Hearing, Seeing and Sensing Angels All Around Me – How It All Started

Archangel Michael with archangels Raphael and ...

Archangel Michael with archangels Raphael and Gabriel, as they accompany Tobias, by Francesco Botticini, 1470 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many years, I simply wanted to be just like everyone else so I hid behind a wall of shyness. That didn’t work no matter how hard I tried.

Many years later after I moved from Hawaii to El Paso, Texas I found a book and read it cover to cover several times over a period of 2 days. The book by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. is called Earth Angels.

This small book had a life-changing impact on me. I stopped trying to be like everyone else and instead began figuring out who I really was.

You may think this a bit strange but for all of my life until that point had been spent forgetting, stuffing and denying my truth, the truth of who I am and what I came here to do.

It didn’t happen all at once and yet once I opened myself to really exploring me and my purpose, things began unraveling and falling into place all around me very quickly.

Now I was ready to study, learn, explore and develop my gifts the very ones I had tried so hard to deny even existed. A friend introduced me to a Metaphysical Café and Bookstore.

As soon as I walked in the doors, it felt like “home”.  I enrolled in over 12 Metaphysical classes in 1 year! I met so many people who were just like me … different from everyone else … we all accepted each other without judgment even if what we saw, felt or heard was different.  It was an incredible experience!

For more than 9 years I worked for the United States Border Patrol. During this time, I held a variety of Administrative positions. The work environment was always high-level and high-stress. I knew I needed something to help me stay in the highest positive vibration possible.

One day I found a perpetual calendar by Doreen Virtue that would fit on my desk and be somewhat out of sight. After all, this was for me and not to broadcast my Spirituality.

The small calendar had images and messages from Angels. One of the messages caught my attention more than the others. I don’t even remember which message it was. I do remember what started to happen next, I sent the quote to 6 of my closest friends. That was it, nothing else.

Several days went by and one of those 6 friends sent me an email message. This friend simply said … I read this, and read and read it again …. This was a major “aha” moment. So I started sharing the Angel quotes every day with these same 6 friends.

It didn’t take long before more people wanted to receive the Angel quotes. Remember, these were still from Doreen Virtue’s calendar. Anyway, not too much more time passed and I started feeling guided to write a few lines to go with the Angel quote.

Soon I began to notice that the few lines didn’t at all reflect the Angel quote. Truthfully, I didn’t really question it because many of the people who were now on the list were telling me the messages helped them.

At some point during all of this, Desert Rose Healing Arts was born and Aromatherapy caught my attention in a very big way. I started learning and studying about Essential Oils, took a few classes and made a few perfumed oils.

Because my conscious mind was occupied, intuitive thoughts started popping into my mind about which Essential Oils to put together and how many drops for each of the oils. I even received the names for the blends.

The more I focused on learning about Aromatherapy, the more I received these intuitive thoughts. There were a few house parties and a few friends started asking me for specific blends for things like relief from tension headaches and to ease arthritis pain.

I remember taking a lot of deep breathes and wondering how to pull all of this together to help my friends. I pulled out my own reference book and started reading what the various Essential Oils did. I made a list of the oils and intuitively selected the oils. As the oils were selected, numbers started popping into my mind so I wrote them down next to each of the oils.

This is where trust really started to grow and expand because I would receive information about oil blends and write them down. Later I would research each of the oils and receive validation about what I was being given.

Even though I had felt Angels around me since I was little, I still had no clue that Angels were actually gifting me with these remarkable Essential Oil Blends.

By this time, I had been invited to attend a monthly Angel Gathering here in El Paso, Texas. It was, and still is, a healing meditation circle.  During the first part of the evening, there was a healing meditation for anyone and everyone who needed and wanted healing. The second part of the evening was an Angel meditation. The person who led the group was receiving guidance from Angels for the guided meditation.

It was during these meditations that I was able to connect directly with Angels. I loved it! Being free to leave my physical body even for a short time was a freedom unlike any other! I was free to fly!

Back to the bookstore to find a book about Angels, an Angel dictionary. Yeah! Found one by Richard Webster and another by Susan Gregg.  By now, the messages were coming directly from Angels.   Very early each morning while sipping coffee, I would open one of the Angel dictionaries and simply follow my intuition in selecting an Angel for that day’s message.

My daily practice, 7 days a week for more than 3 years was wake up at 4:45am to channel messages from Angels and send them out to more and more people.

My fingers would simply dance on the keyboard of my computer and the words would simply appear on the page. If there was any doubt that what was coming out of my fingers was truly from Angels, I would delete it. If the very same words in the very same order appeared in exactly the same way, I knew it was coming through me and not from human ego.

After about 1 ½ years of channeling messages from Archangels, I received guidance that there were to be Essential Oil blends for Angels. I resisted this for nearly 8 months. Thoughts of “who am I to be doing this, how do I know this is really coming from Archangels?”

