Spirituality Expressing Your Divine Self

Spirituality, being and expressing your Spirituality is a balance of all things … energy, thoughts, emotion, physical action and prosperity.

Many have been taught, or rather it has been “pounded” into the minds and hearts of many that being Spiritual means you must sacrifice your desire to be prosperous, that to earn a fabulous income and have a lifestyle that you enjoy is not being Spiritual.

If worrying about how you will support yourself or make the kind of impact you dream of making, stressing about the next client or clients interferes with your Spiritual Path, the work and the message you came to share … how does this “serve” you?

Being stressed-out, feeling unworthy or worried about where the next client will “show up” is blocking your energy in all areas of your life.

Attracting more clients, making / earning fabulous money, living a wonderful lifestyle creates a freedom to truly walk your talk, giving to your favorite charities, opening that Reiki or Healing Clinic you have always dreamed of …

Activating your Personal Angels helps you raise your vibration, attract more clients, better Team and contracts creating financial freedom to express your Divine Self.

Come work with me, tune in to your Angels messages and tap into their energy watch your life transform from what could be into your realty, the life you have always known was possible but has just been out of reach …. until now!


What Do You Do When You Have One of “THOSE” Days?

Lightning (Photo credit: Pete Hunt)

Hello Bright Light,

What do you do when you have “one of those days?” You know the kind where everything seems to be falling apart around you or you’ve just ended a relationship, suddenly losing your job.

Here’s what I do … first I honor what I’m feeling when I’m feeling it. If that means anger or feelings of deep hurt, then that is where “I am in that moment.” If you don’t honor what you’re feeling, then you create dense resistance to whatever you are facing and ultimately healing in your life.

The 2nd thing I do, is cleanse and re-balance my energy. How exactly, play my favorite Tibetan Signing Bowl, smudge my home with Ceremonial White Sage and Organic Lavender Buds. I play soft soothing music that uplifts the Spirit.

#3 – Begin the forgiveness work. Forgive the person or persons involved “caused” this situation in the first place. Forgiveness is about releasing you from creating or “feeding negative energy” through Energy Cords.

#4 – Begin to heal the pain and sorrow and feelings that are negative. Any feeling, emotion or thought that is not based in love is negative and must be healed and released to the light. If you feel betrayed or deceived, start by saying … (person’s name) I forgive you and I forgive myself for (fill in the blank).

#5 – Remember to be kind to you, nurture you as you would nurture and take care of your best friend, or your spouse. Reach out to friends who lovingly support you understanding that there are times when being Human is overwhelming.

#6 – Always, always, always move forward no matter what!

#7 – If necessary begin again and again and again. Repeat these steps until you are at peace with whatever did or didn’t happen.

In everyone’s life rain falls. Sometimes the rain is more like a thunder storm or even a cyclone or hurricane. At the end of what appears to be falling apart all around you, is the promise of a brighter future.

Sometimes the “future” creeps right in while you are doing your healing and forgiveness work. Perhaps the most difficult challenge can be to have faith and trust that everything and I do mean everything is unfolding for your highest and best good AND that there is growth in strength, courage and yes even love if you will allow it to be so.

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., author of Inner-Balance and Harmony: Angel Messages for Healing  and Inspiration, is a Master Angel Messenger who speaks and leads workshops that guide men and women want Angels in their lives to hear, connect and communicate with their Angels. Visit to access information about Angels. Get in touch with Terrie Marie by email at


How to Release Limiting Beliefs Angel Meditation (Free)


Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

Archangel Raziel Meditation: Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Wednesday, August 31st 7:00pm New York Time

(6:00pm US Central; 5:00pm US Mountain; 4:00pm US Pacific)

Hello Bright Light,

Archangel Raziel is the Keeper of Esoteric Knowledge, Secrets and Wisdom of the Ages.

He will help you release the past and self-limiting beliefs so you can remember who you are, healing and dissolving all that no longer serves your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self.

Join me the first monthly Guided Angel Meditation. This month’s Meditation is from Archangel Raziel: Releasing Limiting Beliefs.   This is my gift to you and all you have to do is register, click here and then “confirm” your request.

There is no charge for this, but you do have to register by entering your name and email address. Once you “confirm” your request, you will receive all the details for this Angel Meditation event.

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings, Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

P.S. Remember, there will be NO recording available for this Angel Meditation so do your best to make it live today. Click here to register now!


Soul Essence for you and just you …

Heathcote National Park

Heathcote National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Bright Light,

Are you looking for something very special to give to yourself or to the Lady or Man in your life?

Would you like to have a special, made- just- for-you scent, a scent that no other person on this entire planet has or will ever have?

