Angels – Angel Hvare-Khshaeta Will Help You Step into the Light

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In all things there is light and shadow. In all things there is love and fear. In all things there is harmony and disharmony, peace and chaos, balance and unbalance.

Angel Hvare-Khshaeta, whose name means Shining Sun, will when asked, assist you in shedding all that is not of love and light. Step into the light of the Sun. Allow the warm rays of the Sun to melt from you all that would prevent you from moving forward along your path.

The words, Let There Be Light, is so much more than a simple phrase. It is about allowing you to be open to the many possibilities before you. It is about surrendering all that is no longer working for you. It is about being able to reach through the fear of your current comfort zone and move beyond all you have ever known, to all that awaits you in the light.

The Sun provides much more than warmth and light. It is a symbol of trust and faith, renewal and regeneration. All creatures, all living things grow, expand and reach for the light.

Each time you reach within finding the courage and the strength to move beyond all that is now behind you, you step into the light. As you become more aware of who you are, your true Self, you create another comfort zone and feel safe to let out a sigh of relief. Once again you are asked to step beyond your current comfort zone to all that awaits you.

A Message from Hvare-Khshaeta*

Let there be light this day. Light a candle of white illuminating all which attempts to hide from you. Shine the light of the Creator upon all your thoughts and all your emotions. Be willing to see that which attempts to hide from your inner sight, your inner knowing. All is illuminated in the light; there are no shadows in the light. Look upon all people, all thoughts, all situations that would cast shadows upon you with love, acceptance and with forgiveness. Surrender all that has become illuminated. Surrender thoughts of lack, loneliness, fear based emotions. Accept where you are, look to where you desire to be. The Light of the Creator shall guide your footsteps along the path before you. Let there be light this day. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As each day passes and flows one into the other, take a few moments to appreciate all you have released and all you have embraced. Expansion is simple and yet it is never easy nor is it difficult.

Expansion requires that you dismantle dysfunctional or outdated thought patterns, releasing judgment and embracing forgiveness and healing. Expansion is a way of life. Meaning, if you truly want to fulfill your Life’s Purpose, heal your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual energy bodies, becoming comfortable with discomfort is the key to expanding beyond your current level of knowing and understanding.

Are you willing to mirror your words of wanting harmony, balance and to shed all that is no longer working for you? Or are you content with disharmony and discontent?

Step into the light with one foot in front of the other. Step into the light, feel the warmth on your skin. Feel all shadows melt away from you. Never stop learning, never stop growing and expanding conscious awareness of your truth in the light.

Leave the shadows now, do not look back. Look to the horizon, gaze at the rising and setting of the Sun. Have faith all is revealed in the light.

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Angels – Angel of Tranquility and Peacefulness

Morning mist on Lake Mapourika, New Zealand.

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Imagine a lake, a beautiful peaceful lake. It is completely calm, almost like a mirror reflecting clouds passing by, birds flying overhead. If you are near the shore, you can see the reflection of the trees and perhaps even the rushes or cattails. This is an image, a symbol of tranquility, a sense of peacefulness deep within.

What is tranquility to you? It is a sense of inner calm? It is for me a sense of inner peace when all things are in balance one with the other. It is a sense of peace with all that is happening around me whether it be chaotic or quiet solitude.

Imagine if you will, floating in the center of a beautiful lake. There is a slight breeze, you breathe deeply the air is sweet and fragrant. It does not matter if you know how to swim or not because this is a magical place. Now imagine, if you will, floating in the center of calm, blue lake. The clouds above you drift slowly by taking with them all your cares and worries, all the stresses of all that seeks  to drain your life-force energy.

Be willing to float in total surrender experiencing peaceful tranquility. Your mind is quiet. Your emotions are only of love and harmony. Your physical body is relaxed as you have released everything into the beautiful lake which supports and nurtures you on all levels in all directions of time and space.

Your mind is free from the lists of “should, could, would”. There is only a sense of utter calmness, total freedom from all that has come before this moment and all that was laid at your feet moments ago.

A Message from the Angel of Tranquility*

This moment is all there is.  All that has come before has brought you to where you are.  Where do you wish to be in moments yet to come? Close your eyes beloved child, float in total surrender.   Arms outstretched, surrender all that does not please you. Surrender all that causes fear and doubt.  Surrender all that has come before. Surrender the need to control that which is outside of you.  Surrender the need to control the path before you.  Surrender is sweet bliss, for in surrendering all that is not of love, that which is love surrounds you in a sea of tranquility. How shall you choose to surrender this day?  *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be willing to let go of all that is not of love. Be willing to release all your cares and worries into the light for transformation, for healing. Be willing to simply allow Divine Source Energy to flow around you, though you and within you.

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