Universal Laws – Universal Law of Balance

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One of the ways in which to fully understand what balance is, let’s first explore what the definition of balance is. It is an equal exchange of giving and receiving. It is equal emphasis on or in all areas of your life.

To be equal isn’t always about the exact measure of things. Meaning, it is not necessary to exercise your physical body for the same amount of time that you meditate. You may meditate or pray for 40 minutes or 60 minutes every. Perhaps you are someone who chooses to meditate two times a day.

Bringing balance into your daily life is an essential part of understanding, having faith and trusting in the overall plan for your life, your Life’s Purpose.

If you give more than you receive, this creates a positive imbalance. The Universe, Divine Source will bring balance to you in ways you cannot imagine.

Balancing mental, physical and Spiritual aspects of your life is the key to being or feeling complete and whole. You are whole, complete and perfect. It is walking the physical journey that tends to create opportunities to experience an imbalance in one form or another.

It is also about balancing your energy, that which is positive and that which is negative creates a sense of physical and energetic balance. Balanced energy is releasing all that no longer serves you through forgiveness work and through healing.

A sense of stability, managing your emotions and your thoughts is part of the whole. As you create a sense of peacefulness and serenity within your Inner-Self, the same radiates outward into all you do, feel and all you say. Your actions and your emotions are a direct reflection of all that you are experiencing within you.

As a healer and a Light-Worker, it is essential that you take time for you. If you do not take time to nurture yourself, to heal your core issues, to walk your truth in light and love, you will soon have nothing to give.

Being of service is a gift first to you and then to others. It may seem as though it should be the other way, give to others and then to you. Consider the empty pot being tipped over to pour soup. If there is nothing in the pot there is nothing to pour out giving to others. The pot must first be filled in order to have something to give.

Yes, it is more than possible to live and work in a state of unbalance for an extended period of time. At some point your Spiritual energy body will cause something to occur that will encourage you to begin paying attention to the neglected areas of your life. If you are listening to what Spirit, Angels and Ascended Masters share with you, you will follow the path before you with greater ease.

In what way or ways are you ready, willing and open to bring or restore a sense of inner-calm using the Universal Law of Balance into your daily life?

Start where you are, one step at a time. Remember to breathe along the way. Be open to all that awaits you as you clear the imbalances in your thoughts, your actions and in your emotions.

Balance is simply bringing the many parts of your life, mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual into tapestry woven with light, love, faith, understanding, trust, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender and release.

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Angels – Malkhiel Is the Angel of Inspiration

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Divine Ideas arrive in the form of inspiration. So what is inspiration and what does it look like or feel like? As with all things, I can only share my experiences, my understanding of things.

Inspiration is that moment of enlightenment. It is an emotion, a sense of validation trusting that what you are receiving in that one crystal clear moment is truth on every level in all directions of time and space.

Malkhiel, the Angel of Inspiration, will help you clear your thoughts and your emotions enabling you to hear see or sense what you are requesting of Angels and of Spirit to help you with.

This soft, yet powerfully inspiring Angel, is by your side the moment you have expressed a desire, a true heartfelt desire to know the answer to your question. Your question could be about something that would appear to be simple and straightforward yet it is significant to you.

If you are seeking an answer or guidance about the next step or steps along your path for you or an idea for your next painting, you need only ask Angel Malkhiel to help clear the way allowing Divine Inspiration to fill you from within.

A Message from Angel Malkhiel*

Look to the heavens for inspiration in all things no matter the size, the importance or the complexity. Look to the heavens, for the heavens symbolize the power within you to rise above, flow in and around that which is before you this moment. All challenges present you with an opportunity to accept the flame of transformation within you. All challenges present you with an opportunity to rise above just as smoke rises above the fire. If at times you feel the need to rest a moment as you journey along the path before you, breathe in light and unconditional love given to you for the asking by the Creator. Gift yourself with rest, taking a few moments to look around you, observing where you have been, where you are and where you desire to be. Acknowledge all that has come before. Give thanks for lessons learned, people, places and things encountered along the way. Accept you in all your glory for you are a child of the Cosmos. Ignite the spark within you, rise above, look to the heavens, look to your inner Self for all things are possible in the light. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, M.Msc.

Know, trust and have faith all unfolds before you in ways have imagined and yet not able to completely comprehend in this moment.

Know you are treasured, loved and supported by Angels everywhere in every moment no matter if you are just beginning your Spiritual Path or you are already on your Spiritual Path.

It matters not where you are. The important, the most important thing is to begin where you are taking action one step at a time.

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Angels – Archangel Raphael Will Help You Have Courage to Heal

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What is healing? It is releasing all that no longer serves you. It is about releasing you and all involved to follow their path in the way that resonates within them. It allows you to release you to follow your path and your truth in peaceful harmony.

