Chrysocolla Malachite Chakra Healing Prosperity Inner Vision Altar Crystal


CHRYSOCOLLA: Clears and activates the Throat, Heart and Root Chakras. It is also known as the Stone of Communication, encouraging you to speaking your truth from the heart with love and compassion.

It helps you tap into the Divine Feminine Goddess Energies for self-realization and empowerment.

Chrysocolla is closely connected with Mother Earth, grounding excess energies that are no longer needed, wanted or necessary to your Spiritual Path.

Another name for this amazing Crystal is Stone of Empowerment. When your Throat Chakra is clear, there is a sense of empowered confidence.

It helps deepen meditation, calms the Spirit and opens your channels of connecting and communicating with Angels Spirit and your Higher-Self.

Chrysocolla has a VERY HIGH vibration, resonating with your Higher Throat Chakra. It helps heal emotional wounds past and present. Can help you have a sense of peacefulness and empowerment to move forward, taking that next step in expressing yourself with love, compassion, strength and courage.


MALACHITE: Malachite is the Stone of Health, Wealth and Abundance. Its energy is VERY STRONG and can take some time to get used to. When used during meditation, it will help you balance emotional energy.

Malachite has many layers ranging from dark green to very light, nearly white-ish in color and can help you take that next step, one step at a time.

This magickal green-layered Stone, strengthens your Aura and protects you from negative energies. It can help you heal your Heart Center, helping you move forward with your life.


METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Expression of that which is Sacred; Goddess Energies; Emotional Healing; self-empowerment.

Strengthens personal power, self-confidence and helps connect to Goddess Energies. Resonates with Throat, Heart and Root Chakras; soothes emotions.

Resonates with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras; ground excess nervous energy; emotional balance

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