Spiritual Expansion – What Is Metaphysics

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We hear the word Metaphysics quite often and yet its meaning may be a bit mysterious. In its simplest form, Metaphysics is that which is beyond the physical. We could simply leave it at that and be on our merry way but that would be a disservice to you.

Beyond the physical, what does this mean? It can mean many things. So we shall begin with my understanding of what beyond the physical means.

Seeing is one way to discern what is in physical form and that which is not. That which is seen with your eyes can be deceiving. Meaning someone may be a master of concealing their true intentions. Yet being able to see beyond surface appearances is a gift of discernment. It is not about being able to see or not see through your Third Eye. It is about being able or being willing to see beyond what another is projecting for you to see.

Hearing guidance is hearing with your intuition, your inner ears. It is hearing the whispering of messages and guidance in the form of energy in all its subtle and not so subtle vibrations.
Having and practicing faith and trust is believing in that which is not yet manifested into physical form. Yet you just know it is about to manifest as you travel the path before you.  There is a sense or feeling or anticipation, things just feel different.

Many have a sense of what is about to happen, it is simply a sense of knowing yet there is little to nothing tangible to validate this sense of knowing.

Spirit is beyond dense physical matter. Spirit is something we sense, we simply know it is within us and around us. Spirit manifests in the form of Angels, signs, Spirit Guides, the scent of someone who has transitioned from this life. Spirit is the Spark of Divinity within each living creature. There is a Spark within all things to include crystals and minerals. The Spark exists even within the darkest of shadows among us.

Beyond the physical is many things and it is one thing. It is anything that is not dense physical matter and yet it is so much more than that. It is projecting your energy to another person, place or time. It is radiating that which is within you whether you are consciously aware of what you are doing or not. It happens, it is a Cosmic or Universal Law. Energy is permeates all things.

Metaphysics is the believing in that which cannot be seen, touched, tasted, or heard with any of your physical senses. To be open to that which is unseen by the human eye, not touched by a human hand is to know you are part of something beyond the physical boundaries of that which defines your physical body.

It is within your reach and it is just beyond your reach all in the same moment. You can see it. You can touch it. You can see through it. How? Be open to the possibilities to reach past all you have ever been taught from the days of your physical birth. Are you willing to walk your path, knowing you are truly a part of something, an energy that is not contained within the parameters of what is or is not in physical form?

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Spiritual Expansion – A Journey of Self-Acceptance

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All that you are is a result of what is now behind you. Yes, you have heard and read these words many, many times before. Have you been able to discern exactly how to accept who you are?

This is an issue that many attempt to resolve within themselves. My intention is to share with you my understanding of how to reconcile what no longer is and being able to assimilate your physical energy with your Spiritual energy.

Self-Acceptance is part of the journey. It is a large part of being able to discover and then being able move forward towards fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.  If you are not able to truly accept you as you are it will indeed be a challenge to face all that is before you.

It would of course be much easier to simply stay where you are. What does this mean, stay where you are? It means exactly what the words and the energy imply. There are several choices, go backwards, stay where you are or move forward.

Staying where you are is surrendering all you desire to accomplish, to heal and giving-up on figuring out your sense of worth and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

So how do you accept you? How do you reconcile the gap between where you have been and where you want to go? It is simple, yet it is not always easy. It requires Soul searching, releasing excuses, releasing pain and sorrow. It requires you to reach through and beyond everything you have ever known. It requires that you not listen to ego chatter which only seeks to dis-empower you.

Self-acceptance requires you to absolute let go of everything you have come to know and accepted as truth along the way.  Surrender, total surrender is placing
all faith, trust and knowing you are Divinely supported in all ways.  It requires healing. It requires you to take action.

Responsibility for where you are and where you are not rests solely with you. If you are not able to trust that all is unfolding for you in ways beyond your knowing, to include your Soul Mate relationship, health and finances then you will have a much more difficult path to travel.

The key to self-acceptance is truly allowing you to fall into the hands of Spirit knowing you will be caught. Trust is a key ingredient to accept you are on the path for which you were intended, the path of discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

It is about releasing fear, emotions and thoughts having anything to do with negativity or lack. It is about being responsible for success, for being a conduit of healing, a channel for the Divine to flow into, through and within in you. It is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is about allowing your Divinity to radiate from within you regardless of what others may think, say or do.

