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Hello beautiful Soul,

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Spiritual Expansion – How to Write a Letter to Angels

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It is said, ask and you shall receive. There are so many ways to ask for guidance, signs, messages, clarification and even validation.

Has anyone ever taken time to share with you just how to write a letter to Angels? Writing a letter to Angels is as easy as writing an email to a friend. Pour out your heartfelt emotions and your thoughts. Yes, Angels already know what is in your heart.

What would you write to an Angel about? What you write is your choice. Having said that here are some of things I have written to thee Angels who guide me about. I have written letters asking for healing, forgiveness, guidance, being a clear and open channel, unconditional love and acceptance.

Still not quite sure how to start or what to write? Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Use what resonates and release the rest. That which does not resonate with you will guide you to what works best for you.

*Healing: Angels I ask you to heal (my friend, my nephew, my sister), please wrap them in a bubble of rose light for love, emerald green for healing at the cellular level, sky blue to soothe and heal emotions

*Forgiveness: Angels I ask you to forgive (me, my spouse, my friend) for …..

*Guidance: Angels I ask for you guidance about …..

*Unconditional Love: Angels I ask you to help me see beyond surface appearances, seeing the Spark of Divinity within everyone to include myself …

*Acceptance: Angels I ask for your help in accepting (myself, my friend, my boss, my co-worker) as they are, releasing the need to accept the need to accept abusive behavior in word or deed…

*Clarity: Angels please clear the mist, the fog from my inner sight so that I may see clearly

*Discernment: Angels I ask you to help me to know the difference between truth and that which is not truth

*Signs: Angels I ask you to give me a sign about ….

Now it is up to you fill in the blanks, to describe in detail all you wish to share, to release to Angels. Remember you must ask Angels to help you. Angels cannot intervene in your life unless it is not your time to transition.

Here is the key to writing your letter to Angels. Be authentic, be in integrity and speak your truth. Are you wondering why this is necessary if Angels already know everything consider if you will the concept of being in physical form. That is the reason, being in physical form. Writing out your thoughts, your emotions or your requests infuses each and word with your energy. It is a way of empowering, releasing, purging and detoxing your energy. It is a way of keeping your inner most desires sacred and expressing yourself, declaring your intentions.

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