What is Lifting the Veil?

Have you heard that before? Lifting the Veil?

It’s like there’s this energy barrier or filter between the Spiritual Realm and our physical energy.

Getting past it, Lifting the Veil, is really all about being able to reach through it no matter what is happening in your life.

It’s about having a direct channel to your intuitive and psychic skills and abilities.

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You’ll want to join us so you can …

  • Raise Your Vibe to Discover, Develop, Enhance and Empower Your Intuitive Gifts at the Next Higher Level.
  • Tapping into Your Intuitive Gifts, Skills and Psychic Powers Provides You with CrystalClearConnection ™ to Guidance for Your Purpose.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Access to Divine Source, Angels, Spirit and Your Personal Higher-Power.
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Energy and How Energy Works with You and for You.

On October 18th and 25th, Angel Lady Terrie Marie will be your personal guide on HOW to Lift the Veil between the physical and Spiritual so you can get a clearer connection using your intuitive and psychic skills and gifts.

We’ll also be working with Aura’s … this is one workshop you’ll want to say “yes” to … just sayin’ …

Much Love, Light, Pace, Purpose and Passion,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


Being of service can truly be humbling …


There are moments when I am truly humbled by what my students and clients share with me about their journey …

This is what just one of my students, Brenda Sue shared with me about her life-changing experience as she works on her Divine Wealth Frequency:

“Working with Terrie Marie has really guided me to dig deeper into what has held me back because of the learning patterns that were engrained when I was growing up.

I am not blaming but rather acknowledging and naming what has stood in my was for so long and keeping me from who I am meant to be. I am looking forward to examine and digging deeper into who I am and who I am meant to be.

I have also been reflecting on what is important to me on a personal level, what I allow to be present in my daily life, what I accept into my daily being, and how I let outside forces influence what I do, how I feel and the choices I make.

I am worth so much more than that. I no longer let people control what I want to do. I have chosen to walk away from the drama and enjoy life and the dreams and goals I have for myself.

I won’t say it is always easy but I have learned how to control the ego chitter chatter that has held me captive for so long.

I have learned that it isn’t being selfish in investing in me, but rather it is important to do so, this investment allows me to discover and grow to become what I am truly meant to be, and this will allow me to reach my dreams and goals.”

You know, it’s one thing to be able to raise my own Divine Wealth Frequency walking the walk and not just talking the talk. But the part that excites me even more is watching the success my students have.

Knowing the lives of my students are changing because now they have “down to earth” practical ways that help them change negative thought patterns into positive ones that support them and their dreams, is what makes all this worthwhile.

Right now I’m accepting sign-ups for Divine Magic but the deadline is Thursday, September 18th and it’s really much closer than it sounds … just 2 days from now and then that’s it.

If you want to get started, now is the time.

You can get all the details here about Divine Magic: Nine Sacred Secrets of Divine Wealth.

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Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

PS… by the looks of my schedule, the next time Divine Magic will be available is next January. CLICK HERE for Divine Magic details.


Are you joining me Thursday?


It’s Terrie Marie popping in really quick to personally invite YOU to join me this Thursday, March 20th for a special webinar all about how to Create Your Angel Dream Team in a Weekend!

I’ll be sharing a few of what some of my clients and friends call my “insider Angel secrets” with you!!! These “secrets” are the very same ones I use every day to connect with my own Angel Dream Team!

There’s so much to share with you about the first ever Two-Day Weekend Retreat!

I’ll be giving a special sneak-peek at the 5 Step Ultimate Angel Dream Team BluePrint System!!! But that’s not all BUT that’s all I’m saying right now so come join me for the Free Webinar just click on this link to register  FREE Angel Dream Team Sneak-Peak  Call

It’s sooo exciting to be hosting the first ever Angels Weekend!!! On this magical weekend, I’ll be showing you proven strategies, techniques, tips and tools that not only work in my life but also for my private clients!

Dare to Be Different, Dare to Dream!

Transcend the Ordinary,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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About Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms, also known as the Angel Whisperer, has an Extremely Alternative and Highly Effective way of showing Heart, Soul and Spirit-Centered Men and Women how to show up more powerfully in their life, work and business  when they access their Ultimate Angel Dream Team!

As the Angel Lady, Terrie Marie specializes in showing her amazing clients how to directly access and receive Divine Guidance through their Higher-Self and Angels to raise their inner vibration, Divine Wealth Frequency, change thought patterns, enhance the Law of Attraction and magnify their manifesting power.

Her clients also discover and explore practical, easy-to-use techniques, tips and tools to increase prosperity and abundance, have more harmony and less stress and trust their intuition and gut feelings with a heightened sense of empowerment and confidence.

The subtle, powerful insights that Terrie Marie teaches, create life-changing transformations from the inside out reaching amazing men and women in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico, Brazil, Belgium New Zealand.

Terrie Marie, D.Ms. has the unique ability to connect and communicate with Angels which makes her a highly sought after Angel Mentor and Angel Whisper.

Whether the Angel Lady is being interviewed or speaking to International audiences, her high energy ignites the atmosphere with her empowering message, unconditional love, and intuitive insights. She creates sacred space to transform goals and dreams into reality.

