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Your Chakra’s and Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set


Chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set

Wednesday, May 16th at 9:00pm New York Time (8:00pm Central; 7:00pm Mountain; 6:00pm Pacific)


Hello Bright Light,

Your Chakra energy centers, more specifically your Root Chakra and your Solar Plexus Chakra are the key to opening and aligning with your prosperity and abundance energy.

The Root or Basic Chakra is what keeps you grounded and in-tune with Earth Mother. It is also the Chakra for survival, basic material needs, career choices and physical safety.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is the bridge between your physical energy Chakra’s and your Spiritual energy Chakras.

Can you imagine just for a moment what this means for you? It means that when your Chakra energy centers are balanced and your thoughts and emotions become aligned with your inner-most desires, there is nothing that is stopping you from attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life!

Can it be that simple? Yes, it can. It is also about learning how to heal and release your current thought patterns and emotional energy so that you can shift your prosperity mind-set, creating a vacuum or void that Angels and the Universe fill with what you want.

In this BRAND NEW OnLine training call you’re going to discover:

*How to heal your current prosperity mind-set with grace and ease

*The importance of aligning your thoughts and your emotions with your new prosperity consciousness

*Explore ways to be in state of gratitude and appreciation attracting more prosperity to you

*How to align your Chakra energy centers, releasing blocked and stagnant energy that has been preventing you from attracting financial prosperity into your daily life

*How to create a new prosperity mind-set, allowing Angels to help you manifest financial prosperity and abundance in a big way

*How to heal and release attachments to negative thought patterns and emotions that are subconsciously holding you in a place of resistance and blocking your prosperity energy

*How telling a different story helps you attract more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want

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To you and your path….

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Crystals – Lepidolite Is The Stone of Conscious Feeling

Rubellite Tourmaline on Lepidolite

Rubellite Tourmaline on Lepidolite (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)

What is Conscious Feeling? It is being aware of what you are feeling and honoring your emotions. When you honor where you are it is easier to heal, releasing emotional energy that no longer serves your highest and best good.

Lepidolite radiates Soft soothing vibrations woven by Earth Mother into a powerful combination of soft purplish pink interwoven with Lithium Mica and Pink Tourmaline.

The emotional and mental energy bodies are interconnected and interwoven one with the other.  What does this mean for you? It means that when you are experiencing emotion, any emotion, your thoughts are also focused on what you are feeling.

This seemingly soft stone carries a powerful healing vibration enabling you to balance your mental and emotional energy bodies. Being able to create and maintain balance is essential for any healing process.

It resonates primarily with the Heart Chakra. It is capable of opening and activating all Chakra energy centers. As you open, activate and balance all of your Chakras, you align yourself with the Divine Feminine Spirit of Earth Mother grounding all excess emotional energy.

Being a stone of transition, Lepidolite will encourage you to release all that is now behind you, creating a sense of peacefulness within your heart center.  As you work with this purplish pink stone, it will help you dissolve the negative effects of emotional wounds.

If you are feeling emotionally stuck, hold Lepidolite in your receiving hand allowing its soft, subtle healing energy to flow through you. It will help you release stress and begin to experience a sense of calmness and serenity.

You can use Lepidolite to connect with Archangel Raphael, whose name means, He Who Heals. Archangel Raphael will help you heal your heart, our mind restoring emotional balance in your physical, emotional and mental energy bodies and in your Aura.

Master Hilarion is the Ascended Master who represents the Divine Healer within you, will help you re-align your physical body with your Higher-Self.

As you work with this soft, almost magical stone of conscious feeling, you will eventually activate a connection with that of the Cosmic Consciousness. Establishing a connection with that of the Cosmic Consciousness creates a bridge into your past lives so that you can heal unresolved emotional pain and trauma that you may have brought with you into this life.

There are many who seek access to and work the Akashic Records. Lepidolite will help you gain access to your Akashic Records. It is my understanding that you are only allowed to access your records and no one else’s without their permission.

Do not let this seemingly simple stone fool you it is very powerful as its vibration is that of love, unconditional love and light. It is a wonderful addition to your Crystal Healing Medicine Chest and it will assist you along your Spiritual Journey.