Soul Essence is exactly that. It is a very special scent created just for you, with you and for you and your Soul Vibration.

You are unique and special. There is no one else like you anywhere. Why shouldn’t you have something that is as unique as you are?

Each Soul Essence is made from Organic Essential Oils. The blend itself is created just for you, a true reflection of your Inner-Spirit.

Your Essential Oil Blend is received during meditation from Angels for you and your Soul Vibration. Holding you and your energy in my heart, I ask Angels for the right and perfect combination of Essential Oils specifically for you.

Are you ready to align your heart and Soul?

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am offering Soul Essence at a very special savings. The thing is, the special savings is over May 7thClick on the link below to request your Soul Essence now.

No other person on this Planet will ever have an identical Organic Essential Oil blend like yours; this is my promise to you and from Angels who guide me.

I would love to create a Soul Essence just for you!

To you and your path…

Rainbows and Waterfall Blessings,

Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

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Prayer Request – Peaceful Healing

Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Angels we ask for peaceful healing in all places and in all faces.

Let there be only that which is of the highest and best good for everyone no matter the circumstances.

Allow compassion to flow easily and freely from the heart center of everything living, breathing being whehter the being is 2 legged, 4 legged, creepy-crawley or the winged creatures among us.

Many things are happening to many people. We ask for peacful resolution to all that is front of each and everyone being both physical and animal.

Angels we ask for and give thanks for peaceful resolution and healing in all places and in all faces.


Prayer Request – Earthquakes Healing Around the World

Tree front

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask for the calming of the Earth

Angels we ask for the waters of the Great Oceans to remain calm

Angels we ask for healing for all who have been injured in any way

Angels we ask for healing of Earth Mother and Sky Father so that all may live in peace and harmony

Angels thank you for this and all you do for all of us ….


Prayer Request – Co-Existing in Peace and Harmony

Angels we ask for our hearts to be softened to the plight of others

Angels we ask for your guidance along the paths before us

Angels we ask for our hearts to forgive all that is left undone and all that is done to others and to ourselves

Angels we ask for your loving healing energy to smooth the way before us and all who walk the land

Angels we ask for all to live in peaceful harmony one with the other knowing all needs, wants and desires are granted withougt causing another to suffer by the hands of another

Angels we ask the waters, the skies and the land be covered in light for all to see the many blessings in all directions of time and space from this moment forward …


Prayer Request – For All Hostages, All Enslaved or Imprisoned Everywhere

Ben Lomond (Walking Against Their Will)(45 of 199)

Image by Stephen_G via Flickr

Angels we ask in your name to deliver all who suffer at the hands of others

Angels we ask every person is being held against their will be released unharmed and in good physical health

Angels we ask all who have been held against their will be healed in body, mind and heart

Angels we ask you to guide and soften the hearts of all who seek to hold, enslave others against their will for whatever purpose or gain whether political or financial

Angels we ask you to release all who imprison themselves believing the only way open to them is to assert their dominance over others

Angels we ask for healing on all levels in directions of time for who walk the land

We give thanks for your loving guidance and so much more


Prayer Request – Healing of Human, Animal, Earth Mother


Image by dj @ oxherder arts via Flickr

Angels we ask for healing of body and mind for all living creatures both human and animal

Angels we ask for healing of all plants, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, meadows and the skies

Angels we ask for all to be healed without delay, without condition and without exception

Angels we ask you carry light, love and healing to all places, all faces

Angels we ask Earth Mother be cared for, held Sacred as in the days of the beginning

Angels we ask all animals be free of torment to live in peace and harmony one with the other and with humankind

Angels we ask all humans to healed in body and mind, releasing all pain, sorrow and torment replacing all that is unwanted with loving kindness, harmon, joy, compassion, prosperity and abundance for there is more than enough for all to live in peace

Thank you for hearing and honoring our words, our please for your loving healing light and energy

So be it, so be it, so be it and so it is


Prayer Request – Gratitude for All Who Serve, for All Who Have Given the Ultimate Sacrifice

A dove carrying an olive branch.

Image via Wikipedia

Angels we ask you bestow your loving grace on all who serve humanity in whatever way resonates within their heart center

Angels we ask you forgive all who feel they may have in some disgraced themselves or their families

Angels we ask you to heal the hearts and minds of all who answer the calling to aid and protect

Angels we ask you heal the hearts of the families who have lost someome they love and cherish

Angels we ask you help all of us remember all who have and continue to serve

Angels we ask you help us remember all who have given the ultimate sacrifice of being away from the families they love

Angels we ask you help us remember and be grateful in thought and deed for all who have given their lives for their beliefs in keeping so many protected and our of harm’s way