Do you do this?

So real quick today …

Just yesterday and even a little this morning, my vibe was a little ‘low’ … not my usual ‘high flyin’ vibe’ self.

Sure there are reasons for this … health issues with my 88 year old parents, the Planets, Solar Eclipse and  powerful New Moon doing their ‘energy thing’ … you feel it don’t you beautiful Soul?

The being pulled, pushed and maybe even stretched to the point of energy overwhelm?

It doesn’t help that soooo much is happening all around us because it makes things on the inside kinda go ka-fluey, creating imbalance and then poof! You’re out of alignment!

So then what? How do you get your energy-self out of that stuck in the muck feeling?

*Not sure just how to raise your vibe and keep it there

*What to do and when to do it, and know that it really does work

*How to feel okay in your skin, even when you don’t

Want to raise your vibe and start seeing, hearing and sensing messages, answers and guidance more clearly?

So many beautiful Souls ask her — Terrie Marie, how do I figure out what my purpose really is? I have an idea, well, I think I do, but how can I know for sure?

It all starts by peeling away the layers of energy that keep getting in the way …

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