Do not allow someone else’s negativity, disapproval or their self-limiting thoughts of lack dictate how you travel your path. Your path is yours, it is unique to you. You are unlike any other Human in this realm and yet you are the same. You are light. You are love. You are One with Source.

In truth you are whole, complete and perfect. In truth there is no separation from Spirit. In truth you are priceless. In truth you light reflected from Divine Source. In truth you are all these things and more than words are able to adequately express.

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Ascended Master – St Germain and Violet Flame Alchemy


Alchemy is the ability of changing or altering base metals into gold. In terms of Spiritual Expansion, alchemy is the gift of being able to transition from dense physical energy to higher vibrations of Spirit while still in physical form. Transition leads to transformation connecting or deepening your connection with Spirit expanding your conscious awareness on many levels.

Violet is the highest color or energy vibration which is capable of burning off all unwanted negative energy. It is also capable of clearing out or cleansing unwanted thought patterns, releasing you from limiting beliefs and protects you from the negative thoughts of others.

Protection from negative energy projected by people around you is not the only form of protection that is essential for you as you travel the path before you.  It is also important for you to be aware of your own thoughts and emotions which are created in love and light not of fear and lack.

St. Germain of the Violet Flame assists everyone who seeks to be reminded of his or her own Divinity. As you work with St Germain, you begin releasing self-doubt, freeing you from limitations as you raise your vibration. Raising your vibration in turn allows you to rise above ordinary, mundane issues of everyday life in the physical realm.

St Germain resides in the highest vibrational frequency known to mankind, that of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame extinguishes all manner of impurity, burning away collected negative energies within our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

As you expand your sense of conscious awareness, you are open to accepting transformation on a very personal level in all directions of time and space on all levels. Trusting that transformation is more than a possibility is the key to being open to all that is before you, to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Ascended Master St. Germain are Tangerine Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Amethyst, Sugilite, Ametrine, Rainbow Quartz and Peacock Ore.

The primary Chakra energy centers St. Germain works with are the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye the Sacral Chakra.  This Ascended Master will assist you in you in opening your Third Eye to expand your vision of seeing both with your physical eyes and with your inner sight. Opening your Crown Chakra enables you to connect more easily with Spirit and your own Divinity. The Sacral Chakra is the center of focused energy and creativity.

A Message from St. Germain*

Child of the Violet Flame, go within seek your guidance as you seek the silence within your heart space. Let there be only love which flows from you in all directions. Let there be only that which creates a sense of sacredness within your thoughts, within your inner-Self. Be aware of all that is within and all that is around you. Be aware and acknowledge all that you are all that you have been and all you choose to become. Be willing to accept the time spaces of that which is and that which is yet to be, the in-between spaces where all transition occurs. Allow the Violet Flame to purify your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. Come from your truth radiating your Divinity as you become a beacon of Violet Light not only for you but also for others. There are many who have their eyes upon you. Do not allow the thoughts of others to hold you from your good. Do not allow your own thoughts to hold you from you good. Travel the path, the Path of Violet
Light in truth and honor. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Alchemy is change, transition from one place or energy vibration to another. Transition is the gateway to transformation if you are willing to be open your heart, your mind and your Spirit to the truth of who you are. You are whole, complete and conceived in love and light a reflection of Divine Source.

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Angels – Uzziel is the Angel of Faith

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There are many attributes which are seen and unseen. Among the most challenging to surrender is fear, fear of the unknown. The unknown is not a threat. It is or can be a gift of being able to experience a shift within you knowing you are protected and supported as you continue to move forward with all you desire.

Having faith is trusting that all is unfolding in Divine Order according the that which is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher Self.

Faith is defined as perfect knowing. Your conscious mind reacts to a multitude of conditioned responses, thoughts and emotions. The more you practice a particular belief or behavior, the more you have faith that you will achieve the same outcome time and time again.

It is a belief, an undeniable belief that there is nothing standing in your way. It is the belief that as you follow guidance, the unmistakable guidance of Angels and Spirit, all unfolds in Divine Order arriving in Divine Order. Faith opens doors which fear attempts to keep closed.