One afternoon, the information just started streaming in through my Crown Chakra. In less than 30 minutes I had received the blends for 15 Archangels.

I was brave enough to share this information with 2 of my closest friends. I mean, this was a really big deal and I needed some help grounding my energy after such an intense channeling. Their first reaction was … excellent! When are you going to start blending them? …

Everything that comes through my fingers, through Readings and even the energy during an Energy Healing Session is all guided through me by Angels.

It is a blessing to be able to see, sense, hear and know Angels are always with me in everything I do. I speak with Angels as easily as I speak to my friends, clients and students.

This is what I want to share with you, how to connect, communicate and hear messages Angels have for you.

Angels are always with each and every one of you all the time no matter what you are doing or where you are.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Soul Essence for you and just you …

Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Bright Light,

Are you looking for something very special to give to yourself or to the Lady or Man in your life?

Would you like to have a special, made- just- for-you scent, a scent that no other person on this entire planet has or will ever have?

Soul Essence is exactly that. It is a very special scent created just for you, with you and for you and your Soul Vibration.

You are unique and special. There is no one else like you anywhere. Why shouldn’t you have something that is as unique as you are?

Each Soul Essence is made from Organic Essential Oils. The blend itself is created just for you, a true reflection of your Inner-Spirit.

Your Essential Oil Blend is received during meditation from Angels for you and your Soul Vibration. Holding you and your energy in my heart, I ask Angels for the right and perfect combination of Essential Oils specifically for you.

Are you ready to align your heart and Soul?

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No other person on this Planet will ever have an identical Organic Essential Oil blend like yours; this is my promise to you and from Angels who guide me.

I would love to create a Soul Essence just for you!

To you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Finally…How to Cleanse and Align YOUR 7 Major Chakra Energy Centers!


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Finally…How to Cleanse and Align YOUR 7 Major Chakra Energy Centers with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady!

*Activate your Chakras by integrating your physical body AND your Aura


*Discover how YOU can discern which Chakra needs cleansing AND how to do easily balance ALL your Chakras!

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Location: Desert Rose Healing Arts; El Paso, TX

Time: 1:30pm to 4:00pmClass fee: $45 (includes manual and certificate)

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Angels – Archangel Taharial Purity of Soul Essence

Be Willing to See Beyond the Horizon

Your inner Self, your core essence is your true Self. The core of your Be-ing is filled with unconditional love and pure Divine White Light. There are only two emotions that of love and fear. All thought, emotion, all actions are based in loved or in fear.

Love has many faces, many names; happiness, joy, bliss, laugher, compassion, kindness, a smile, a kind word, harmony, abundance, grace, encouragement, support, a warm embrace, honor, integrity, loyalty, trust, faith, temperance.

Fear also has many faces, many names in which it disguises itself: anger, sadness, depression, being antagonistic, hate, envy, jealousy, being a victim, lack, aggression, discouragement, tearing another person or you down, self-sabotage, dis-honor, disgrace, lack of integrity, dis-ease, disharmony.

Archangel Taharial, whose name means, Purity of God, will assist you, when asked, to instill within a sense of joy and happiness, radiating Divine White Light in all circumstances. Radiating the Light of the Creator may not change or alter that which is happening around you in the moment it is occurring. It will shift your energy so you are less affected, creating more balance within during times of stress as difficult, uncomfortable situations arise. It will shield you from others, from anger, from negativity.

A Message from Archangel Taharial*

Child of Light, child of the Creator. Where do you find yourself? Do you wish to remain where you are? Perhaps you wish to express yourself with loving kindness but fear ridicule. Do you speak kindly to you or do you seek to destroy your own light with unkind words, misjudgment, and dishonor? Each time you speak with unkindness, no matter if you speak to you or to others, you create shadow. In choosing to speak without love, without compassion you create an opportunity to receive more of the same. True, not all will in-turn honor you simply because you choose to speak from your heart space. You will reap all you sow, the garden within does not manifest a different harvest in physical form around you. You have the gift of choice, choose differently and that which is gifted to you will be different. Choose to honor you and others will honor you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Your Soul is a reflection of your inner core essence, your true Self. There is joy and a sense of bliss within your deepest reservoir, the essence of your Soul. Purity of thought, action, emotion, words spoken emanate from within. Are you willing to allow you to radiate that which you truly are?

All thoughts, actions, all emotions are either based in fear or they come from the heart in love.

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How to Protect YOURSELF from Negative Energy!

03AAMich1aHow to Protect YOURSELF from Negative Energy!

with Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

*Discover how creating a shield of White Light protects YOU from negative energy

*Make a personal and direct connection with Archangel Michael

*Avoid people who drain YOUR energy (energy vampires!)

*Prevent Psychic Attack

Saturday, March 5, 2011 at The Percolator!

