Hamsa Bracelets and Necklaces Crystal Jewelry

In Hawai’i a VERY long time ago, we used to say ‘stylin’ when someone showed up with something new, looking fabulous.


‘Stylin’ is what you’ll be (even more than you already do) with these beauties …

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Hand Over *YOUR* Heart

What better way to shield yourself from unwanted energies than to have this beautiful ‘hand’ over your Heart Chakra?


Chakra Necklace Crystal Jewelry

Introducing our newest Intuitively Designed and Handmade with Intention, Chakra Crystal Jewelry Collection and just in time for Early Bird Shoppers who get 1st pick. Come see our stunning Chakra Necklaces before they disappear! Like we said, there’s just ONE of each of these Chakra Necklaces ~ 15% off ~ 


βœ¨πŸ’œβœ¨Meet Our New On Wings of Angels Crystal Jewelry Collection!

On Wings of Angels Jewelry Collection, Intuitively Designed and Handmade, Balance, Harmony, Intuitive Connection and Insights, Telepathy, Serenity, Calms Conscious Mind, New Ideas, Prosperity and Abundance


Intuitively Designed and Handmade with Intention, Love and Infused with Crystal Reiki Energy.


The *season* has begun. Is one of these beauties made with *you* in mind?

Is there someone special that would love one of these uniquely handmade Malas, Necklaces or Bracelets?