A Message from Uzziel*

Faith, how do you perceive a virtue such as faith?  Do you perceive it as a testing, a trial, or as lessons? Faith is an elusive virtue of patience. Mercy, compassion, love, forgiveness, acceptance, gentleness are all expressions of faith. That which faces you now, do you have faith that all is in Divine Order? Do you practice the virtues of faith within yourself?  Do  you first practice loving you? In loving you there is an abundance of love, an abundance of faith in all its many facets to share with another. In the practicing of faith, we remind you the perception of being tested is an Earthly realm concept. Radiate love. Imagine sending forth soft loving rose light. Place yourself in a bubble of rose light allowing you to sense being filled with unconditional love, joy and contentment. Imagine soft loving rose light enfolding someone close to you. Breathe in soft rose light, exhale shadow and darkness for these would steal from you all your deepest desires. In the face of that which appears to be confrontational is the perception on the part of another. Is there a shift within you signifying disruption within a known comfort zone? This we say to you, go within, become peaceful, radiate love, radiate kindness, radiate the light of the Lord for all is occurring in Divine Time, in Divine Order. Seek first peace within, peace shall radiate outward touching all with your thoughts, actions, emotions. Faith, how do you practice choose to the gift of faith this day?  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

When you are ready to move forward leaving behind all that no longer serves you, there is a place deep within, a knowing that you have all you need to succeed. Success is determined by you and you alone. No other walks the path as you do.

As with all things practice makes the master. Master your inner emotions, the thoughts that attempt to keep you where you are. Allow you to flow your energy to where you want to be, following your path and ultimately fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

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Crystal Healing – How to Use Quartz Healing Crystals

What are healing crystals? They are crystals, a pair of Clear Quartz Crystals that are used to detox and heal your emotional, mental, physical bodies, your Aura and the Ethereal energy field. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other crystals and minerals.

What do these crystals do? These special crystals enable the user to direct pure Divine Energy into and through their physical body. Using crystals is a natural way to enhance the body’s own healing capability, to process energy at a higher rate of vibration.

Before you can begin using Clear Quartz Healing Crystals during healing sessions, it is essential to choose or allow the crystals to choose you. One of the best ways to discern which healing crystals are the right ones for you to be working with is to be open the vibrational frequency of the crystals themselves.

If you are lucky enough to find crystals already in pairs, most of the “work” has been done for you. You simply “ask” which set of crystals resonate with you. How would you discern which ones are the right ones for you? Calm yourself, breathe deeply exhaling slowly and pass your left hand slowly over each set. The crystals which radiate a warmth or distinct sense of energy into the palm of your hand are the ones which resonate with you and your energy best.

If you are unsure if what you are sensing or feeling is real, hold the crystals in the palms of your hands. Remember the point of the crystal in your left hand should be directed towards your wrist. The point of the crystal in your right hand is to be directed towards your fingers away from your wrist.

It is important for the Quartz Healing Crystals to be held in each hand with the points both facing towards and away from you, allowing energy to flow through you. When working with a set of healing crystals, you become a channel, a conduit for Divine Energy to flow in to and out of your physical body. If the points are both facing away or towards you it blocks the natural flow.

Once you have chosen which crystals you will work with. Cleanse and re-charge the crystals prior to using them for the first time. To cleanse and re-charge your crystals, rinse them in cool water, pass them over incense or place them in the Sun light for a few hours.

Now you are ready to begin using your Healing Crystals. Quiet your mind, hold your crystals in your hands, breathe deeply exhaling slowly and speak the Invocation of Light 3 times. You may speak it aloud or silently to yourself. The Invocation of Light is: I invoke the Spark if Divinity within, I am a clear and perfect channel, Light is my guide.

You will begin to feel a soft tingling vibration at first. It may take a little practice for you to actually feel or sense the energy from the crystals flowing though you. Whether you feel or sense the energy of the crystals flowing through you right away or not, trust that it is happening.

The healing crystal in your left hand draws in pure energy from Divine Source. As the energy flows in to, through and out of your right hand, it takes with it all that is no longer needed. Meaning, as you open yourself to Divine Source, allowing Divine White Light to flow through you, all negative energy that has been collected, stored and become stagnant is purged from within you and your Aura.

