Hello Terrie it’s Terrie Marie and we, you and I, are going to the next level!

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Hello bright light,

Are you a Spiritual Seeker or Light-Worker who wants to fulfill your Life’s Purpose?

Do you struggle with trying to figure out what your Life’s Purpose is?

Maybe you have an idea or maybe you know exactly what your Life’s Purpose is but you aren’t sure how to go about fulfilling what you came here to do?

If you do know what your Life’s Purpose is are you living it?

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Do you wonder if you will ever figure out what you came here to do?

Have you discovered what your Intuitive Gifts are and what to do with them? OK, maybe you do know which gifts you have but are not quite sure how to develop and expand those gifts.

I know what it is like to not know, I mean really know deep within not know what your Life’s Purpose is or worse yet not know what the next step is to figuring it all out!

Whether you have recently joined me on this journey or we have been traveling together for a while I want to share something with you.

What if I told you that ….well, let me put it to you this way…..after much Soul searching, asking questions about how I can be of better service and help you along your path I am going to share with you exactly what my Life’s Purpose is.

My Life’s Purpose is to help you, to help Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers to fulfill your Life’s Purpose so that you can help others become empowered, develop their Intuitive Gifts,
fulfill their Life’s Purpose and teach others.

How am I going to help you fulfill your Life’s Purpose? There are several ways I can and have already started to help many Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers all over this world.

In the days ahead I will be sharing more information with you.  For now, I will share with you that I am taking Desert Rose, Ok thee Angels and I are taking Desert Rose to the next level.

Because I want you to have as much advance notice as possible, on November 5th and 6th I am hosting a 2-day workshop Your Intuitive Gifts: What Are They and How You Can Develop Yours. This live-event workshop is being held in El Paso, Texas.

If you already know what your Intuitive Gifts are or haven’t a clue (yet), this workshop will forever change your life. You will not be the same.

Watch your email for details, in the meantime mark your calendar and save the dates November 5th and 6th!

So to re-cap this because I want to be sure you really get this, I specialize in helping you fulfill your Life’s Purpose so that you can help others fulfill their Life’s Purpose.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be sharing the path with you.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie

the Angel Lady

Spiritual Empowerment for Spiritual Seekers and Light-Workers