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Ascended Masters – Merlin the Magician Helps You Reconnect with the Magic Within

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Alchemy is a Mystical term for the transformation of heavy physical matter energies into higher vibration energies. Dense physical energy is heavy and laden with fear based thoughts and emotions. It is also laced with positive loving thoughts and emotions.

Merlin the Mystic Magician will, when asked, assist you in reconnecting with that special spark of magic within you, within your heart center. In seeking his assistance, the truth of what is yet to be made manifest into physical form is part of the excitement and the anticipation!

Heed the call within as you go within your own actions, thoughts and emotions. What is it you are truly focusing on? Do you focus on what has not yet manifested into physical form? Or do you choose to focus on the outcome of all you desire?

The Master of Alchemy is ready to help you shift from within beginning with your energy. Remember, energy is everything and everything is energy.

As you open yourself to exploring the Inner World of the Mystic, the Magician of days long since past encourages and supports your expansion from the inside out and from the outside in.

Allow you to surrender the fear of the unknown as your leaden, fear based negative energy transforms in a higher vibration of golden light, that of your Higher-Self expanding beyond your current vibration, your current sense of knowing.

Crystals and Minerals associated with Merlin the Mystic Magician are Amethyst, Ametrine, Clear Quartz, Rainbow Quartz, Peacock Ore, Tangerine Quartz and Red Aura Amethyst.

A Message from Merlin the Magician*

Child of physical matter, do not dwell on that which is now behind you. Do not dwell on that which has yet to manifest into physical form before you. Choose instead to focus upon the light bringing your inner awareness into alignment with your truth, the truth of your Soul and that of your Higher-Consciousness. The light always, always, always, reveals all in the light. Be willing to step into the light, allowing all that would seek refuge in the corners of darkness and shadow to be cleansed, healed and transformed into a higher vibration enabling you to move forward away from all that would seek to hold you from your good. There is nothing more powerful than that of love and light. There is nothing more powerful than the spoken word. Bring all together as one, this is the creation of magic within and without. As above so below. As below so above. As within so it is manifested in kind into physical form around you. Believe in the magic within, reconnect with your truth allow it to shine forth before you. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Words are words until they become spoken from the heart space within. Words are the magic bringing to life all that is yet to be, all that unfolds before you with patience, understanding and with faith and trust knowing you are One with Divine Source.

Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out doubt, fear and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter energy into the golden energy of Higher-Consciousness and light of expanding awareness.

Connect with Terrie Marie, Angels and the Realm of Spirit every day when you click this link from Terrie Marie the Angel Lady and Desert Rose Healing Arts!  Enter your name and email address to begin connecting with your own Spirituality!

I invite you to visit

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Crystals – Tanzan Aura Quartz Known as Indigo Quartz

This special crystal is also known as Tanzine or as Indigo Quartz vibrates on a much  higher Spiritual plane of level of awareness. It encourages communication with the Soul, your Higher  Consciousness, and heightens your awareness of the Ethereal Realm.

Tanzan Aura Draws cosmic energy into the physical body, channeling very high  vibrations through all who work with this mystical quartz crystal. It enables the user to channel excess energy into Earth Mother for transformation and ultimately, transmutation into the light of Divine Source.

The more you work with Indigo Quartz, the more it assists you in bringing clarity to your visions.  It will aid you with dream interpretation enabling you to connect with your inner Self at deeper levels than you may have experienced before you began working with this  crystal.

The Indigo Quartz resonates with the Crown Chakra, Throat and Third Eye Chakra energy centers. Its primary source of energy is from the Cosmos which directly affects or interacts with the Soul
Star, the Chakra energy center located just about the Crown Chakra.

Tanzine assists with developing Intuitive abilities, strengthening and encouraging self-confidence in messages received. It also sustains multi-dimensional allowing the user to balance being in both the physical realm and the Realm of Spirit, expanding conscious awareness seeing beyond that which is directly in front of you.

*Angelic Realm Association: Ophaniel, Angel of the Moon, is thee Angel of intuition, Divine Order, Transformation, cycles of change and Ophaniel, when asked, will assist you in regaining your inner balance with that which is occurring within and around you.

*Healing Properties: reduces stress, restores balance on all levels simultaneously, restores inner sight, self-confidence

*Vibrational Frequency: very high, draws cosmic energy into the physical realm, highly Spiritual

*Spiritual Properties: Heightens intuition, multi-dimensional balance, expands Spiritual awareness

Tanzan Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz bonded with Indium, a rare mineral, Gold and Niobium, a blue-violet color and powerfully subtle energy frequency.

As with all stones and crystals of the blue ray, it will assist you with communication, speaking your truth, soothing calming the senses, instilling a sense of peacefulness and harmony within radiating outward from you inner essence of truth and beauty, love and light.

It will encourage you to open your Third  Eye, restoring sight as you seek answers to your life’s purpose, gaining  clarity and the courage to forward along you path. If you seek to “explore”  other dimensions,  other realms, Tanzan Aura Quartz is your gateway to astral projection along the many corridors of the Milky Way and other Star Galaxies.

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