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Crystals – Red Aura Amethyst Integrates Spirituality and Physical Energies

amethyst: blood red

amethyst: blood red (Photo credit: chronographia)

Crystals and Minerals can and do profoundly affect all who work with them. It is not a secret to many who share a fascination for Crystals and Minerals. There are so many naturally occurring combinations it can literally boggle your mind!

Recently during the Summer months of 2011, a new Crystal was discovered in the mines of the Amazon. It is Red Aura Amethyst! From the moment I saw the image and tuned into the Crystal’s incredible energy, there was a kind of hush that went through me.

The message given to me immediately was … integrate Spiritual with physical … that is a powerful message! When I asked what the Metaphysical Properties are, I was told Red Aura Amethyst has the properties of Amethyst and Hematite!

Before we go any further, let me paint for you an image of what this new discovered crystal looks like. It is an Amethyst cluster with a natural covering of Iron Oxide. The Crystal itself looks like a dark rust –red color yet you can feel or sense its soft subtle Spiritual energy radiating outward.

Iron Oxide resonates with the Root or Basic Chakra energy center located at the base of your Spine. The color Red as you may well remember is associated with grounding, survival and Earth Mother energy.

The color purple is associated with Spirituality and the Crown Chakra helping you connect with Divine Source. Amethyst is called the Soul Stone and is the crystal of and for healers not matter the healing modality.

Where does Hematite come into play? Hematite is a metallic dark grayish black mineral. It is a stone of grounding excess energy, helping you connect with Earth Mother for healing and transmuting unwanted energy.  It is a stone of manifestation, manifesting into physical form that which is already manifested in the Realm of Spirit.

So which Angels or Ascended Masters would assist you in working with this incredible new find?

Angels associated with the Crown Chakra are: Element Angel of the Sky Anpiel, Angel of the Sea Elemiah, Angel of Divinity Nathaniel, Element Angel of the Stars Kokabiel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Raziel and Archangel Sandalphon.

Mystical Goddesses and Ascended Masters associated with the Crown Chakra are: Lord Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Merlin the Magician, St. Germain and Mystical Egyptian Goddesses Ma’at and Isis.

Angels associated with the Root or Basic Chakra are: Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raguel and Element Angel of the Earth Yabbashael.

The Ascended Master and Mystical Goddess associated with the Root or Basic Charka are Ganehsa and Tara.

How would you use Red Aura Amethyst? There are no limitations to the ways you can utilize and integrate the energy vibration offered by this amazing crystal.  More specifically, hold it during your meditation or place it on your Altar with your other crystals. You can focus your physical eyes upon it during meditation as you also focus on your breathing.

The subtle yet powerful combination of Red Iron Oxide and Amethyst radiates a high energetic vibration that can, if you are open to its healing effects, assist you in balancing and integrating your Spiritual energy body with your physical energy body.

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Prayer Request – Earthquakes Healing Around the World

Tree front

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask for the calming of the Earth

Angels we ask for the waters of the Great Oceans to remain calm

Angels we ask for healing for all who have been injured in any way

Angels we ask for healing of Earth Mother and Sky Father so that all may live in peace and harmony

Angels thank you for this and all you do for all of us ….


Prayer Request – Healing of Human, Animal, Earth Mother


Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Angels we ask for healing of body and mind for all living creatures both human and animal

Angels we ask for healing of all plants, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows and the skies

Angels we ask for all to be healed without delay, without condition and without exception

Angels we ask you carry light, love and healing to all places, all faces

Angels we ask Earth Mother be cared for, held Sacred as in the days of the beginning

Angels we ask all animals be free of torment to live in peace and harmony one with the other and with humankind

Angels we ask all humans to healed in body and mind, releasing all pain, sorrow and torment replacing all that is unwanted with loving kindness, harmon, joy, compassion, prosperity and abundance for there is more than enough for all to live in peace

Thank you for hearing and honoring our words, our please for your loving healing light and energy

So be it, so be it, so be it and so it is