Remember your Aura is a direct reflection of what is and is not happening in your physical body.

You can perform this simple self-healing technique on yourself by laying down, sitting in your mediation chair or standing up with your feet shoulder width apart.

You may choose to allow yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes the first few times you practice this crystal healing technique. As you become comfortable, gaining confidence in you, you will begin to notice how differently your body feels. You will begin to feel and experience harmony and peacefulness more often and for longer periods of time.

When you have completed your self-healing session, cleanse and re-charge the crystals. It is essential to increase your intake of water over the next 24 hours to complete your inner detox and healing process.

This simple crystal healing technique is very effective. Working with crystals will enhance your daily life and expand your sense of conscious awareness.

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Angels – Rainbow Angel Arrianna Angel of the Realm of Blue Light

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The color blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, is the color of movement, free flowing energy and communication. Blue symbolizes emotion, speaking your truth not only to others but also to you. If you cannot speak your truth to yourself, it is more difficult to express your ideas, concerns and your desires.

As a symbol of Divinity, it represents boundless imagination, the unlimited potential you brought with you into this life. When you gaze up at the sky, at the horizon, at a lake or the ocean what do you see?  Do you see an edge where your vision is simply blocked from seeing further? No, you are gifted with seeing beyond that which is directly in front of you.

Arrianna, the Angel of the Blue Ray, gifts you with peace and understanding, the ability to see beyond the moment, to travel beyond that which is now behind you. She will assist you in experiencing peacefulness, soothing and calming excess energy creating a sense of harmony deep within your inner core essence. This Rainbow Angel calls upon you to become consciously aware of your own Divinity, the Spark of Divinity within you.

Celestial Blue by any other name is that of Aqua Aura, the sky, the ocean and of waterfalls. Aqua Aura is the crystal of the Blue Ray, that of Rainbow Angel Arrianna. Blue is soothing and calming. It is a symbol of Spirituality and the Divinity within. The color blue calms the Spirit and soothes the Soul.

Aqua Aura draws you in moment by moment, assisting you in releasing fear of the unknown. It offers protection from the conscious mindful negativity of others, dissolving negativity within you, allowing you to open your heart to the Realm of Spirit. It offers psychic protection, the opportunity for self-transformation and multi-dimensional healing.

Are you willing to open your heart, your mind, Soul and your Spirit to all that is gifted to you in the Realm of Spirit? Place Aqua Aura in your left hand, call upon Angel Arrianna to assist you in seeing the truth for yourself, your truth, not the truth another would have you see. Be willing to speak your truth to yourself. It need not be spoken aloud. It is essential you become aware of and accept you as you are now this moment. If you are not content with where you find yourself, begin where you are and move forward one step at a time.

A Message from Arrianna*

Child of light to whom do you speak your truth if you do not speak it to yourself? Where do you gift your eyes to seeing if not your truth? Sit in the silence; look up at the sky on a cloudless day. Can you not see far into the horizon beyond all that is now known to you? Inhale the coolness of the skies, the oceans, the lakes and the rivers. Allow your Spirit energy to flow past all you have known. Allow your Spirit energy to flow out beyond the horizon of what is now behind you. Begin where you are beloved child of light, see beyond that which is known to you. Speak your truth with love in your voice, in your heart. See your truth when you gaze into the reflection of your Soul. Be not afraid of who you are, for you whole, complete and perfect. You are a child of light. You are created in the likeness of Angels. Be kind to you this day, seek peacefulness and harmony. Joy and laughter shall follow you always as you flow effortlessly along the stream of life before you.* channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Arrianna is waiting to heed your request to speak to yourself with loving kindness as you begin to flow with the stream of energy rather than against it. Flowing with the energy stream enables you to transition from where you are to where you want to be effortlessly. Begin now, begin today. Don not wait any longer to accept you as you are for you are light and love.

The sound of a gurgling stream, waves gently rocking the shore with their rhythmic song is music to my restless Soul.  What speaks to you?

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Angels – Angel of Spiritual Growth

Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France.

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As each one of us begins the journey, the journey of discovering or re-discovery of who we are, where we and where we choose to be, there is expansion; expanding beyond what is known.

