Happy Day of Giving Thanks!

There is so much to be thank-ful for … there is so much that simply changed overnight, more than once during these past months of challenges.

Please take even a few minutes to think of 10 things, people or experiences that have shown your Grace, compassion, a kind word, a prayer … 

Remember to include *you* in that list somewhere, preferably in the top three,

Take a few moments to see just how special *you* are.

My path and life are blessed with *you* in it.

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Crystologist, Crystal and Angelic Realm Channel


[closing] Clearing the way for prosperity and abundance

Hello beautiful Soul

Did you get the email about the 3 prosperity and abundance blocks?

Just in case you missed it here they are:

#1 – Judging by Appearances

#2 – Thinking Lack and Limitation

#3 – Holding Resentments

Any one of those three can trigger negative thoughts that cause our inner-wealth vibration to go down which in turn causes fear and doubt.

Being able to identify and heal the core issue to our allowing the natural flow of prosperity and abundance into our lives is one of the 3 keys to raising our inner-wealth vibration.

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Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


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Gratitude Expands Awareness of …

… literally everything!

To be a bit more specific, gratitude is one of the mystical, magical keys to …

… raising your inner-vibration

… focusing on what you do have

… opening your heart-center to receive

… being “awake” to opportunities

… attract and manifest more to be grateful for

…  shift your perception from lack to one of having

… changes your point of attraction

When we allow ourselves to be grateful, truly grateful, for the gift of receiving a …

… smile or hug

… genuine support from friends or your Spiritual Coach

… cup of coffee or tea

…a kind word

… money in the bank or in your pocket, regardless of how much

… a roof over our head

… receiving an unexpected gift

… signing a new client, regardless of the fee

… clothes on our back, shoes on our feet

… we are expanding our awareness of Spirit within us and all around us. Awareness is about … being in the moment, not dredging up stories from the past or worrying about what might or might not happen tomorrow.

When we are fully present, we are aware of what is happening around us.

I often hear people say things like … I want to …

… know more about what my purpose is

… connect with Angels

… know I’m on the right path

… manifest my dreams / clients/ financial prosperity

… deepen my Spiritual connection

Being grateful — actively practicing gratitude — creates space mentally, emotionally and energetically to be in a state of peace and Oneness with Divine Source.

It is simply not possible to have thoughts of lack and limitation and not be filled with fear and doubt about how things are going to work out … or not work out.

If we really want guidance, messages and answers to our questions, we have to stop the seemingly never-ending cycle of negative thoughts and feelings that Ego-chitter chatter stirs up inside our mind and heart-center.

Starting a gratitude journal and writing down 10 things you are truly grateful for, every day, is one of the best ways to cause a shift in your awareness.

The more aware we are of what is happening around us, the more we are aware of the thoughts and feelings that are floating around inside our head.

In the mornings, I give me the gift of being in my beautiful, peaceful garden to journal and connect with my Angels and Spirit. A soft breeze is something that I am grateful for in the summer mornings living in the High-Desert.

Being grateful expands awareness and our sense of Oneness with Divine Source.

When we are practicing gratitude, there is only a sense of peaceful contentment regardless of outward or surface appearances to the contrary.

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[heart-to-heart] A day of giving thanks for you


For many this is a day of family and feasting. For many others, it is day that magnifies feelings of being alone, heartbreak, lack and loss.

Even in our moments — however long they feel — we are never truly alone. There is always someone or something in our lives to be truly grateful for.

These are a few of many things I am grateful for each and every day, no matter what is or isn’t happening within or around me …

… I am grateful for my family of origin and my Spiritual family

… I am grateful for my friends and colleagues

… I am grateful to be of service, helping to raise the vibration of this planet, connecting with as many men and women as possible

… I am grateful for clear guidance from my Angels to live my purpose with strength, compassion, courage and unconditional love

… I am grateful for technology which allows me to connect with so many beautiful Souls just like you no matter where you are

… I am grateful for my Angels who are always with me, helping me help you

… I am grateful for the many emails and messages filled with loving kindness

… Most of all, I am grateful to be of sharing the journey with you, you and especially YOU!

On this day of giving thanks, look around you, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths … what are you truly grateful for right now?

I’d love to hear from you, send me a short note to and share with me one thing you are grateful for right now, this moment.

I am grateful you took a few moments out of your busy life to read this heart-to-heart note from me to you.

Many blessings …

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Did You Know Having An Attitude of Gratitude Can Get You What You Want?!

