The false power of using affirmations …

If you’re anything like me, then you probably attempted to use affirmations by now for all kinds of situations from changing your thoughts or shifting emotions, to transforming all kinds of different types of situations.

The sad part about using affirmations is that there is a false power or belief that affirmations alone will literally change everything.

Actually, the truth is affirmations might literally change and transform anything!

Here’s the other side of that truth, affirmations are only as powerful as your belief in using them!

In my blog post today I share what I have learned about affirmations and what they’re all about, if you want to hear more about my experience with affirmations, then head on over to my blog.

Here’s what I have learned about affirmations and what they are all about:

* your energy and where it is (positive or negative)

* how and what you are really focusing on

* the words you use

 * the “Money Story” you are telling yourself and anyone who will listen

Affirmations are very powerful! AND yet, you have to know how to use them to work with you instead of against you.  That’s right, your affirmations might be working against you.

In the comments below share your experience with affirmations.  Have affirmations benefitted you?  Have they helped you to achieve your greatest desire?  Or is the idea of having an affirmation practice a new concept?

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Inner Vibration – Knowing, Wanting, Desire, Trusting and Having Faith Are Not Enough!

It’s always interesting the ways in which Spirit delivers messages of hope, stoking the embers of trust and faith.

During the past few days, I have heard this several times … If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains … I wish I knew the source of that statement of faith.

In one 24 hour period, I was given the same number message — 444 — at least eight times. There are powerful messages from Angels, our Higher-Self and directly from Divine Source if we would only be more observant and trust what is being offered to us.

Being transparent and open with you, there are times I “forget” to trust and have faith. There are times I find myself with thoughts and feelings of fear and doubt which cause my inner vibration to be the opposite of where I want it to be.

I work at raising and maintaining a high vibration every single day. Sometimes this “work” is resting and taking a break. At other times the “work” is prayer and channeling new articles or working on my next Angel Book. My “work” also involves keeping a gratitude journal and affirmations.

Wherever your thoughts and emotions guide you, is your point of focus. Your point of focus attracts to you an exact match to your inner vibration mentally and emotionally.

It is truly as simple and complicated as it sounds. Whatever you are thinking and feeling, you are attracting. This is the Law of Attraction in its’ simplest form.

The truth of what you desire and what you are attracting is a reflection of where you are vibrationally and what is now behind you.

Think about it for just a few moments. Really take a deep breath and be very honest with yourself. What are you thinking about and how are you feeling about what you are thinking?

If your thoughts and emotions are not a match for what you want, what you have been saying you want to attract into your life, it’s time to start being very aware, consciously aware and mindful of exactly what you are thinking and what you are feeling.

Your primary or predominate thoughts and emotions about what you want become your point of attraction. It is Law, Universal Law, plain and simple. What we focus on expands.

If you are afraid of anything or anyone, you are attracting more fear and doubt, chaos and confusion into your life and experience.

Do whatever it takes to turn your thoughts and emotions into better feeling thoughts and emotions.

So why aren’t knowing, wanting, desire, trust and faith enough? Because without believing in yourself, everything becomes more of a stumbling block to attracting more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t want.

Knowing, wanting, desire, trusting and having faith are only the beginning. If you harbor resentment, envy, jealous or anger about anything, about anyone or even one experience, you are causing delay in manifesting all that is already yours.

Each and every time we doubt our dreams, doubt what we have to offer is of little value, we create mental, emotional and energetic blocks to having what we say we want.

Every complaint, every frustration at someone who isn’t responding the way we think they should or at something that isn’t happening fast enough, we delay the physical manifestation of everything we have prayed and asked for.

You must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt in the deepest part of your thoughts and in your heart so that all the pathways are clear allowing all that is already yours to simply “appear as if by magic.”

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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, also known as the Angel Whisperer, has an Extremely Alternative and Highly Effective way of showing Heart, Soul and Spirit-Centered Men and Women how to show up more powerfully in their life, work and business  when they access their Ultimate Angel Dream Team!

As the Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing her amazing clients how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels to raise their inner vibration, Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify their manifesting power.

