What’s “Behind the Angelic Veil”

Long before I became consciously aware of connecting with Angels, I had heard about the “Veil” between the Realm of Spirit and our world of substance and matter.

So what’s really “Behind the Angelic Veil” and how can we tap into these mysterious, mystical treasures Angels have for us?

Pulling back the “Veil between Worlds” is simpler that it may seem. It’s not always easy for us to get past so much Ego-chitter chatter like …

… this stuff seems to simple so it can’t be real

… this might work for other people but it won’t work for me

… how do I know it’s really going to work for me

… I’ve tried so many different things but they just don’t seem to work for long

In times of massive change and stressful situations, transformation can be particularly challenging. Even when we know deep down that everything is really unfolding perfectly, Ego-chitter chatter kicks up shadows of fear and doubt.

This is where knowing how to get “Behind the Angelic Veil” really helps us re-connect with Angels and feeling or sensing their amazing, loving, powerful, healing energy all around us.

I’ve “seen” first-hand what can happen in as little as 12 to 24 hours when my clients and friends call on Angels to help them with things like …

… Divine Intervention in court cases

… landing a desperately needed job

… healing relationships with family and friends

… getting confirmation that could only be from Angels

… acting as protectors and shields against negativity

… removing obstacles in ways that defy logic


This is what 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” is all about … we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at all three Angel Realms or the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise.

But that’s not all, we will also explore 9 Angelic Hierarchies giving you insight into what’s “Behind the Angelic Veil.”

You’ll learn what each Angelic Hierarchy has to offer you and how Angels can help you with your Spiritual Path.

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The 3 Sacred Angels Realms or Heavens are:

#1 – Heaven of Form where Guardian Angels, Archangels and Angel Princes call “Home”

#2 – Heaven of Creation where Angels of the Powers, Virtues and Dominions reside

… and …

#3 – Heaven of Paradise, which is “Home” for Angels of the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim, the Angels with the highest vibration of all Angels.

3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil”

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“See” you in class.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.



PS … In 3 Sacred Angel Realms: A Journey “Behind the Angelic Veil” w3e’ll be exploring 3 Sacred Angel Realms, the Heavens of Form, Creation and Paradise AND 9 Angelic Hierarchies shedding light and giving you insights into the Mystical World of Angels. Click here now and claim your “virtual” seat.


Archangels – Archangel Raguel Guardian of the 2nd Heaven

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Archangel Raguel, whose name means, Friend of God, will assist you in seeing beyond, seeing infinite possibilities. Become comfortable in your own skin, for there is no other exactly like you in any Realm.

Accept who you are now, this moment. Accept where you have been, all experiences which brought you to this moment. Accept you are no longer the person in the memory of others. Accept you have moved, traveled light years beyond all you have ever known and you have been taught to fly among the clouds in the sky. Accept you are not yet where you desire to be. Accept you do not know the “why” of that which plagues your thoughts, your heart. Accept you will not know the outcome of all you desire. Instead, ask of Archangel Raguel to calm the path before you, igniting all the passions within you, encouraging you each step of the way.

Archangel Raguel will assist you, when asked, in strengthening your faith in infinite possibilities, the limitlessness potential within you. Call upon the Guardian of the 2nd Heaven to assist you with trust, fairness, surrendering all which attempts to keep you where you are. Seek his Angelic guidance in aligning your thoughts, your emotions with your innermost desires, instilling a sense of harmonious balance within.

A Message from Archangel Raguel*

Remember who you are. Remember the light within your heart. Remember the stream of life which flows through your entire Be-ing! Remember the stream of sound which brings to you a multitude of song. Remember the low of sight through you, more than physical perception of all that is before you. Remember you are a seed in the Garden of Joy and Happiness, harmony springing forth from thy lips. Remember you are a light among the stars in the night sky. Remember there is nothing to fear except remaining steadfast where you, doubting your own intentions to move forward in loving kindness. Remember you are a light in the darkness, be not afraid, allow your heart-light to shine the light before you. Remember…. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you travel the path before you, along your unique journey, be willing to accept the many gifts, unlimited opportunities which present themselves to you. Accepting all that is gifted to you does not require distraction from your chosen path. Accepting gifts given may guide you along the path. Not all gifts offered to you may resonate within. Choose to receive with graciousness whether you choose to pass along the gift or keep it for yourself.

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Element Angels – Kokabiel Star of God

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Among the heavens there is no greater twinkling than that of a million stars, the Celestial Milky Way. The light of the stars in the night sky give way to the brilliance of the Spirit within. Within each of us, there is a spark of light, the light given for all to see. Do you see the spark of Divinity within you? Do you see it in others? All creatures great and small are gifted with the golden twinkling of a thousand stars.

Imagine floating among the stars, along the Milky Way. Imagine seeing the world, this Earth from the heavens above.  Become a beacon in the darkness, shine brightly through the fog of indecision, thoughts of uncertainty. Experience serenity as you take time to cast your gaze at the many heavenly bodies in the night skies. There are countless stars, perhaps galaxies beyond our own.

Allow the stars to cast their light upon the path before you, illuminating all that would attempt to distract you from you chosen path.

A Message from Kokabiel*

Allow the light within to shine brightly as a star among the night skies. Do not allow the ways of others to dim the light within you. In the face of adversity, close your eyes but for a moment, breathe in white light exhaling shadow and darkness. Breathe in the light of the Creator filling you with a sense of ease, a sense of peace, a sense of serenity. The night skies radiate peace and contentment, the early dawn brings yet another beginning. Be at peace, shining brightly this day. *channeled by Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Which star or stars resonate or call to you? Learn to see beyond that which is known to you. Be willing to see things differently, the light shines in a million different ways just as the stars in the heavens above.

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