Domesticated ducks. Sydney, Australia.

Domesticated ducks. Sydney, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How to Heal Your Prosperity Mind-Set

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To you and your path….

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Mystical Goddesses – Lakshmi Is the Mystical Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance

Goddess Lakshmi

Image via Wikipedia

What is prosperity? It is defined as being without lack, flourishing financially, a state of being successful in all areas or your life.

What is abundance? It is defined as having a very large quantity of something or many things to include material and non-material things.

What kinds of non-material things create or manifest as abundance? Non-material things include love, friends, health, contentment, harmony, balance and peace of mind.

Lakshmi is the Mystical Goddess of prosperity and abundance. She will assist you, when asked, to clear any energy blockages preventing you from attaining that which you desire.

This loving Goddess will assist you in realigning your vibrational frequency, allowing the free flow of energy, attracting prosperity and abundance to you. Lakshmi will guide you. Be open to experiencing new things, exploring new ideas as you manifest wealth in ways you have yet to imagine.

Prosperity can and often does manifest in many forms. For example, if someone chooses to give you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, you have prospered. When you are given a gift of something you would like to have, you have prospered.  When you give a gift to someone else, you have expressed a state of abundance. Expressing gratitude is a measure of abundance.

Yes, prosperity and abundance are about financial gain. Yet it is not always about the exchange of money. If your money energy, your Solar Plexus Chakra energy center is blocked, it will more difficult to attract to you circumstances and opportunities to prosper.

Take a few moments and think about the possibility of increasing your earning power simply by releasing outdate thought patterns, old mindsets and beliefs which have been limiting you. As you increase your prosperity and abundance you are able to do more, to help more people, spend more time with family and friends.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Lakshmi are: Aventurine, Malachite, Green Tourmaline, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Citrine, Tangerine Quartz and Imperial Gold.

A Message from Lakshmi*

Child of Earth, do not think about what you do not have. Think instead about the many blessings, the many gifts you have already abundantly received. Think instead of releasing any thoughts of lack. Replace thoughts of having to do without wit thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for all that which has already manifested before you.  Express sincere appreciation for all that come before, delivering you to where you are now and where it is you have yet to arrive. There is no shame except that of doubt and shame about all that has not yet arrived in physical form. There are many who seek your courage, the loving energy which radiates out from your heart center. Be at peace, releasing you to my open arms which hold for you all that is promised. Be at peace for all is well. Be at peace allowing all to unfold before you as the Lotus Blossom reveals its treasured seed pod of bountiful seeds filled with renewal and regeneration. Be at peace child of Earth.

Become aware of where you are mentally and emotionally concerning your Solar Plexus Chakra energy. If you envy what another has, consider re-focusing your thoughts and emotions and rejoice for their good fortune. In this way, this simple way, you being to release energy blockages within you, attracting prosperity and abundance to you.

Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is no longer a part of your life and your path. Be in a state of gratitude and appreciation for all that is a part of your path and your life now this moment. Be in a state of appreciation and gratitude for all that is yet to be for it is coming.

The only question remains, are you open to receive or are you delaying all that is yours?

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Prayer Request – Patience During Times of Transition

Angels we ask for patience during times of transition from where we are to where are to be

Angels we ask for guidance and support

Angels we ask you teach us to trust in ways we may not completely understand

Angels we ask you lead us to the edge of all we have ever known with complete faith that the way is being revealed to us with every step

Thank you for understanding the ways of being Human and for your unconditonal love



Prayer Request – Surrender Fear of the Unknown

Machu Picchu

Image by b00nj via Flickr

Angels there are many who seek the light. Many who seek protection. Many who seek love. Many who see forgiveness.

Angels we ask you to help each one of us face all that is happening within and around us.

Angels we ask you to help us surrender to fear, fear of the unknown. All that once was, no longer is.

Angels we ask you to help us remove the burden of having to understand all things.

Angels we ask you to help us step forward along the path as it continues to unfold before us.

Angels we ask for your guidance, to hear, see, sense your messages easily and clearly.

Angels we thank you for your unconditional love, support and guidance as we journey this realm.

Thank you.


Tip of the Week – Attitude of Gratitude

Pleiades Star Cluster

Image via Wikipedia

Express Gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Do you find yourself in circumstances not to your liking? Look around, how many blessings can you appreciate, expressing gratitude for, saying “thank you” from your heart? In expressing gratitude for all you have, where you in this moment, opens the doorway to receiving more of what you want and less of what you do not want.

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