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Whether the Angel Lady is being interviewed or speaking to International audiences, her high energy ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, unconditional love, and intuitive insights. She creates sacred space to transform goals and dreams into reality.

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Angels and Archangels – Archangel Raziel helps you Re-Frame Outdated Mind-Sets and Beliefs

Big Tree with Red Sky in the Winter Night

Big Tree with Red Sky in the Winter Night (Photo credit:

What has been holding you back from achieving your dreams and really creating or manifesting your own, unique reality?

Archangel Raziel, whose name means, Secret of God, helps you release the past which includes outdate mind-sets and beliefs.

Releasing the past is also about living in the present moment, focusing on where you want to be, do and have instead of wondering about tomorrow or being attached to what has or hasn’t happened in the past.

This Archangel’s specialty is helping you re-frame self-limiting beliefs that have created obstacles to raising your inner vibration which in turn delays or blocks you from achieving your goals and your Inner Vision.

Are you willing to step beyond your comfort zone, be uncomfortable during your inner journey, getting really honest with yourself about what’s holding you back and where you have been getting stuck?

Isn’t it time you asked Archangel Raziel to help you dig below the surface being open and honest with yourself and let go of every thought and emotion that has, until now, kept you going in circles about living the life you desire to live?

In reality there are no limitations on what is possible for you. There are no limitations except the ones you impose upon yourself. There are no limitations or restrictions except the ones that have been projected on to you by someone else.

The key is becoming consciously aware of what’s been sub-consciously holding you back, be willing to look at what you have accepted as truth for you and having the courage to completely let-go and release everything that doesn’t support you and your Inner Vision.

It’s time to step out of the shadows of what no longer “fits” or resonate with or for you. Step out of the shadows of self-doubt and fear, which creates only chaos and confusion about how you are, your purpose and how to manifest your dreams into your unique reality.

Archangel Raziel will help you release these patterns of thought which create matching emotions. What you think and what you feel is projected out into the Universal Energy and attracts to you the perfect match to your current inner vibration.

Are you ready and willing to see past surface appearances of lack? Lack arrives or appears to manifest in many different ways.

When you focus on what’s not happening or appears to not be happening that is all you see. When you choose to acknowledge what your ego-chitter chatter is attempting to fill your thoughts and emotions with, and choose instead to focus on establishing new patterns of thought and positive emotions, you will begin to see and attract more of what you want and so much less of what you don’t into your life and into your experience.

This Archangel will help you tune into the information you need when you need it. Be open to receiving the guidance and messages you ask for. Be willing to let go of what’s not working, and choosing instead, to embrace what you know to be your truth.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you begin to peel away the layers of what hasn’t worked for you, replacing outdated mind-sets and beliefs with ones that totally support you, your goals and your Inner Vision.

Come from your heart center, radiating and projecting light and love outward into all you do and say. Your world as you know it will begin to change and shift in remarkable ways!

Archangel Raziel will help you reach deep within, finding the courage and determination to release outdated mind-sets and self-limiting beliefs, clearing and dissolving obstacles that simply no longer fit or resonate within your heart center.

As always the choice is yours. What manifests in your life and in your experience is the result or reflection of your beliefs, mind-sets, and your thoughts and emotions. Everything is a reflection of what you have been saying to yourself.

Believing you can release outdate mind-sets and beliefs is the first, most important mind-set and belief to embrace.

Believe in you, your dreams and in your Inner vision.


About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, the Angel Mentor, helps Executives, Coaches and Entrepreneurs activate their Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner wealth frequency, accelerating their income, enhance the Law of Attraction, and improve relationships, transforming dreams into tangible reality!

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Through eliminating these “non-value added” activities much clarity and simplicity has emerged on a daily basis.  

As a result, I have been creating new opportunities and working with higher vibration projects that are more fun and lucrative than anything else I’ve been doing previously.  

Thanks Terrie Marie for your amazing work!”

Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

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**BRAND NEW** The Power of Focused Prayer – Raise Your Inner Vibration and Your Inner Wealth Frequency


The Power of Focused Prayer

My Complimentary Gift to YOU and for YOU to raise your inner vibration, your inner wealth frequency attracting more of what you want in your life and so much less of what you don’t!