What is expansion? Expansion, in my understanding, is the stretching of self-made boundaries, self-imposed limitations, no longer accepting another’s projection for us. Expansion is choosing to begin at the beginning of each day as the dawn turns a dark sky into a prism of color.  Expansion is becoming more aware, becoming consciously aware of where you are, where you have been choosing not to stay in a comfort zone that no longer resonates within.

There is a Flame of Divinity within the Heart Center of every living creature. The Flame or Spark of Divinity at times may appear to be non-existent yet it is there. Do you choose to see beyond that which is in front of you? Perhaps you are comfortable where you are. You may or may not like what you feel, what you see or where your life appears to be. You are the only person who is capable of shifting your energy or remaining where you are.

A Message from the Angel of Spiritual Growth*

The flame burns brightly within thee, casting out doubt, casting out shadow. The spark of Divinity resides within thy core essence. The spark of Divinity shines forth illuminating all before thee. There are many paths before thee. Choose that which is for you highest and best good. Choose that which brings peace and harmony, joy, abundance and prosperity, kindness and compassion for thy Self and those around you. Release that which is before thee. Open thy heart, thy mind, thy Soul. Release that which is before thee knowing all is healed in the moment of the asking. Having asked for healing, step out of your own way; allowing grace to infill thee with peaceful contentment. In the moment of the releasing, the Light of the Lord Creator shall infill you with loving kindness, compassion. Step into the light beloved child releasing seeds from days gone by. Be willing to plant new seeds of faith, trust, love and light in your own inner garden. Tend thy garden well, for all blossoms in the light, warmed by the flame of illumination. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Level

Expansion is being willing to go beyond all you have ever known, being willing to step off what appears to be the edge of a cliff and trusting all is in Divine Order. Expansion is trusting there are stones to place your feet upon or you will be given wings to fly!

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Angels – Archangel Sandalphon Angel of Prayer, Higher Truth and Healing

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What is Higher Truth? Your higher truth emanates from within, the still small voice which resonates from deep within your core essence. The Spark of Divinity within each one of us begins with the receiving of unconditional love and light of the Creator of All There Is.

What is Prayer? Prayer is the language of your Soul Essence, the quietness of the mind when asking, seeking guidance from thee Angels, from the Spirit. In truth, all we seek is already contained within. All we seek to know about ourselves, our reason for being is contained within our Soul. Prayer is the asking for all to be revealed to us in the moment of the asking.

What is Healing? Healing is the releasing of all that has or continues to cause you pain, sorrow, discomfort in any form whether it be thought, action or emotion. Healing is releasing the fear of not having all you desire for in truth it is already yours.

A Message from Archangel Sandalphon*

What do you seek beloved child? How do you seek the desires of your heart, mind, and Spirit? Ask and it is given. Knock and the door shall be opened to you. Seek and you shall find.  How do you communicate with the Creator?  Do you sit in the silence?  Do you speak your desires aloud or silently to yourself? Do you write your desires and burn them by the flame of the candle?  Do you seek answers?  Perhaps you seek forgiveness, love, abundance, harmony, or joy. In all things, know your prayers are answered in the moment of the asking. Be open to receive that which you desire. Be open to receiving guidance in the form of whispered thought, people crossing your path, songs, passing conversations, experiences, or passages in a book. Be open to receiving that which you seek. Give to you as you would give to others.  Love you as you would love others. Be open to receiving that which you seek.  All shall be made manifest; in the Realm of Spirit all is already yours in the moment of the asking. Know it is so. In the asking, in the receiving, in the giving, you shall find all; the way is made open to you.  *channeled through Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady

Be willing to step aside, to step out of your own way, being open to all that you already are in the Realm of Spirit where all is already known, all is manifested in your name for your highest and best good. All is in made whole, you are whole complete and perfect now this moment.

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Angels – Archangel Raphael Healing and Harmony

Archangel Raphael represents the Divine Healer within each of us.  He is the patron of travelers, and of journeys within, assisting you in healing your body, mind, and Spirit on all levels, in all directions of time and space.  This Archangel is the protector and guide for healers, in all healing professions.  Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in releasing limiting beliefs, healing your heart from hurt or disappointment, real or perceived.  He will, if asked, guide you to the right and perfect healer or physician to assist you.

