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Divine guidance is often delivered on the whispers of a soft breeze. The flutter of butterfly wings may spur a particular thought pattern. Clairaudience is clear hearing. It is the ability to hear the still small voice of your inner Self, the voices of your Angelic Guides, or Spirit Guides. It is essential to practice the art of attentive listening, to sort through the myriad of random thoughts playing and re-playing in your head. Are you always in “transmit” mode or are you open to receive messages, answers to your questions or those of your clients?

To begin developing or expanding your gift of hearing, to be able to hear, you must first learn to listen. How often do you listen to your own words, the sound of your voice? When people are speaking to you, do you actually listen? Or are you simply waiting for your turn, to hear your own voice? Perhaps you are busy thinking of something to say.

Be willing to open yourself to receiving guidance from a variety of sources. For example, a song playing on the radio repeatedly may be the key to your questions. Reading a passage in a book or magazine, overhearing a conversation in passing, or speaking with a friend provides opportunities for Divine Guidance if you will but open your ears to recognizing that which is gifted to you. These are but a few of the ways thee Angels, your inner voice, your intuition will make known to you the very answers you seek.

A person who hears beyond the physical realm often experiences acute hearing, hearing their name being called when no one is about. It is possible to hear the thoughts of someone with whom you share a deep emotional bond.

Here is one way in which you can explore the possibility of having, or expanding the gift of Clairaudience. Choose a time and place where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 to 20 minutes. On a warm day, sit outside, close your eyes, breathe deeply, exhaling all thoughts of the many things you could be doing instead of sitting still. Sit in the silence focusing on your breathing. What do you hear? How close are the sounds? How many different sounds can you hear? Keeping your eyes closed, identify the sounds. Now begin to open your ears, extending the range of how far away you can hear dogs barking, the traffic on nearby streets, children playing, birds singing. How far can you hear, one block over, a mile down the road?

Ask Angel Ambriel, whose name means, Angel of Truth and Clarity, to assist you in clearing your thoughts, clearing your emotions, preconceived notions of what is real and what is not. Be willing to practice the art of listening to others, hearing, acknowledging what the other person is saying without judgment, without the necessity of agreeing or disagreeing. Be willing to accept another’s perception reality as their truth.

A Message from Angel Ambriel**

Close your eyes, listen to the sound of the leaves in the soft breeze, the falling of rain upon the window. Listen to your heartbeat; listen to the still small voice within. All is given thee through Divine Guidance, the very essence of which you seek answers, clarification, confirmation, and yes even validation to all that is before you. In the stillness, answers will rise to the surface to be heard. Listen to the voice within, for all you seek already exists within you. You have the knowledge, the wisdom, the gift of discernment in all you seek this day. Be willing to open yourheart, your mind to all which awaits you. Be at peace this day as all unfolds at your feet. Be patient as the journey before you unfolds in ways yet imagined. **channeld through Terrie Marie

Practice hearing, practice listening. Keep a journal of messages, insights you receive. Developing or expanding a gift requires patience, trust, having faith you are hearing correctly. Divine Guidance is the voice from within; it is the gift of discernment, knowing when the chatter of the ego mind speaks out of fear, doubt, lack, apprehension, and perhaps ignorance. Extending the reach of your physical hearing will in turn heighten your ability to hear non-physical guidance.

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