Benefits of Focused Prayer:

*Focus Thoughts, Actions and Emotions on Success
*Resist Negative thoughts of Lack, Fear and Doubt
*Transform Outdated Lack Mind-Set
*Breakthrough through Energy Blocks


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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., is an Internationally Acclaimed Angel Coach and Mentor who works with Executives, Entrepreneurs and Coaches to connect with their personal Angel Dream Team Executive Board of Directors, raising their inner wealth frequency accelerating their 6 and 7-figure income.

“My Angel Dream Team has been helping me for several months now to clear the space of activities and patterns that no longer serve me in my business and personal life.  

Through eliminating these “non-value added” activities much clarity and simplicity has emerged on a daily basis.  

Blessings can take many forms and I’ve learned through my Dream Team that it is equally important the things you DON’T do as it is the things you do, and by tuning in for daily guidance, it’s clear each day where my priorities lie.

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Peter, Founder and CEO “Empower Your Brilliance”

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Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

Nature - Animal - Wildlife - White White-taile...

Nature – Animal – Wildlife – White White-tailed Deer (Photo credit: blmiers2)

A good quality example of a Dartmoor Pony. The...

Warning!!!...Tiger in training...:O))

Warning!!!…Tiger in training…:O)) (Photo credit: law_keven)

Prayer Request for all the Animals of this Planet

 Angels as for your loving intervention in the name of all animals everywhere for the following …

Angels we ask for love and compassion

Angels we ask for health and well-being

Angels we ask for comfortable shelter

Angels we ask for enough food and water

Angels we ask for safety and protection

Angels we ask for humane treatment

Angels we ask for healing of body, heart and Spirit

In full faith and gratitude …..


How to Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set ( training call)

Hoard of ancient gold coins

Hoard of ancient gold coins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set

Thursday, May 10th at 9:00pm New Work Time ( training call)

(8:00pm Central; 7:00pm Mountain; 6:00pm Pacific)


Hello Bright Light,

Are you feeling stuck and not quite able to attract increased financial prosperity into your life?  Did you know that in order to attract what you want, your thoughts, emotions and your energy need to be aligned?

If you answered “No” to either of these questions, there is good news. Actually, there is some really great news because I am offering you an opportunity to join me for my Brand New How to Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set Complimentary call on May 16th at 9:00pm New York Time!

In this COMPLIMENTARY call you’re going to discover:

*Why it’s important to align your thoughts and your emotions so that you can start to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life right away.

*Why being in a state of gratitude and appreciation is essential in releasing you from unconsciously sabotaging yourself and creating the prosperous mind-set you really want.

*How blocked and stagnant energy is keeping you in a state mental and emotional of lack which is preventing you from really creating the kind of income you desire to have.

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Prosperity Mind-Set Complimentary Call

To you and your path….

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Prosperity Mind-Set Complimentary Call

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Prosperity Mind-Set Complimentary Call


Archangel Michael and Protection from Unwanted Negative Energy

Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchi...

Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome) tramples Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tuesday, April 17th at 7:00pm New York Time

How to Heal and Release the Past Forever! ( Training)


Hello Bright Light,

Archangel Michael is the protector of all who ask for his help from unwanted, lower negative energy.

You will learn how to cut negative etheric energy cords from your physical and emotional energy bodies so that you are able to maintain a higher vibration of energy.

When your energy is positive, you attract to you more positive energy and more opportunities to you.

It is normal to collect attachments, Etheric energy cord attachments, in your daily life. Etheric energy cords are both positive and negative.

You’re going to discover how negative Etheric energy cords are unconsciously draining your positive Life-Force Energy which causes you to feel and experience energy blockages.

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Once you have registered, you will receive your call-In and WebCast information so mark your calendar for April 17th at 7:00pm New York Time.

I look forward to “seeing you” on the call!

To you and your path …

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Angels – Angel Barakiel Will Help You Open Your Heart and Your Mind

Afrikaans: Kleurryke blomme in die Weskus Nasi...

