here’s your personal invitation for a Complimentary Exploration Session. Click here now to get started.

Like I said earlier I am giving you a hand-up … my fees remain where they are for the next 11 days.

AND … I’m accepting a limited number of students into the exclusive Angel Dream Team Coach Certification program. The investment for this six-month 1:1 intensive goes up significantly starting July 21st.

Before the “whoa is me story” starts with all the reasons why you can’t … where else can you “buy into” a Franchise Business opportunity that helps you see and take advantage of your unlimited potential?

Oh yes … there are payment programs to help those who are ready to take a risk on themselves and their dreams and accept the hand-up they are being offered.

These prices are no “drop in the bucket” I totally get that so to be sure this is the right fit for you — our working together — click here for your 1:1 Complimentary Exploration Session and I’ll happily answer ALL your questions like what can happen for you.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.