217 N Stanton; El Paso, Texas

2:00pm to 4:30pm

Class fee: $45

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The workshop is being held in the Meeting Room in the Café, theater style seating! Come early have lunch.

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Archangels – Archangel Raguel Guardian of the 2nd Heaven

Garden "butchart gardens", Vancouver...

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Archangel Raguel, whose name means, Friend of God, will assist you in seeing beyond, seeing infinite possibilities. Become comfortable in your own skin, for there is no other exactly like you in any Realm.

Accept who you are now, this moment. Accept where you have been, all experiences which brought you to this moment. Accept you are no longer the person in the memory of others. Accept you have moved, traveled light years beyond all you have ever known and you have been taught to fly among the clouds in the sky. Accept you are not yet where you desire to be. Accept you do not know the “why” of that which plagues your thoughts, your heart. Accept you will not know the outcome of all you desire. Instead, ask of Archangel Raguel to calm the path before you, igniting all the passions within you, encouraging you each step of the way.

Archangel Raguel will assist you, when asked, in strengthening your faith in infinite possibilities, the limitlessness potential within you. Call upon the Guardian of the 2nd Heaven to assist you with trust, fairness, surrendering all which attempts to keep you where you are. Seek his Angelic guidance in aligning your thoughts, your emotions with your innermost desires, instilling a sense of harmonious balance within.

A Message from Archangel Raguel*

Remember who you are. Remember the light within your heart. Remember the stream of life which flows through your entire Be-ing! Remember the stream of sound which brings to you a multitude of song. Remember the low of sight through you, more than physical perception of all that is before you. Remember you are a seed in the Garden of Joy and Happiness, harmony springing forth from thy lips. Remember you are a light among the stars in the night sky. Remember there is nothing to fear except remaining steadfast where you, doubting your own intentions to move forward in loving kindness. Remember you are a light in the darkness, be not afraid, allow your heart-light to shine the light before you. Remember…. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you travel the path before you, along your unique journey, be willing to accept the many gifts, unlimited opportunities which present themselves to you. Accepting all that is gifted to you does not require distraction from your chosen path. Accepting gifts given may guide you along the path. Not all gifts offered to you may resonate within. Choose to receive with graciousness whether you choose to pass along the gift or keep it for yourself.

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Archangels – Archangel Ariel Relationship Harmony

archange ariel

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Archangel Ariel, whose name means, Lion of God, will assist you with relationships. The relationship you have with yourself and with others. Relationship harmony begins first with the Self enabling you to experience healthy, lasting friendships, enhance family connections and attract people of like mind to you.

The 2nd or Sacral Chakra energy center, located below your navel is the center for relationship harmony. Healing relationship issues past and present releases you from the past, allowing you the freedom to pursue healthy, positive interactions with others along your journey. Colors associated with your Sacral Chakra are orange and sometimes copper.

Ask Archangel Ariel to cleanse and balance your inner Self, bringing into harmony through compassionate healing, all you have experienced in this life. This Archangels’ energy is soft, loving, nurturing, exuding tenderness during your healing process. You are encouraged to cleanse and purify your personal surroundings often.

A Message from Archangel Ariel*

In all things be kind. In all things be gracious. In all things express truth and integrity. These things and more are gifted back to you tenfold. Yes, there are occasions when all may appear to lack truth or integrity. Simply step aside, allowing all to flow past thee. The stream of life as you know it, continually cleanses and purifies all it touches if you would but allow it. Open yourself to all that awaits you. Open your heart first to you, expressing all you desire to receive. For in first loving the Self, you then have love to give to another. If in your eyes this is deemed selfishness, then so be it. For you cannot give to another what you do not first give to you. The supply of unconditional love is never ending, it is limitless. Express loving kindness this day and all the days before you. *channeled by Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Relationships are often free-flowing, conveying their own unique energy signature or vibration. Love relationships are symbolized with the water element. Archangel Ariel is deeply connected with the water element representing movement forward never backward. Allow you to flow with the stream of life rather than attempting to always paddle against the flow.  It is not suggested you conform to the desires of others for the sake of flowing with the stream. It is suggested you consider offering non-resistance to things, situations which are not for your highest and best good. When offering non-resistance, you allow all to flow past you with more grace and ease.

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Tip of the Week – Chakra Alignment

Manipura chakra

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Ask Archangel Metatron to assist you in cleansing, balancing and aligning your Chakra Energy Centers. Visualize or imagine each of your major Energy Centers easily cleansed and balanced, bringing your entire physical, emotional, mental and Ethereal Bodies into alignment one with the other. Archangel Metatron’s special Essential Oil blend will assist you. Visit / Spiritual Essence Aromatherapy / Archangels for additional information and to purchase your Archangel Metatron Essential Oil blend!

