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Hello beautiful Soul,

Do you want to take your Intuitive Card Reading Skills to the next level of confidence, empowerment …

… Deepen tour Intuition and Intuitive Guidance Channels for clear messages …

  • Become intuitively confident you truly are receiving answers to your questions and to your clients questions
  • Discover how to trust the ‘Intuitive Hits’you get from Angels and Spirit
  • Confidently leave the‘guidebook in the box’  tapping into the deeper messages beyond the printed meanings on the cards


Right now, you have an opportunity to be a part of a very elite group of Intuitive Readers in more than 6 years, as we walk through two powerful, live 90-minute guided video workshop sessions.

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During this workshop training, you’ll discover …

*7 Ways to Open and Activate Your Channels of Intuitive Communication with Angels and Spirit

*Preparing, Consecrating, Protecting and Properly Storing Your Cards in Between Readings

*3 Ways to Intuitively See Past the Pre-Printed Messages on the Cards

*Practice Giving Readings to Other Students, Gain Trust and Clarity with 1:1 Feedback


Also Receive:

Card Reading Layout Guide (a $97 value)

Three eBooks to help you connect to Angels and Spirit, for immediate download:

*Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing and Inspiration Meditation Journal eBook

*Sacred Angel Realms eBook

*Angels, Chakras and Your Energy eBook

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You’ve probably tried one of those “mass group programs” read books and maybe even been giving readings …

Not really feeling the kind of confidence you’d like to feel, giving readings to help people.

These two workshop sessions will help you:

Go below the “glitter and glam” of other mass group programs.

Read cards tapping into your Intuition, Angels and Spirit for clear messages.

Empower you with more confidence to give you, family, friends and clients insightful readings.

Instead of trying to do this all on your own, tune-in to and clear your intuitive gifts, during the Intuitive Card Reader workshop.

Go beyond the word messages on the cards, see past the surface and trust what you’re given.

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