Forgiveness is a form of releasing all things, people, situations and experiences that no longer resonate or that do not honor where you desire to be. Forgiveness is about disengaging from negative energy that would bind you to all that is not of love and light, binding to the past.

Healing is allowing your heart and your mind to be open to new experiences, stepping beyond your comfort zone. It is about celebrating all that is now behind you and all this is unfolding before you.

Archangel Raphael, whose name means, God Heals, will when asked help you reach deep within finding the courage to place one foot in front of the other. Healing requires courage. Healing is releasing pain and sorrow, disappointment and being willing to move forward sometimes one breath and one step at a time.

Ask this Archangel of Healing to help you forgive all who have caused you harm. The purpose of healing through forgiveness is releasing you from being caught in a cycle of exchanging negative energy with someone else. It is also about releasing you from anything that you feel you should have differently or should not have done.

A Message from Archangel Raphael*

There is much which surrounds you that is not of love and light. In all things heal your inner Self; heal your core from that which is behind you. That which is behind you has brought you to where you are now. Celebrate giving thanks for where you are for it is your stepping stone to all that is before you. Look within; discover your Divine Spark of Divinity. Your Inner Spirit is whole, complete, perfection. Your Inner Spirit needs nothing and no one outside itself, for all things, all needs, al desires await you in the Realm of Spirit. Your physical Be-ing seeks healing, comfort, love, joy, abundance, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance. Know you are all things to you and to all who surround you. Choose to heal your inner Self. Choose to release all that no longer serves you. Choose to step into the light of forgiveness. Stepping into the light creates a sense of freedom, releasing the heavy burdens you carry. Burdens, real or perceived, do not aid you in the seeking of happiness and joy. In reaching for joy in all things, great and small, align with you in the light, in oneness, for in truth there is no separation from your core essence of love and light and your physical Self. Your core essence is always connected with Divine Source Energy. In truth you are always connected with your Inner Spirit, always connected with your Higher Self, with Source. Choose healing. Choose peace and harmony. Choose light. Chose to love you unconditionally, choose courage. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Be aware that if you are unwilling to go within and do the work, the energy, the negative energy will be stored in your physical, emotional, mental energy bodies and in your Aura. Energy that does not flow freely through, within and around you starts to collect and eventually creates blockages.

Archangel Raphael is waiting to help you, to help you begin your healing process on a deeper cellular level that does ultimately free you from what may have become a never-ending cycle of exchanging negative energy.

You need only ask and do your part to clear, cleanse, balance and align your energy so that you are truly free to move forward with grace and ease.

Courage is the key to going beyond all you have ever known. Take a deep breath putting one foot in front of the other. Remember, Archangel Raphael is by your side guiding, guiding and wrapping you in loving gossamer wings of emerald green light.

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Angels – Angel Zagzagel Will Help You Create Freedom through Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge

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In every thought, emotion and action there is truth and there is that which is a non-truth. What is a non-truth? It is a thought or an action created from fear based emotion, it lacks integrity. There is little to no energy behind that which is not from the heart.

Angel Zagzagel will assist you, when asked, to release all that is not based in love and harmony. He will help you create your freedom through truth. Truth for you, for all who walk the land, is about being in integrity with your Inner-Self, that which is your inner core essence of love and light.

The Angel of Wisdom and Knowledge, Zagzagel, is ready in the moment you seek his guidance, his clarity of knowing, clearing the path before you with grace and ease.

Truth is not about accepting another’s set of rules or ideas about what is right for you. You and you alone know what is for your highest and best good, that of your Higher-Self. Your truth is yours. The truth of another is not your truth any more than your truth is the same truth for someone else.

A Message from Angel Zagzagel*

Peace is found within this day. Seeking knowledge is the way of Spiritual expansion, seeing people and experiences from another point of view. This is not to say you must then accept another’s truth; this is not the teaching. The teaching is to become aware, being open to seeing, to feeling differently than you have before. Your truth simply is. Another’s truth simply is. In the same way you wish to travel the path before you in peace, so do all around you. Accepting another’s truth as they see it for themselves creates a freedom for all. Truth creates freedom to choose, freedom to express, freedom to accept your truth as your own. Give you the gift of total acceptance of who you are and where you are this day. Gift yourself with the knowledge that all is as it should be in this moment. In the next moment all things, great and small, change. In choosing freedom, you set you and others free to choose differently. Change not others; create change within you for your betterment, freeing you to shine more brightly. In what ways shall you choose freedom this day? *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

As you travel the path before you, be willing to see differently than you have in the past. Be willing to speak differently to others and to yourself. Be willing to entertain the idea that not all things are as they seem.

There is so much that is not apparent if you look only at surface appearances of what is being said. Truth lay in action and emotion. Truth lay in energy. Truth lay in the heart center and in the sincerity of all things combined.

Truth is Wisdom. Truth is Knowledge. Truth simply is.

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