Afrikaans: Kleurryke blomme in die Weskus Nasionale Park in Suid-Afrika. English: A field of flowers in the West Coast National Park in South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels are by your side the moment you ask them for their help. There is no delay there is only acceptance, unconditional love and support for you every time without except, without judgment. There is only love and there is only light. There is no room for shadow and darkness in the light.

Ask Angel Barakiel, whose name means, God’s Blessing, to help you open your heart and your mind to that which you desire most. There is nothing you cannot do if you are willing to release the fear of the unknown.

What does it mean to open your heart? If you are more afraid of allowing someone into your heart or you have built so many walls of protection against hurt and betrayal, you will always be on the outside looking in.  Give you the gift of being loved and cherished by first loving and cherishing yourself.

As the walls around your heart are built and reinforced with every disappointment or rude unkind remark, you create a fortress that is nearly impossible to penetrate. There are many people in your life that love you.

What does it mean to open your mind? Opening your mind is about being willing to hear, acknowledge and consider seeing differently. It is about being willing to see another person’s point of view.

Be willing to open your mind, your thoughts and your heartfelt emotions to all that is already in your life. Release that which no longer resonates and allow the newly formed void to be filled with faith, love and light.

Opening your heart and your mind does not mean you have to accept what someone else does or says as your truth for you. It is about honoring what your friend or loved one feels is the truth for themselves just as you desire to be honored for your truth.

A Message from Angel Barakiel*

In the name of the Creator, give thanks for there is much too thankful for. In the name of the Creator, humble yourself to receive all that is made manifest in the Realm of Spirit in your name. Do not doubt all that waits for you in the Realm of Spirit. Do not doubt all your good shall be made manifest into physical form before you. Have faith all is arriving in Divine Time. It may appear your good is being kept from you. We ask you to look around you can you not see the many blessings which surround you this moment? Are you willing to accept that which is, looking to what shall be? Are you open to receiving all your heart’s desires?  Do you seek peace and harmony, healing and forgiveness, joy and laughter? That which you seek with an open heart and an open mind shall be gifted to you. You are whole, complete and perfect now, this moment. Know you are loved, cherished, and blessed beyond measure. Look behind you, have you not journeyed along the path before you learning, loving, forgiving and healing yourself beyond your imagination? How then can you have doubts? Trust, have faith that all is occurring in Divine Time. Give thanks for there is much to be thankful for. Accept all that is shown to you, because there are untold gifts for you with each step along the path before you. With an open heart and an open mind lovingly set one foot before the other, the path before you is more beautiful, more loving, more harmonious and more abundant than you imagine for you are a most precious gift of love and light. Go forth beloved one, for you are loved beyond measure. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Angel Barakiel is waiting for you to ask him to help you remove the wall around your heart and in your mind one brick at a time.

Yes, there will always be a few who are unkind. Are you really willing to allow those who are unkind prevent you from moving forward?

In the end, the people who mind don’t matter and the people who don’t mind are the people in your life who do matter. These are the people who are supportive and encourage you along your path for you. The people who matter have only love and light in their mind and in their heart for you.

Connect with Terrie Marie, M.Msc., Angels and the Realm of Spirit every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!  Enter your name and email address to begin connecting with your own Spirituality!

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Angels – Angel Gadiel Teaches You Unconditional Release

English: Great Forest Park Balloon Race '07

Image via Wikipedia

What does it mean to be unconditional?  How do you know when you are able to express love and compassion without condition?

As with all things I can only speak for myself sharing with you my understanding of things.

There are many conditions that are both taught and learned as you walk along the path before you one step at a time. For a moment, imagine what it would be like to feel freedom, total freedom to think and feel all that you are in truth. All you are in truth is love and light, a reflection of all that is your Divine Essence, your inner core of truth, beauty, love and light.

Angel Gadiel, whose name means, God Is My Wealth, will help you release past energy imprinting of limitation, lack, doubt, confusion and the fear of not knowing your truth of light, compassion and unconditional love.