Connect with Angels every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie, the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts! All you need to do is enter your name and email address to begin connecting with Angels!

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Archangels – Archangel Raziel Release Limiting Beliefs


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Are you willing to step beyond all you have ever known? Be open and willing to release self-imposed boundaries, self-imposed limitations. Think back to when you began this journey. In the beginning there were no limitations of any kind. There were no self-limiting projections of any kind. When did you begin experiencing or becoming aware of the expectations or limitations placed upon you by others? Release you from the shackles of others. Step out of the shadow of self-doubt, fear of not being able to move forward. Your path is yours and yours alone.

Where do you desire to be? Imagine you are exactly where you choose to be now this moment. How does it feel? Be open to seeing beyond current circumstances. Open your mind, your heart to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit.

What do you desire to do? Visualize you creating, developing, sharing all your heart desires with others. If you are already walking the path of your life’s purpose, be willing to expand your inner self, reaching past the expectations of others have placed upon you.

Archangel Raziel, whose name means, Secret of God, is the Guardian of the Gates of Paradise, gatekeeper of Esoteric Wisdom, knowledge and discernment. He will assist you with discovering your life’s purpose, gaining a deeper understanding of all that is before you.

Renew your dreams without judgment, without condemnation. If you have cast aside your dreams, pick them up, dust them off. Begin at the beginning, begin again. Breathe deeply, exhaling all fear of the unknown, fear of not discovering or fulfilling your life’s purpose. Be gentle and compassionate with you as you remove layer after layer, revealing your true essence. Radiate love and light; allow the light of the Creator to shine through you in all directions. Allow the light to heal and cleanse your core with Divine Knowledge, restoring the Wisdom of the Ages.

A Message from Archangel Raziel*

The world is at your fingertips beloved one. There  are no limitations except those created and reinforced by you. Each breath, each footstep along the path before you gifts you with choice. Choice to choose differently, releasing you from all that has come before. There is only this moment bringing with it the choice to release yourself completely from the prison of limitation within your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. Be willing to step out over the edge of all you have ever known; trust, have faith there are stones to place your feet upon or you will be given wings to fly beyond all that is known. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

You have the knowledge, you have the wisdom. The question now becomes are you ready to access the Wisdom within? Ask Archangel Raziel to assist you in releasing any patterns, thoughts or behaviors which no longer serve your highest and best good.

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Archangels – Archangel Haniel Intuition and Inner Sight

Song of the Angels by Bouguereau, 1825–1905.

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The gift of sight is given freely to all who chose to see beyond physical realm appearances, beyond the perception of limitation. To see past all that has come before, enables you to move forward to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit.  All you have ever asked for, all you have ever sought to understand, all you have sought to forgive, to release, has been given to you in one form or another in the moment of the asking.

Archangel Haniel, whose name means, “Glory of the Grace of God”, when called upon will assist you in walking the path before you in total grace and harmony. This is not to say there will not be a few roots or pebbles which attempt to distract you from you chosen path. Call upon Archangel Haniel to clear the path before you, smoothing the way among the many choices, the many opportunities before you. There are always choices to be made. There are many paths along the journey called life.

Do you wish to expand Spiritually, radiating light and love as it was intended from the beginning? Look within for all you seek is already contained within your core essence, your true Self. There are many distractions, do not fear being pulled from your path. You will always return if that is your wish. Gaze upon the rose, its petals unfurling, exposing its inner essence, its inner beauty for all to see. Yes, the rose has thorns for protection from those who cause it harm. Yet, if you are persistent, if you are pure of heart, you will not be harmed. The rose is a symbol of love and Spiritual expansion in all ways, on all levels in all directions of time and space.

The Archangel of Intuition and Inner-Ssight will assist you in developing, expanding your gifts of seeing beyond that which is before you, seeing beyond all that no longer is. Are you willing to give all you wish to release, all that no longer serves you to Archangel Haniel for healing from within?

A Message from Archangel Haniel*

Close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out. Allow your mind to quiet. Allow your breath to be your entire focus. Think only of seeing, seeing beyond all that has brought you to where you are. Give to me all your burdens. Give to me all your pain and heartache. Give to me all wish to no longer carry upon your heart, your shoulders. Sweet child of light put down your burdens. You no longer need to carry so much with you. There is no need to continue to condemn you for that which is done or undone. There is only this moment and the next and the next. There is only that which is yet to be made manifest before you. There is only that which is for your highest and best good. Be kind to you, you have arrived where you are with as much love and light as you are able. Release the need to go backwards. Move forward into the light, look to the light. Always look to the light. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you work with Archangel Haniel, you will experience her quiet, subtle strength empowering you with your own strength, clarity and wisdom.  Light a candle of silver, gaze upon the flame, allowing your thoughts to simple fade from your mind. Allow the stillness to create a sense of balance and harmony unlike any you have experienced thus far.

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