Desert Rose Trunk Show 1 Day ONLY!

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You are invited to the 1st Annual Desert Rose Trunk Show in El Paso, Texas Saturday, December 18, 2010!

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Crystals and Gemstones – Clear Quartz from Arkansas & Brazil, Rose, Amethyst, Citrine, Herkimer Diamonds, Peacock Ore,  Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Blue Lace Agate, Selenite Roses (large enough to fill the palm of your hand) and more!!

White Ceremonial Sage, Organic Lavender, Herbs and Cedar Roses to name just a few!!

Enchanting Extras – satin bags, incense and incense burners, carved wooden boxes

**While supplies last!!!

Where: El Paso, Texas

When: Saturday, December 18, 2010                  Time: 11:00am to 3:30pm

MC and Visa accepted!                   See YOU Saturday!!

Not able to come Saturday? Call me with your order; I will accept your credit card order over the phone!

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Red Crystals and Gemstones – Healing Properties of Red Jasper (Red Crystals and Stones)

New Mexico Red Jasper

In honor of the season, we explore and discover many of the unique healing properties of 5 Red Crystals and Gemstones.

Red energy is indicative of fiery passion, flames of purification, unconditional protection and limitless abundance and prosperity. Light red candles to: cleanse the energy in your living or bedroom; create an atmosphere of intimacy, focusing your thoughts for protection or abundance and prosperity. The color red has been known to spark many an imagination, augment or expand creativity.

The Base or Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra resonate with the color red. The vibrational energy frequency can be subtle or very strong, depending on the crystal or gemstone you choose to work with.

Healing energy is enhanced by wearing, holding or having richly hued red crystals or gemstones on your bedside table, in your pocket or on your desk at work. Pendants worn at the Throat Chakra will protect you from feeling constricted, not being able to speak your truth. If you are empathic, wearing a pendant close to your throat will ease the intensity of feeling or sensing someone else’s self-imposed constriction, not saying or speaking their truth with loving kindness.

The 1st in this series begins with tales of Red Jasper, Carnelian, Red Garnet, Red Coral and one of my favorite minerals, Cinnabar!

Red Jasper – Supreme Nurturer

The Root or Basic Chakra is the energy center which relates to physical survival, financial concerns, protection of home and family. It is an opaque stone with a unique color range which includes red, yellow, dark green and grayish blue.

Jasper is one of the many stones worn on the breastplates of High Priestesses. The energy is most often subtle, yet it can assist the wearer significantly over time. It is possible to integrate your inner Self and outer physical body more quickly by placing Red Jasper in a glass of filtered water and drinking the energy charge water daily. Allow the Red Jasper to charge the water for 24 hours before drinking the water.

When placed on your desk, it will absorb negativity around you, offering protection from others. Placing RedJasper on your night stand or under your pillow will assist you in releasing stressful thoughts, allowing our mind to rest.

*Angelic Realm Association:  Archangel Uriel whose name means “Flame of God” will assist you in manifesting your heart’s desires exactly as you have asked or something better.

*Healing Properties:  protection against negative energy vibrations, grounding, feelings of lack.

*Vibrational Frequency: strength and courage, grounding, alignment.

*Spiritual Properties: meditation, balancing your inner Self with your outer physical body, shamanic journeys.

Be open to experiencing the many healing and spiritual qualities of Red Jasper!

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Clear Quartz Crystals Resonate with and Amplify All Energy Frequencies

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Clear Quartz crystals are six-sided representing six of the seven major Chakras or energy centers. The point or terminated end represents the Crown Chakra. Clear Quartz points amplify the energy signature or vibrational frequency of all other crystals and gemstones.  While Clear Quartz crystals resonate with all Chakra’s, it is more closely in-tune with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakras. The color range of Clear Quartz crystals is very clear to milky white. Clear Quartz points reflect pure white light of Divine Source Energy. If we are open to all Clear Quartz crystals offer, the radiance of pure white light will flow in, around and through us, instilling a sense of peaceful contentment.  Clear Quartz crystal clusters are found in clusters, single points, double terminated points and wands in a very wide range of sizes and color variations.

Large clusters of Quartz Crystals may be used to cleanse, re-charge and balance smaller crystals and gemstones. It is essential to cleanse and re-charge all your crystals and gemstones especially those when used for meditation, focusing intentions, and healing work.  Rinse Quartz clusters in clear water and place them in the Sun or Moon light. For additional information on cleansing and re-charging crystals and gemstones, please refer to “Crystals and Gemstones an Introduction.”

The frequency vibration of Quartz Crystals is pure Divine White Light, enhancing our natural capacity to give and receive from the heart.  Quartz clusters have the ability to activate and store energy, balancing emotions. Clear Quartz crystals are gifted with channeling elevated levels of energy into the physical realm of matter.  Clear Quartz crystals may also be utilized in more subtle energy work, fine-tuning your innate connection with ourselves and the Cosmos. In addition to being able to magnify and amplify all other crystals and gemstones, Clear Quartz has been gifted with being able to vibrate to and within any color frequency.

Quartz  points are often worn as pendants.  They can also be held, carried in your pocket or handbag, or placed on your bedside table. Charge a glass of water with one large or several smaller Clear Quartz crystal points; allow the glass of filtered water to absorb the wonderful energy for at least 24hours and drink the water. The sweet taste of the energy charged water is, for me, beyond description! What does it do? The energy charged water will assist you in aligning your inner subtle energy body with your physical body and Auric Energy field. It is not necessary to cleanse or re-charge the crystals, unless you choose to do so, as the crystals become re-charged when adding fresh water to the glass.

Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Taharial whose name means “Purity of God” thee Angel of purification, chastity, and Divine Guidance; assisting all who seek the white light, purifying heart, body, mind and Soul

Healing properties: energizes, protection, clears and dispels lower negative energy, purity, clarity, balance emotions

Vibrational Frequency: clear white light; amplifies or magnifies the vibrational frequency of all other crystals and gemstones

Spiritual Properties: purity, cleansing, clear seeing, awaken inner sight

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