Re-Write the Rules





Has anyone ever told you that you can literally re-write the rules? Well. I’m here to not only tell you that you can re-write the rules I am encouraging you to do just that!

Okay, let’s not get to ahead of ourselves! First, it’s essential that you learn what the rules are. I mean the rules of Universal Law and Truth.

Once you have an understanding of what the foundation, or the rules are, then you can re-write the rules using Universal Laws to create your own reality.

Well, isn’t that what we’re here to do? Let’s look at this from a different point of view … a different side of things.

We’ve been told that we have to choose between being Spiritual or having financial wealth. How many times have we heard people say — starving artists — or — go get a real job and maybe someday you can take up singing or help others in your spare time?

When you create your own reality by manifesting more prosperity, helping others and in the process of being of service, you begin to create your own financial freedom.

Creating your own reality IS re-writing the rules!

How do you even begin to re-write the rules? Sit down with paper and pencil and write down …

… one belief you have that you know are keeping you stuck

… one way that you sabotage yourself no matter

… one decision to help you move beyond where you are right now

If you do this in your head, I promise you Ego-chitter chatter will only allow you to get so far because it will simply just keep repeating everything over and over again.

Re-writing the rules is re-wiring your thoughts to be in alignment — in a line — with your dreams and goals — mentally, emotionally, energetically and Spiritually — re-wiring your emotions so that they support you instead of distract your or even worse stop you from having the courage to do what you are being pulled, pushed and even compelled to do with your life!

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I’m asking for YOUR help … 

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Spiritual Expansion – Create the Life You Desire

Sedona, Arizona

Where do you desire to be? Imagine you are exactly where you choose to be now in this moment. If you are willing, dare to imagine there are no limitations, no boundaries, no expectations placed upon you by you or by others of any kind. Feel your shoulders relax, releasing all they carry. Feel your heart open to the limitless possibilities. Breathe deeply for you are learning how to release you, your heart, your thoughts, you inner Self from limitation. How does it feel? Be open to seeing beyond current circumstances. Open your mind, your heart to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to invest a few moments of your time, your energy into your dreams, your heart’s desires. If you choose this challenge, treat yourself to a new notebook or special journal. For at least 10 to 15 minutes each day, write about what you would do, where you would, what your life would be like.  It is essential you pour your very essence into your words whether it be  on paper or in a special folder on your computer. You are creating your dream, your life as you wish it to be. Gift yourself with permission to see beyond your current circumstances. Gift yourself with all the time, all the money, all the resources necessary to create, grow and nurture your life as you wish it to be.

The challenge is to allow YOU the ability to create anything you desire, with respect to the free will of others. Meaning, if you desire a loving relationship, describe the kind of relationship you desire rather a
particular person.  If you desire a particular position or promotion, focus on the position rather than seeing someone else being removed or fired. Focusing on the promotion clears the path  for all to move forward in the best possible way. For example, the promotion you seek would manifest as a result of someone else manifesting what they desire, creating space for your dreams to manifest without causing loss for someone else.

What do you really want to do with your life? Imagine with your thoughts, your heartfelt desires, to create your life, your version of paradise. Be willing to open your inner Self to all that awaits in the Realm of Spirit. Be willing to commit to acknowledging where you are while you focus your gaze on where you choose to be. If you are already walking the path of your life’s purpose, be willing to expand your inner self, reaching past the expectations of others have placed upon you.

Now are you ready to invest your time and energy into expanding all you are?  So “how” do you proceed with creating all you desire without limitation? Be willing to be willing to pour your all you are into creating your life with your words, your emotions, your energy by writing out everything exactly as you want it, include everything from the kind of car, house, and your private Jet.

To help get you started, here are some guidelines: Let’s imagine your dream is to open a gallery or possible a quilt shop. What city or where in the city would it be? How big would the shop be? What is the floor plan? How would you decorate the inside? What color are the walls? How many employees would you have?

At first you may feel as if you are playing make-believe. That is exactly what you are doing with the exception that you are consciously designing your life! As you practice writing out all you want to create, you release the past, release limiting beliefs. As you continue to practice allowing your thoughts and your heart to express your inner desires without limitation your dream will grow, it will become rich with energy. You will, if you choose to stick-with-it long enough, see how your imagination, your ideas build one upon the other, expanding, creating more depth, more detail. You will begin to see and feel your dream become reality. New doors and windows of opportunity will open before you as never before. Be aware, be ready to receive and be ready to give enabling you to soar about the ordinary!

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How to Manifest – 4 Step Process to Create the Life You Desire!

Watercolor on Tea-Dyed Rice Paper

A silk worm weaves and spins its own cocoon, emerges transformed into a beautifully winged creature floating in the breeze.

The Lotus, a sacred and revered symbol dating back to Ancient Egypt and beyond, rises from murky, muddy depths, ascending above statuesque leaves of deep green and lemon yellows. The Lotus Blossom unfolds its petals each day, enfolding its blossoms into itself as day turns into night. The Blue Lotus retreats back into the murky depths of the pond, rising again with the first rays of the sun.

Manifestation is the complete realization of something that was only a possibility, an underdeveloped potential; materialized form of Spirit; an indication of the existence in physical form, a reality, something measurable, tangible.

Four Step Process to Magical Manifestation

*Dream what you want

*Write your dreams down; create a record of your heart’s desires, your goals; discovering your life’s purpose in the process.

*Declare your goals, your intentions, and your heart’s desires to the Universe, to your Guides, to thee Angels.

*Magnetize yourself becoming a magnet, attracting to you your heart’s desires; law of attraction, focus on what you want, be open to receive.

Manifesting is the art of achieving desired results, using various techniques, such as Mantras, vision boards, ceremonies or rituals. Manifestation is a heightened state of awareness, focusing energy, thoughts and emotions; performing rituals or ceremonies, increasing personal expansion to give and receive all you desire.

It is essential to begin and end with the highest intentions and best good for all; heartfelt intentions laced with purity and integrity. You may not manifest for someone else without first seeking permission. Attempting to manifest your desires for someone else without their consent is imposing your will upon another. An example of focusing your intentions for the highest and best good for all is manifesting a better job; your right and perfect for you job; a harmonious work environment; better benefits. The opposite of manifesting for the highest and best good for all is for another to lose their job or be fired.

Focusing on your desires is as simple or as complicated as the Law of Attraction manifesting our desires wanted or unwanted. Our desire(s) must be strong, clear and heartfelt, with focused intentions, releasing specific outcomes.

If money were no object, no restrictions on time or the physical space to create the life you desire, what would you create? What would you manifest?

Try it, see what happens!

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