Discovering you’re an Indigo Empath helps

This is a message I received a few days ago about a post in Indigo Empaths …

“Thank you so much; this was very timely but I had not identified what I was feeling as such…just knew I didn’t feel good! Thank you thank you thank you. I look forward to learning more about this…as an empath and only recently aware of how “wide open” I was it can be soo debilitating; so much so that I lower my hopes and dreams greatly.”

When you do not feel good, take a step back from whatever it is you are doing, seeing, reading, and listening to.

When you do not feel good, your ‘senses’ are trying very much to tell you something.

When you do not feel good, ‘ask’ is this coming from me or to me? The answer will help you know the true origin of the energy.

Sunday, after having lunch with my Dad (Mom went shopping for a few hours), I started to feel ‘irritated’ for no apparent reason. Everything was good, time with my Dad was good, time with my Mom when she got back was good too.

There really was no ‘reason’ for the irritation. So I ‘asked’ is this really mine?

At first, I blew it all off to the energy I picked up earlier. As some of that ‘irritation energy’ melted and dissolved, I realized some of that ‘irritation energy’ was mine. It was coming from me.

Once I was aware of where the ‘irritation energy’ was originating and why, it simply dissolved in a matter of minutes.

I’m sharing this with you because I am an Indigo Empath. I have known this for many, many years. It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes it has really been hard and challenging.

Because my vibe is incredibly high, I have learned how to protect myself. Some of which I learned by reading. Most have been given to me through channeling, guidance and as a result of reading so many books to understand myself better.

Being an Indigo Empath is a gift and at times it can seem and feel like it’s the exact opposite.

Knowing who you are and how to manage being here is part of fulfilling your purpose, being of service and honoring your path.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Purpose,

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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