You radiate all you are without exception. If you are feeling loved you radiate the light of love. If you feel less than loved, you radiate feelings of not being lovable. Limitations, self-imposed or limitations that are imposed upon you by others can be surrendered and released if this is what you choose for you.

A Message from Angel Gadiel*

Release that which causes you dis-harmony. Release that which is conditional. Release that which does not serve your highest and best good. Release all that is not of love and light. Call upon me to clear the path before you, illuminating each step upon your path in brilliant white light. There is no place, no space for any shadow thought, emotion, circumstance, or situation to conceal itself. There is only love. There is only light. In the beginning all was made in the likeness of Spirit, that of Divine Source Energy. All is made in love. All is made in light. Imagine a balloon, a beautiful emerald green balloon; breathe deeply, exhale slowly filling the balloon with all thoughts of lack, all situations which cause you discomfort and dis-harmony. Breathe in light, exhale all shadow and darkness into the balloon. Breathe deeply, inhaling the light of the Lord exhaling shadow. Tie a beautiful, bright yellow silken ribbon around the balloon to seal all inside the balloon. In love and light release the balloon. The balloon begins to rise above all your Earthly concerns. The balloon rises higher, higher, higher still. The balloon continues to rise, you feel lighter and lighter. The balloon has risen so high, it has become a tiny speck in the sky. You no longer see the balloon; there is no thing, person, situation, and no circumstance to hold you from your good. Allow you to be free. All is well. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

In all things in all places in all situations you have a choice. You have the choice to surrender all that is not for your highest and best good to the light. Surrender the outcome of something you desire from the very depths of your heart and Soul.

Surrendering the outcome is not giving up what you desire to manifest into physical form. It is about releasing all thoughts and emotions unconditionally making way for all that is before you, all that is being created for you in the Realm of Spirit.

Unconditional release in its simplest form is letting go of emotional attachment to what you want. It is letting go of thoughts and energy that do not support who you are and what you want. In the releasing of all emotion, you create space for the very outcome you want.

Having said that, be aware that many times you create space for an outcome that is even better than what you envision. Be willing to release into the light unconditionally all thoughts and all emotion enabling you to move forward with grace and ease no matter the outcome.

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Angels – Archangel Sandalphon Weaves Your Prayers Into A Garland

People praying during Durga puja. Original tit...

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What is prayer? It is very personal and very different to each and every person. Prayer is a way of centering and balancing all your thoughts and emotions, grounding excess energy both negative and positive.

Prayer is a form of meditation as it enables you to heal, forgive, release and expand all in the same moment or moments.

It helps you align with all you desire to have and to do. It helps you align so that you are able to release all that no longer resonates with your current energy vibration.

Archangel Sandalphon, whose name means, Power and Glory of God, will when asked assist you by delivering your prayer requests to the Realm of Spirit on your behalf. Be willing to go within before you speak your requests out loud. Come from that place within you of unconditional love and total acceptance.

A Message from Archangel Sandalphon*

All you have asked, all you have sought, all these things and more are woven into a garland. A garland of your prayers, your wants and your desires lay about your shoulders to comfort, to assist you along your journey. All have been answered in the Realm of Spirit and in your heart. Yes, beloved child, not all has been made manifest in to physical form. Your requests have not always been for your highest and best good. Discernment is a gift given to you to choose wisely in love and light. Choices made are steps along the path before you providing the gift of choice. Look within you, you know what is for your highest and best good. We understand the path before you is not always to your liking, it is not always smooth, nor is the why of things always made clear to you. Know, trust and have faith all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time according to your true essence within, according to your inner truth and your desires for happiness, love fulfilled, prosperity and abundance. Take heed for all shall be made manifest as your true Self desires it to be. Choose wisely. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

As you learn to speak your truth, the truth of all that choose to allow into your life, you align with all that is already made manifest in your name in the Realm of Spirit.

Ask Archangel Sandalphon to carry your sacred requests to the Realm of Spirit in your name for your highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Connect with Terrie Marie, Angels and the Realm of Spirit every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!  Enter your name and email address to begin connecting with your own Spirituality!