Colors usually associated with this Archangel are emerald green and amethyst purple. Green is most often associated with the Heart Charka and purple is the color of healing and for healers. Purple is also associated with the Crown Chakra, Spiritual Expansion and conscious awareness.

A Message from Archangel Raphael*

There is much which surrounds you that is not of love and light. In all things heal you. Heal your core from that which is behind now behind you. That which is now behind you has brought you to where you are. Celebrate giving thanks where you are for it shall be your stepping stone to all that is before you. Look within; discover your own Divine Spark of Divinity. Your inner Spirit is whole complete perfection.  Your inner Spirit needs nothing, no one outside itself, for all things, all needs, all desires await you in the Realm of Spirit. Your physical self seeks healing, comfort, love, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. Know you are all things to yourself and to all who surround you. Choose to heal your inner Self. Choose to release all that no longer serves you. Choose to step into the light of forgiveness. Stepping into the light creates a sense of freedom, releasing you from past burdens, worries or concerns. Burdens do not aid you in the seeking of happiness and joy. In reaching for joy in all things, great and small, align yourself with the light, in oneness. In truth there is no separation between your core essence of love and light and your physical self. Your core essence is always connected with Divine Source Energy. In truth you are always connected with your inner Spirit, always connected with your Higher Self, with the One Source of All There Is. Choose healing. Choose peace and harmony. Choose light. Choose to love you unconditionally. Choose courage. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Do you seek you a love relationship, perhaps your Soul Mate? Begin healing your heart space, the physical center of love and emotion. Release all past relationships, clearing space for your Soul Mate, your life’s partner. Release feelings of not being loveable or of being unloved. As you focus on your inner healing, your energy shifts. As your energy shifts you project or radiate a loving energy attracting more love into your life. As you become more loving, loving you and others more openly, you attract to you all you desire and more.

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Pink Crystals and Gemstones – Rose Calcite Stone of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness


The self-healer within each of us resonates with the pink ray, the soft, subtle, yet deeply penetrating rose colored energy of love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is an essential part of Spiritual Expansion. Learning to forgive the Self and others is learning to release ourselves and others for past mistakes or missteps along the way.

Rose Calcite is also known as Cobalto, Rose or Pink Calcite. The color ranges from soft rosy-pink to deep rose. Its crystalline structure, its appearance is unique as it sparkles in the sunlight. The soft, penetrating energy of this special crystalline form draws you in as it opens your Heart Chakra to its healing rays of unconditional love.

Rose Calcite resonates and interacts directly with the Heart, Crown, Root or Basic and Sacral Chakra energy centers. The Third Eye is encouraged to see beyond physical realm perceptions of deep rooted emotional wounds, lovingly releasing that which is now behind you. The Heart and Crown Chakra’s integrate, creating a direct connection with the Divinity within, allowing a deeper sense of Universal Love, a sense of blissful joy.

Although the crystals are tiny, do not underestimate its ability, if you are willing, to heal emotional wounds form days long since past. This is a healer’s stone unlike any other; it will assist with distance healing. Distance healing involves more than simply projecting light and energy through the ethers of physical realm space and time. Distance healing is allowing the physical mind to “step aside” allowing Universal Love from the Divine Source of All There Is to heal at the cellular level.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Jophiel, whose name means, Beauty of God, will assist you in healing emotional wounds, seeing beauty in all things, in all faces, in all places. Archangel Raphael, whose name means, He Who Heals, will assist you in being of service to yourself and to others.

*Healing Properties: emotional wounds, compassion, heartbreak, forgiveness, release emotional blockages, dissolves defensive emotional barriers

*Vibrational Frequency: soft, loving, penetrating, subtle, gentle, forgiving

*Spiritual Properties: Universal Love and Light, transmutes painful memories into the light

Use this mineral during meditation to open your Heart Chakra, expanding your own radiant loving energy. Allow yourself to become a beacon of loving rose light encouraging others to find their way in what appears to be a sea of darkness, a world without love.

Be open to the loving energy radiating from this beautiful mineral. Its beauty is unsurpassed. It will deepen your connection to the Realm of Spirit in ways you have yet to explore.

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